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Er scenario she dishes up When I m perhaps a bit cranky I start uestioning those plot choices and I don t njoy the story uite so muchThis time out I feel a bit cranky about things Although I thought that the reveal of what actually happened to the Julius family was very well done I found the relationship developments between Roe and Martin to be uestionable Who in their right mind goes into a marriage with unanswered uestions of that magnitude When you have an opportunity to uestion the Creating Country Music ex wife why would you shut her down And why would youver go to your former date for marriage counselling Yeah yeah small town limited number of people blah blah blah I ve lived in a small town and I don t find it realistic But I ve never lived in the Southern States so what do I knowI actually own a copy of the next book in the series which I picked up in a second hand bookstore So I guess I will be continuing on at some point when I have the crankies under control This series is seriously giving me hives and an Blacklands eye twitch I hate it with a mad weasel passionThe Julius House is slooooow It took Charlaine until page 106 to remember she was supposed to be writing a mystery series Until then it s just Aurora adjusting to her married life In fact the first 30 40 pages are simply about Aurora buying a wedding gift for Martin She buys his childhood farm under false pretenses and the only reason Martin apparently wanted the farm was to keep his step dad from living there And the only reason the step dad wanted to keep living there was to keep Martin and his sister from living there Petty Martin now has his family farm and it is not mentioned again What in the hell is he planning on doing with it No one knows nor cares Martin s secrets really aren t that interesting nor was I surprised He s already shown in the previous book that he s manipulative and kinda skeezy But the insipid Aurora LOVES him The Julius House by Charlaine Harris is the 4th book in the Aurora Teagarden Mystery series The Julius House is given to Aurora as a wedding present from her husband Six yearsarlier the Julius family had mysteriously vanished overnight from their house and despite Evolutionary Patterns extensive investigations noxplanation had Evolution As Entropy ever been found A nice addition to the series I liked the introduction of the two bodyguards and hope they continue in the series An interesting mystery and uick read I do love Aurora She is so inuisitive and unafraid to ask uestions but in a very likeable way Once there is a mystery she just can t help herself but to try and solve itIn this instalment Aurora is drawn to The Julius House which is a local home for sale but with a strange history as the Julius family who inhabited it years ago suddenly disappeared and have never been found This story takes a bit of a side step though as Aurora is only 4 weeks married and her husband is a bit of annigma She is also trying to solve the mystery around him while also adjusting to her new life as a married womanAdd in Charlaine Harris talent for writing about small town America and you have yourself a very fun series Now on to book 5 Release Date June 3 2008 Genre Cozy MysteryI will keep this review short and sweet as it is an older title Overall I liked the book Heck I love the ntire series Roe is one of my favorite sleuths out there In this one Roe is sort of trying to find out what happened to the Julius fami. Ovating the Julius house her misgivings about Martin's rather murky past recede But when Roe is attacked by an axe wielding maniac she realises that the secrets inside her four walls and her brand new marriage could destroy

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It is fortunate I didn t uit this series after reading the first book I am glad I carried on because they seem to get better This chapter in the life of Aurora Teagarden is both fun and Forbidden History exciting There is action than I remember from past books Some readers might be put off by the details given to how Roe dresses but it adds to the charm for me The audio is very good and I amnjoying that brief synopsisRoe is going placessettingLawrenceton GeorgiaCorinth OhioMetairie New Orleansnamed personalitiesTC Julius a retired army sergeant with graying brown hair and blue Fiche Blian ag Fás eyesHope Julius TC s dark brown haired and blueyed wifeCharity Julius TC and Hope s daughterMartin Bartell aka Hunk of the Year a sophisticated corporation man from rural Ohio who drove a Mercedes white haired black browed pale brown yed with heavily muscled arms and chestEileen Norris a realtorMadeleine a fat marmalade catJane Engle a late spinster who owned MadeleineBarbara Barby Lampton Martin s sisterJoseph Flocker Barby s second husbandAmina a pregnant HoustonerHugh Amina s husbandMary Anne Bishop a brisk voiced Ohio realtor a tall husky blond woman who drives a BroncoAurora Roe Teagarden Martin s fianc Liza Cody author of StalkerBarrett Martin s son from a previous marriage trying to become a successful actor in Los AngelesCindy H Bartell Martin s Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith ex wife and Barrett s mother a floristJoseph Flocken a tall spare cranky man who owns the Bartell Farm Mary Anne calls him Jacob before correcting herselfInez Mary Anne s acuaintanceJames Lee Burke an authorAdam Hall dittoRuth an artificial blond in her fifties with large darkyes and a pixie haircutMrs Sands Martin s secretaryLauren Bacall an American actress known for her distinctive voice and sultry looksJohn Roe s stepfatherSarah May Zinsner a previous owner of the Julius houseMelba Totino Hope s mother the trustee for the Julius stateShelby Youngblood Martin s Floridan friend whom he met in VietnamAngel Dunn Youngblood aka Super woman Shelby s muscular and sleek wife with pale blond hairAubrey Scott an Episcopalian priestEmily Kaye Aubrey s all but in name fianc a widow who plays the organJohn Henry Roe s plumberShirley Temple an American actressSally Allison an attractive woman with short permed bronzey hairAida Brattle Teagarden ueensland Roe s aristocratic and slim motherBetty Jo Roe s father s second wifePhillip Roe s nine year old brotherJoe Nell Amina s momSusu Saxby Hunter Roe s lifelong friendLizanne Buckley Sewell Roe s beautiful and full bodied friendLinda Erhardt Roe s friendPatty Cloud Aida s office managerMelinda John s son s wifeLynn Liggett Smith a tall and slim police officerArthur Smith Lynn s husband and Roe s former flameEunice Neecy Lyndower Dawson the Juliuses neighbor a very old ladyJohn L Zinsner Sarah May s husbandBubba Sewell Lizanne s husband and Melba and Roe s lawyer an up and coming lawyer and legislatorRegina Barby s daughter a sopho at Kent State a pretty dark plump young womanDuncan a Peachtree Leisure Apartments security guard a very large black man with narrow mustache he had asked Melba if he should be called LeRoyAlicia Manigault Melba s sister who lives in New OrleansEssie Nyland TC s aunt who was in poor health Neecy s friendJimmy Dell Dunn a swamp boy from Florida who grew up next to some They Shall Be One Flesh exiled Cubans Angel s brotherMr Dunn Angel and Jimmy Dell s fatherHarley Dimmoch aka Dumo. Since she met her fiance Martin Bartell Roe Teagarden has never been happier There's a difference in age and in background but he seems to knowxactly what she wants like the Julius house Roe is thrilled when Martin gives he.

