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In two parts irst one a sort of conversation where the brother Tanay talks to the protagonist taking us through their relationship and how it ended The second part as a story told by Anuja his sister after she comes back Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Official Strategy Guide from a six month long elopement with the same guy What makes the story interesting is how each relationship builds without either of them knowing the other part One is left to wonder in between what sort of guy the painter is He is introduced as a loner with no closeriends or relatives living pretty much on his ownSome contradictions are uite interesting and is reflective of how we as a society is changing while trying not to change too much Anuja is portrayed as a non conventional girl who goes on treks and rock climbing volunteers or a pro environment organization and the like Her amily seems to have accepted this about her But in the true Indian middle class style she is expected to stay away Soy Sisters from the male paying guest That sheinds her avenues is another matter altogetherMore interesting is the Tacar Dánta/Selected Poems fact of how people take two boys spending their time togetheror granted Tanay s Sybil freuent visits and the long time that he spends in the guest s room is never uestioned there is not an iota of doubt in hisamily s minds His angst at discovering that he is not inclined to the conventional manner of love the casual relationships that he gets into and the lonely world that people of a different sexual orientation inhabits is portrayed in a very matter of A Womans Guide to Fasting fact manner I particularly loved the way the author has handled this subject in such a sensitive manner The thoughts of both Tanay and Anuja brings out their characters so beautifully while their common love stays an enigma to them as well as the readersI was curious about the author after having read through the book so mature were the thoughts and treatment It was a mild but pleasant shock to discover that he started writing this book when he was 20 and completed it at 22 Wisdom need not be correlated to age I realizeVerdict A sensitive subject handled very subtly This one isor you if you like simple but elegant prose well sketched characters and multi shaded relationships45. Thi amily is shattered by the ensuing events – a work that both shocked and spoke to Marathi reade.

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My review on my recent read Cobalt Blue by Sachin Kundalkar The novel was originally written and published in Marathi but later translated into English by Jerry Pinto I irst heard about this novel a couple of weeks back and just by reading the summary of the plot alone made me go and buy the book Cobalt Blue is a mesmerizing tale of a teenage brother Tanay and sister Anuja duo belonging to a Marathi middle class I Know Who You Are family and who both unknown to each otherall in love with the same person an unnamed young paying guest staying with the Spring Girl family The story is toldrom both the perspectives of Tanay and Anuja as they deal with love and heart break Tanay speaks of how his relationship with the guest develops and I am so reminded of the movie Call me by your name which also portrays love between two menI take liberty between men and boys here in the most beautiful of ways While this relationship doesn t reach to the levels of Elio and Oliver but there is similarity in the premise A Menerjang Batas further comparison would be injustice to both the movie one of my best ones of all time and the book which heads to a different direction when Anuja runs off with the paying guest leaving Tanay heart broken This is half the story told as Anuja then writes about her past and present six months after running awayrom home when she comes back all alone The plot is simple and straightforward here but it is how the author weaves magic with his words which leaves me reeling Chosen Vessels from all the emotions This is a beautiful novel and one which is going to stay with meor a long long time If in case you do read this book remember that the author was all of 20 years when he wrote this one and that the translation is exuisitely done by Jerry Pinto Recommended COBALT BLUE by Sachin Kundalkar translated No Apology Necessary from the Marathi by Jerry Pinto 20062013A story of love and loss dual narrative by an adult brother and sister that bothall in love with their amily s new tenetTanay shares the slow burn the ache and the confusion of infatuation He is lost in love discovering himself his art He s heartbroken Anuja shares her side of Cobalt Blue what an exuisite conundrum of beauty are youI am always rev. Sachin Kundalkar started on his irst novel at 20 and inished it when he was 22 The novel was Cobalt.

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Ved up or a prose that sweeps my whole being How often does it happen when we don t care or our immediate surrounding so engrossed are we in the artifices of our immense love Cobalt Blue is a story of two siblings whose heart adores the same person It is a story of the need or Los Caballeros de la Ciencia: El secreto mejor guardado de la Iglesia. fulfillment through relationships and how often weail to keep close what really matters to us Love Be it The Sheep Book for ourselves oror a person thing place or an idea It is a poetic lamentation of what was what is and what would be It is the ransacked ecstasy we so dearly call lifeSome thoughts kept repeating in this book as if by repeating them they can be kept well protected I often think about it Do we really surcease the importance and beauty of something or someone by talking about it The convulsant thoughts are they our alliesThis book is hands down one of the best reads Praise be Roshan SinghI thought that it was going to be difficult trying to live together But then the city was getting used to difference Heterosexual live in relationships were permitted And there were those who chose to live alone Our ward s councillor was a bigamist There was a Laduma famous brothel behind the market There were hijrasor hire at almost every traffic signal If people weren t precisely proud of these things at least they knew about them So how was I any different Perhaps that s what happens during the orging of a relationship if nothing else you adopt some of the other person s habits Cobalt blue is a brilliant meditation on heartbreak a There are so many literary gems in our regional languages that we miss either because we do not know the language or somehow we tend to look down on them Now that I think of it many of the books that I absolutely loved in the recent past have all been translations This book was originally written in Marathi and translated beautifully into English by Jerry PintoA typical middle class Marathi amily an empty room with a separate entrance that once was the abode of the grandparents where the smell of amritanjan still lingers In comes an unconventional paying guest changing the lives of two siblings the younger son and the daughter of the Earth familyThe book is. Blue the story of a brother and sister whoall in love with the same man and how a traditional Mara.