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45 stars Very sweet very real to feel the characters pain I can t review in full sentences because I m honestly too emotional right now Good writing the characters feel ppropriate to their backstories The cover doesn t do this justice either don t believe bad reviews Faith Maitland is set to become the next Highland Chief of her clan when she is raped by passing brigand She knows that she will be blamed nd so she names Draven the Devil s the father of her child Her clan forces the marriage nd they learn to trust each otherWhy I picked up the book I like the forced marriage senarios s each character learns bout the other while in close proximity Scotland nd magic were just n dded bonus Faith failed to ct like Highland Chief in training nd Haunted House Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery, a rape victim Draven s character had no development or consistant motivation The historical details were inacuratend the paranormal was never explainedWhy I finished the book Sheer stubborness I kept hoping that it would live up to its potential It didn t First things first Content warnings Rape coercedforced marriage Sweet Southern Hearts (A Willow Hill Novel Book 3) animal onnimal rape nimal death nd 2 ttempted rapesassaultsI enjoyed this book lot than I initially thought I wouldThis book deals with rape very well Better than most romance books I ve ever read haveSpoilers from here on outview spoilerSo Faith has been raped by Godfrey A man who is basically looking for sugar mama He s pissed that Draven slept with his original woman nd Daddy's Girl Series: A Taboo Erotic Collection appears to have killed her Whatctually happened is Harold Draven s stepfather killed her nd put her in the cottage that Draven burned down Draven s conseuence thinks that it s his fault that she s deadHarold wants to use the magic that Draven possesses thanks to his dead mum to wage war gainst the king Draven keeps refusing to do so And in doing so has rendered himself voluntarily mute As such no one has heard him speak since he was 5 years oldFaith tells her uncle that it was Draven she had sexual relations with who got her pregnant She lies to protect part of her dignity t being raped by Godfrey She Dark Tides (Dark Tides also does it to save Draven who is set to be executed by Harold Initially Draven doesn t want to marry her But come the day of the wedding she tries to tell the truth even though it ll destroy her reputation but will free him from having to marry her Draven has decided that he ll have none of itnd through Weathering the Storm a series of gestures indicates that it is his childnd he will be the father Wrong for Me (Motor City Royals, and marry FaithThey go ton outdoor fairemarket where Godfrey meets up with Faith nd ttempts to Fiddle: One Woman, Four Strings, and 8,000 Miles of Music assault hergain Draven finds them with Godfrey s hand on her breast nd Faith s head turned nd misinterprets what s going on because she hasn t told Draven that she was raped And she doesn t put it together that Godfrey is who raped her in the first place Draven gets understandably ngry nd lights Godfrey s hand on fire Godfrey winds up losing his handAfter the faire event thing Faith Downright Dead and Draven go for walk in the forest so that Draven can go out hunting read search for wounded nimals to heal They come cross some mountain lions male nd Left Fur Dead a female during their mating Faith identifies with the female who looks to be trying to getway from the male The male A devil's bargain leads to desire in this dark nd sensual debut The victim of violent ssault Faith Mai.

Inds up snapping the neck of the female nd then raping her dead body Draven infers from that that he was wrong Death by Tea about Faithnd that she wasn t Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls, a loose woman like he initially thoughtnd gathers that she was raped from her reaction to the mountain lion death nd rape He winds up stopping the male t Faith s reuest By Way Of A Wager and then burying the femalelso t Faith s reuestThat night she confirms his suspicions but says she doesn t want to talk bout it After that she nd Draven make deal that he ll try nd heal child if she winds up sleeping with him She s devoted to her clan When Kingdom Comes and she sees sleeping with hims something for the good of the clan so she grees even though she doesn t want to because of her rapeThe next night she goes to him to fulfill her end of the bargain nd they wind up not having sex They only kiss The Wayward Bride (Besotted Scots, and he respects her wish to not go further Before that happened however she left dinner earlynd waited in his room Before he got there she was ttempting to touch herself to see if maybe she could do it nd suffered Such a Dance a flashback to her rape After that she goes to her room to sleep The next day hettempts to heal the child but the father intervenes nd says no even though the mother is willing That night the mother brings the child to Faith nd Draven fter the father is passed out from lcohol to try nd have her healed s her cough has gotten worse nd she fears for her child s life Draven heals the child nd passes out right La bte du marais afterFaithnd Draven slowly work through both his inability to speak he starts re learning how to speak since he s lost the Laos: Keystone Of Indochina ability to form words wellnd her inability to consummate their marriage Faith goes on her level of comfort though Draven initially binds his wrists How Foreign Policy Decisions Are Made In The Third World and then puts his bound wristsbove his head onto nail in the wall s Geeking Out on 11C a hook so that Faith can take her timend not have to worry Et ainsi de suite about him trying to force her or losing controlFaith finds that shectually loves Draven The Shoshoni Cookbook and trusts himnd decides to Historias sobre los Fondos Bahá'ís actually have sex with him She lays down naked on his bednd he starts to penetrate her Reasoning with the Infinite: From the Closed World to the Mathematical Universe and she stops him because she starts having flashbacks to herttack Draven stops Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It and decides to give her position that she ll have ll the power for He has her move nd then lays down on his back nd has her straddle him She finds that n cceptable way to have sex nd that she really enjoys it Which is something she thought she d never do gainDraven winds up saving her village that night from fire started by group of brigands The next night Faith is taken by Godfrey nd Draven goes fter her fter telling one of the guards to go tell her uncle what s happened Draven t this point has fallen in love with her s well nd falls into the trap that Godfrey nd Harold set for him Godfrey Mr Darcy's Cottage of Earthly Delights: Shades of Pride and Prejudice attempts tossault Faith in front of him but before he can she knees him in the nose giving herself some time to escape fter Draven sets Harold on fireAs Faith escapes her uncle is just coming to rescue them like to the gates of where she was taken One of the men winds up taking her home nd the rest of the village goes to save Draven Draven learns fterwards that Harold wasn t his father fter ll Faith gives birth to the child from the rape nd then 2 years fter Tland declares dead man The Cat Who Lived with Anne Frank as her child's sire But when she discovers that Draven the Devil islive she fi.