Nt a friend of Charity s from their previous hometown of Columbia SCParnell Engle Jane s cousin the local contractor who poured the concrete for the Juliuses patioJack Burns a detectiveHoffa Jimmy Hoffa an American labor union leader who disappeared and was not found sinceLittle Jim Susu s son who has a brown belt in Tae Kwon DoBethany Susu s daughter who is heavily involved in tap dancingJimmy Susu s husbandMrs Newman an old womanBill Anderson one of Pan Am Agra s division chiefsTonia Lee Greenhouse a local realtor who was murdered in the Julius house s master bedroomMandy Perry Sally s son who is undergoing therapyPaul Sally s husbandLorna Lynn and Arthur s baby daughterBettina Anderson Bill s wife a copper haired heavy woman in her mid fortiesWashington Prescott a black man who worked for Parnell with the Julius contract died of aneurysmRoosevelt another Peachtree Leisure Apartments s I was temping for a company that basically only needed someone to babysit the front desk While sitting there I saw this book at the receptionist s desk I like this book because it s a pop corn a uick read I loved the writing and the uirky characters The mystery wasn t really the main focus and normally I hate picking up a book in the middle of a series but I found that it was The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning enjoyable It made me laugh and I think I ll pick up the other Teagarden novels to munch on for a short trip to the beach To describe this in one sentence I would say this does not get better in storytelling and plot line but in some ways it does get better for AuroraIn this one Aurora once again accidentally on purpose solved some mysteries made some lists well like one to distract herself but it still counts drank some coffee read some books crime novels of course oh also got married moved in a new house you know some regular day to day stuffYes I m being a bit sarcastic as per usual But at the same time I also liked that whole list making book reading and coffee drinking processAlso decaf Duh People who love coffee certainly hate it I loved that part Can I get you a cup of coffee I m afraid I only have instant decaffeinated Then why have coffee at all No thank you But seriously my uestion on that matter is the same Then why have coffee AT ALL Well maybe there are fewxc The Julius House opens with big changes in Aurora s life Whatever Harris was trying to do get us used to the changes or go in a different direction the first portion of the book was incredibly dull to me I was Hereward (Hereward, even wondering if I wanted to continue reading the seriesspecially since I didn t much care for Aurora s attitude Once we got past the initial chapters the action picked up and the last portion of the book was uite Under One Sky exciting A couple of new characters were introduced I really hope Angel sticks around She makes a great sidekick for Aurora When your hobby is studying True Crime stories what do you want as a wedding present Well a mysterious house where the whole family has vanished without a trace that s what And that sxactly what Aurora Teagarden gets from her new husband Martin She gets a few other secrets rolled into the bargain without her knowledge however that lead her to wonder whether she s made the correct choices for her lifeThe amount that I njoy Charlaine Harris mysteries seems to depend on my frame of mind than anything lse When I m in a receptive mood I m willing to just go with whatev. R the house as a wedding present She's a keen amateur sleuth and she has always been intrigued by its infamous history six years ago the family who lived there disappeared never to be seen again As Roe throws herself into ren.

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Charlaine Harris has been a published novelist for over thirty five years A native of the Mississippi Delta she grew up in the middle of a cotton field Charlaine lives in Texas now and all of her children and grandchildren are within easy driving distanceThough her early output consisted largely of ghost stories by the time she hit college Rhodes in Memphis Charlaine was writing poetry an