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AHHH I love this book Love It was such a great Zu schnell ending to the trilogy AAAaaaAHHHHH I want fiction from Daniel Now I want Daniel Justice to write MORE FICTION like now This was a fabulousnding to a very important and well written trilogy Hopefully the obscure fate of Denarra Syrene whom I adore is foreshadowing for work featuring her Read these books people I can t imagine a better satisfying finish to Daniel Heath Justice s fan. The forces of Eromar ravage the Everland and the skies are filled with the smoke and ashes of the burning woods Those Folk who do not scape into the far mountains and hidden valleys are driven into the broken westlands of Humanity where Dreyd.

Strangeling a travelling musician and actress as well as a Wielder had some kind of past The very beginning of Dreyd takes us back to see how Thane has got as awful as he is and why Denarra has a connection to this horrible guy The plot thickens I think Denarra s is my favourite storyline and we get to see lots of her in this third book including what her life in Chalimor the capital in a far land of humansSee my ntire review here. Last desperate appeal but both know that these days will determine the fate of the Folk in this Melded world Will their roots hold fast or will they be cast adrift into the storm Can they find a safe middle path on this way of thorn and thund.

Tasy trilogy than Dreyd the final xhilarating book If you don t know what I m talking about you should have a look at my review of the first and the second book in this fantastic seriesLike all good speculative fiction series installments Dreyd picks up just about where Wyrwood left off but with a slight detour into the past By book two we already knew Vergis Thane a man who hunts Kyn folk for their magic and Denarra Syrene a she. Master Vald reveals the full vision of his mad crusade one that will annihilate ven the memory of the Kyn and their kindOne group of heroes walks the Darkening Road to rescue the xiles and another travels to the capital city of Men to make

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