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Tery element to them Brodie and his cousin Alex go to the swimming hole along the fierce river When Brodie pulls a prank disaster strikes One kid drowns and another is missing When Alex tells a lie about what happens Brodie becomes a hero Brodie must decide whether to tell the truth about what happened or let the lie be believedThis is a great book about the moral dilemna of whethter to tell the truth and suffer the conseuences or perpetuate a lie and deal with the internal conseuences It is not always easy to tell the truth I found this to be good but a bit dark I think for the tween reading level It deals with lying how one can lead to another and the conseuences It also deals with jealousy and manipulation This book i thought would have been better but once i started reading it i wasn t has excited as i thought i would be In the begginning it was i guess you can say okay but it didnt really catch my eye but that is my opinion if you think you will like it then read it This book isnt interesting and very predictable In the beginnng it was very boring The middle was ok and it did get a little interestng By the time I finished reading like the 30th page I already knew what was going to happen in the end It did have a little bit of suspense throughout the book Other than that the book was very plain and ordinary It didnt catch my attention and the only reason I read the book was to get it over with and get on to another book This was a great book In the end Brodie told everyone the truth that he really killed Pauline and Otis but Brodie s learns that even though he did a terrible thing everyone still forgave him Thirteen year old Brodie Lynch s life changes forever one summer day when he takes his cousin Alex to swim in the Blackwater River Brodie had been looking forward to the summer a camping trip maybe a movie date with a special girlBut when Brodie and Alex get to the swimming spot tere is that girl with another boy Brodie s jealous attempt to sneak p and startle them ends in tragedy when they are swept into the treacherous river current and they drown Brodie tries to save them and is treated as a local hero but Alex and D cousin Alex comes to visit A harmless prank goes too far and in the end one teen is drowned and another is

Austin BrumStagnaro 3rd10917Blackwater A suspenseful mystery book with hard decisions having to be made is what Eve Bunting achieved in her book Blackwater Brodie the main character is a young kid who lives in a small town with his mother and father His cousin Alex is staying with him during the summer Paulina is Brodie s crush who becomes the victim of his mistake along with Otis who is flirting with Paulina I found this book on the Foothill library website It appealed to me because I was looking for a mystery story which this book is Brodie is ready for a action packed summer with his friends and finds out that his cousin Alex is coming to visits and he is Desire Island - The Niece unable to go on journeys with his friends Brodie asked Paulina out on a date and she takes himp on it but then finds out she is talking to Otis He decides to pull a prank by pulling Paulina into the water but as Otis grbs her they slip into the roaring and infamous blackwater which has taken lives in the past Brodi jumps in to try to save them and people think he is a hero he has to choose between telling everyone the truth or keeping this all a secret The book ended with Brodie finally telling the truth that he killed Paulina and Otis Brodie was not able to deal with the pressure of people thinking he was a hero when he wasn t Also someone knew that he did it because he got a not that said tell He did not want people to find out he has been lying this whole time and have someone else spread the news about what really happened Brodie finally figured out who knew It was you wasn t it I said She didn t even ask what I meant just nodded again This ote is very important because he finally is relieved he knows who told This book was mediocre because of its poor choice of ending the book Not only did it have a bland ending but the book had very little moments of intense suspense I mildly enjoyed the book but would not recommend it The book is similar to Someone is hiding on Alcatraz island by Eve Bunting but Blackwater did not have the intensity that Someone is hiding on Alcatraz island did People who would like this book is someone who enjoy mildly suspenseful books that have a mys. Thirteen year old Brodie Lynch is ready for the perfect summer along the Blackwater River But then his trouble.

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Mysterious witness know the truth and Brodie s terrible secret Brodie is in agony Should he protect the lie and his hero status or admit the truth and accept responsibility for the tragedy What will he do The book was very good It was full of suspense and it shows how one lie can lead to many to come I enjoyed the book I honestly did but the characters felt somewhat bland to me There was no depth to them at all My least favorite character in the book was Alex I hated how he thought he would gain his cousin s trust by lying to everyone about the incident rather than let Brodie make his own decisions I also hated how he would brag to Brodie to make himself look coolI also couldn t take the writing very seriously It didn t sound like it was coming from a teenager but a child On page 2 not even joking Brodie says thisDad is the pastor of our community church St Mark s and he d believe a werewolf was nice and needed some normal living If he ever met a werewolfI found this completely nnecessary and this has nothing to do with the main plotI also found it strange that he even fought over Pauline with Otis He did it because he was afraid that Alex would make fun of him about it later on But why is he so insecure about it Brodie seems as if he doesn t care how other people think but he kills two people to prove a point to his distant cousin I read that a book is a mystery if the reader doesn t know whodunit A book is a thriller if the reader knows whodunit This book is a thrillerMy school gave me a set of these books for my struggling readers to read It s okay but not as gripping as Iwe had hoped The ending has somewhat of a resolution but not enough for my very literal studentsIn many ways I think this book was too easy for my students It was a good book Not the best though The mystery kept me going and I was constantly wondering who the third person was but what bugged me the entire time was the way the book was written It was written like a child was talking instead of a 13 Year old But besides that it was fineI liked the ending and the author has done a good job narrating an interesting in such few pages And for that I give it 3 stars. Issing Will Brodie face the truth of these tragic events or will he hide behind the lies created to protect hi.

Also known as Evelyn Bolton and AE BuntingAnne Evelyn Bunting better known as Eve Bunting is an author with than 250 books Her books are diverse in age groups from picture books to chapter books and topic ranging from Thanksgiving to riots in Los Angeles Eve Bunting has won several awards for her worksBunting went to school in Ireland and grew up with storytelling In Ireland “The