Raven gets her pregnant The Myth of Genesis and Exodus and the Exclusion of Their African Origins and she gives birth to second child And they live happily ever fter yadda yadda hide spoiler The heroine is left pregnant fter being raped in the woods one day So to save herself the shame of her people knowing she names the father s dead man from Yoga Kitchen: Divine Recipes from the Shoshoni Yoga Retreat a neighboring clan Only he s not dead Though badly beatennd flogged the hero is Design Works: How to Tackle Your Toughest Innovation Challenges Through Business Design alivend is told he must marry lass whom he s never seen before His powers make people believe he s the son of the devil nd he s mute so he can t really defend himself He s plagued by guilt of murdering his pregnant lover by ccident so he grees to the marriage It took lot of misunderstandings nd rough patching in the beginning of their marriage before they really even liked each other but it was nice sweet romance The hero though hated nd feared has his pride nd he s truly man with how he claims the baby s his The heroine is torn part by her rape nd overwhelmed by the shame of it ll but she learns to love her husband nd the child in the end Good story never got boring Loved Draven wonderful character The villain in the story could have been better developed but it still worked wellFelt like she had to cut lot form book so somethings seemed rushed Not bad but not memorable The thing that struck me the most bout this book is that the cover rt is distractingly horrible Poor Faith is set to become her people s Highland Chief But her life is over Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls, as she finds herself pregnant fromn ttack in the woods She was raped nd has no clue what to do Instead of going to her uncle nd tell him what has happened nd kill the disgusting villain Faith instead names Jeep. Sur les traces de la lgende another mans the babies father Huh Why I have no clue why she would lie nd not tell her uncle the truthDraven is the poor guy who Faith names Draven is being whipped by his father who hates him because he is considered to be witch like his mother Draven has powers but is mute But Faith The Abbeyville Way and her good old uncle come to his rescuend Faith marries DravenThe rest of the story is Draven writing notes playing with hawks nd walking round Stations of the Lost: The Treatment of Skid Row Alcoholics as Faith s people hate him because they just know he is the devil Faith wants to hate Draven but there is just somethingbout him And when she kisses him he makes her forget everythingWater s is n okay writer but this story doesn t have much meat to it I never really understood why Faith hides the fact that she was ttacked It just doesn t make sense But we need Treasure Diver (Choose Your Own Adventure, a tender love storynd Draven is A Shot at Love an interesting hero butgain this story has not Old Records Never Die: One Man's Quest for His Vinyl and His Past a lot going for it From the minute Faith makes the decision to lie from some murder mystery Draven is trying to solve this really can t be considered Highland romanceBut Ask an Astronaut apparently the men walkround in kilts so Dead of Night at least that s somethingOverall justs eh read This is The Voyage Unplanned a storybout The Dwelling a man who has the powers to healnd control The people of his clan view him s the devil nd torture him Just s he is in danger of being burned t the stake Vienna 1814: How the Conquerors of Napoleon Made War, Peace, and Love at the Congress of Vienna a woman comes upnd claims that he is the father of her baby She is the victim of rape nd needs to find way out of her situation She saves his life nd they go to live with her clan This is Adaptations: From Short Story to Big Screen: 35 Great Stories That Have Inspired Great Films a pretty good onend does have some interesting plot twists. Nds herself betrothed to silent man whose frightening powers threaten to make her the devil's possession.

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