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I have pretty mixed feelings about this book I know that some of it stems from having higher expectations than what I actually got It wasn t strictly bad but I don t know that I enjoyed it that muchFirst off I didn t like the art and found it very off putting from page one It eally just didn t do a lot for me visually which can make it pretty hard to enjoy a graphic novel Then there s the issue of emotion Given that this book is a Liar, Liar real life love story of a couple where one party has been diagnosed HIV positive I was expecting this book to make me feel something It was nearly two hundred pages and I think maybe five of those pages gave me those feelings I wanted this book to make me feel something and it didn t and that just may be an issue of my own expectations Of course it may also have been aesult of not Essays One really liking the author Not the writing but as an actual person within the context of his story He came off very pretentious like the kind of person I would be annoyed to spend time with ineal life My final issue Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose rests with either the translation or the writing It s hard to tell which when the work was not originally in English The actual language used wasn t enjoyable toead and the punctuation was annoying after a few pagesNow for what I actually enjoyed It was nice to see that despite the subject matter that the author was able to avoid doom and gloom was able to make it a truly positive love story Actually this book is a subject overall that I wish was dealt with both in fiction and non fiction. From one of Europe’s most celebrated young comics artists a deeply personal story that will esonate with all who have chosen to love in the face of great challenges One summer night at a house party Fred met Cati Though they bar.

I would love to see autobiographies and novels both that deal with elationships in the context of HIV I m glad that the author was able to present his own story of something so personal especially when it never once felt to me like he was being disrespectful to Cati s own story He never gave us a why and I am glad for itOverall while I didn t eally love this book it wasn t strictly a bad book It just wasn t for me I probably wouldn t ecommend this to someone but I also would not dissuade someone from eading it An autobiographical comic about a young man who learns his girlfriend and her young son are HIV The elationships between Fred and his gf his friends and especially the little boy are sweet and feel true and the art is eally good His ink is fluid but nevertheless conveys a great deal of information That said the language often feels clunky and overwrought The artist has a long conversation with a mastadon about his confused feelings about science He overuses ellipses There s a lot of talk about the brambles of darkness and such The sort of thing that s a bit pretentious and interesting to the artist himself than to strangers like me Also there s this weird conversation wherein a friend is like seriously You ll never have condom less sex EVER How could you stay in such a elationship and the artist goeswell yeah it s very difficult Wait what Even if she wasn t HIV there should ve been condoms Aren t condoms used in most adult sex egardless of sereostatus Fantastic autobiographical comic about au. Ely spoke he vividly emembered her gracefulness and abandon They meet again years later and this time their connection is instantaneous But when things become serious a nervous Cati tells him that she and her three year old son ar.

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Thor Frederik Peeters and his elationship with his HIV positive girlfriend and her son Very moving intense and an over all wonderful comic about the lengths one will endure for love The graphics were neat and Craig Thompson esue I especially loved the mammoth near the endwhen i look backward i have the impression of happiness and of a diffuse and permanent pleasure but i know that it s because of movement of the close connection between heavy and light moments i know that if this ealtionship has compared to previous ones it s that it lives that it carries us that it imposes on us its unpredictable hythm without unning out of steam pg 130don t ask for things to happen the way you want be happy with wanting them as they happen An interesting graphic novel Something different than what I usually pick up and I enjoyed it Based on the authors elationship with his HIV positive girlfriend and son Beautiful love story and how nothing can stand in the way of true love This graphic memoir tells the story of how the author Fred met Cati at a party Time passes They meet again and this time connect As their elationship deepens Cati tells Fred that she and her three year old son are HIV positive Relationships between people are ever so personal and yet there are universal themes we can all elate to I eally liked the honesty in the telling and while the black and white brushwork evokes the ight mood I did not love the art I also think there might be things lost in translation as the language seems clunky in parts. E both HIV positive With great beauty and economy Peeters traces the development of their intimacy and their evelatory elationship with a doctor whose affection and frankness allow them to fully ealize their passionate connectio.

Frédérik Peeters born 13 August 1974 in Geneva is a contemporary Swiss graphic novelist He received his bachelor of arts degree in visual communication from the École Supérieure d’Arts Appliués in Geneva in 1995 Peeters currently lives with his partner Cati her son and their daughter in GenevaHis autobiographical graphic novel Blue Pills received the Polish Jury Prize at the Angoulême Int