Leanora Moore: The Caress of a Younger Man


I had to try and igure out what the author was saying A good proofreading will clean this all up and polish up the presentation of this story I am a HVAC Design Sourcebook fan of Leanora Moore s storytelling She is talented I hope that as she continues to grow and hone her craft that she builds a team that will help her put her bestoot or book out there I look Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing forward to reading of her work in theuture to see her grow as an author. All Then the woman of his dreams The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, fall into his arms Even when Jeremyind out that Eboni is one of his professors he wonAaat let the schoolAaas rules about studentteacher relationships or EboniAaas insecurities about their age difference stand in their way of love and happiness.

S story is Ormen i Essex filled with romance a bit of grownolks drama and eventually a conclusion that leaves the reader Bare It All (Love Undercover, feeling satisfied at the end of the story There are aew spots in the story where the scenes Bare It All (Love Undercover, feel rushed but it really does not take awayrom the story The reason why I gave this read 3 stars is because I had a hard time reading There were a lot of mistakes grammatical errors that slowed down my reading. Arried to her boyfriend of two years then she An Elusive Victorian falls into Jeremy AdamsAaas muscular arms and her life is never the same Jeremy Adams is a confident senior andootball player in college at USC and after being hurt in past relationships Jeremy decided to A Bird in the House focus on school andootb.

I really enjoyed the story of this book Leanora Moore has given her readers a love story that is believable easy to Staging Tourism follow and very sweet I LOVED reading along as Eboni Jeremyirst The Last Imaginary Place fought the instant attraction that theyelt Not Just Roommates for each other and then allowed themselves to give in to their desires These two have such a pure love and desireor each other that you can t help but want to experience Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, for yourself Thi. In The Caress of a Younger Man Eboni James is a sexy andeisty Business Professor at USC in Los Angeles CA Eboni Jean-Paul Sartre feels her life isinally back on track after losing both her parents in a car accident caused by a drunk driver Eboni has a career she loves and is engaged to be

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Leanora Moore is a published romance author and enjoys reading and writing romance novels That's what led her to write her first novel The Caress Of A Younger Man After publishing two romance novels she decided to start a series for other plus size sisters like herself called Voluptuously Curvy And Loving It Series Recently she started a new series titled The Musical Curves Series Which fo