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S information and dry eading Once the point of Dodge s life in World War II was Essays One reached it become interesting but the focus was eually split between Dodge and his four main companions Wortheading Yes Is there something better Probably Enjoyed the book but Johnny himself via the author came across as a David niven type charactereverybody else had a thoroughly bad time of it except the main personeither by luck than judgementreading between the lines he must have been an spyagent of sorts to have gotten into so many scrapes up to and Including world war two. R who sent him on a clandestine mission to his cousin in Downing Street His odyssey through the dying embers of the Third Reich to Switzerland and freedom in the company of a louche Nazi apparatchik is the last curious escapade in the story of Johnny's adventurous life The Dodger draws upon Dodge's voluminous private papers including photographs taken inside prison camps and letters home casting evealing new light on the myth of the Great Esca.

Ivated his commission and served on active duty until his capture at Dunkirk Once in German hands Dodge spent the next five years being moved from camp to camp and attempting multiple escapes most notably the one from Stalag III featured in the movie The Great Escape During this time the biography also tells the story of the men he lived and traveled camp to camp with The most significant of these seems to have been Wing Commander Harry Wings Melville Arbuthnot DayThe book was highly variable in its appeal The first half covering pre World War II was bare bone. Rmy but was uickly captured after the debacle of Dunkirk He became a prisoner of war and an inveterate escapologist and troublemaker eventually becoming one of the ingleaders of the 'Great Escape'Surviving the murderous Gestapo he was thrown into a VIP compound of Sachsenhausen concentration camp on the orders of Heinrich Himmler but escaped once After ecapture Johnny was spirited away by the SS to a meeting in Berlin with Hitler's interprete.

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The Dodger ecounts the life of John Johnny Bigelow Dodge a distant cousin of Sir Winston Churchill American born but British bred Dodge became a British citizen when his mother married an English aristocrat During World War I he served in naval infantry unit until he was wounded at Gallipoli After his ecovery he transferred to the army and led a machine gun group During the interwar years Dodge traveled extensively as a business men though he may have used that as a cover for spying and was twice arrested in the Soviet Union When World War II began he eact. The Dodger is the long awaited story of Johnny Dodge a wartime hero and a pivotal figure in the escapade immortalised in the legendary Hollywood film The Great EscapeOf all the Allied prisoners who broke out of Hermann Göring's 'escape proof' camp in the famous episode of March 1944 Johnny Dodge was the most intriguing American born Dodge was a cousin by marriage of Winston Churchill When the Second World War broke out he volunteered for the