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I decided to give this book a try since listed Shadows Edge as new and newsworthy I noticed ighy away that the premise was awfully similar to Christine Feehan s Dark Carpathian and leopard series but hey I was hoping to stumble across a hidden gem a diamond among tales the next big thing or at least a new favorite authorUm yeah that didn t happen Though not the worst floating around this book was definitely not newsworthy The writing is average and the characters were glaringly one dimensional stereotypes of the old style omance variety The male hero was a possessive he man chauvinist while the female heroine was a shrinking violet with a mass amount of power who happened to be too stupid to utilize it Also the author kept trying to heap on new and obvious twists and turns in the plot but instead of it blending together seamlessly the the story seemed forced and contrivedSo I give Shadows Edge two stars The writing wasn t bad but the plot it s characters and the word building needed work Writing Style Overly delineative She chose a soda because there wasn t any milk whole milk her second favorite food to steakit was a fitted charcoal grey pinstripe and had the look of absurdly expensive bespoke He wore beneath a snowy white button down shirt open at the collar to eveal a hing of tawny skin at his throat Aside from that last sentence not even being a damn grammatically correct sentence the adjectives whispered very softly that they d like me to help them go on strike Almost EVERY sentence is over written with too much superfluous information andor too many adjectives The writing is often flowery both literally and figuratively highly imaginative and whimsical like a fairy dust sprinkling Now this is bad for the connective sentences their flow which are only supposed to give basic info or thought around the main plot points Three pages on having a simple glass of wine followed by another muti page description on how she landed a job in wine followed by what I can only call a wine orgy for example is overkill boring and ultimately stifles the flow of this book to HONEY olling off a polar bear s ass IDGAF about wine I m eading a para omance not a wine and cheese magazine However I ll say that the author s highly imaginative descriptor style serves the eader well in other incidences especially the para elements that need details for the eader to experience things as the characters experience them Leander s first shift into vapor for example truly needed such a vivid description So the writer needs to learn balance and ealize that not EVERY sentence is meant to be sprinkled with fairy dust drowned in description Less can be Did A Box Of Crayons A Jar Of Honey Jump In The Author s Keyboard There s some kind of OCD here with flowers color honey I can t even begin to count how many types of f ing flowers are mentioned and how many times something is compared to a flower Everything from the linoleum at a grocery store to leather gets a detailed a color description I shit you not There s also a honey obsession there s everything from honeyed warmth to honey blonde hair to honey bronzed skin in the span of 10% The whole color thing is so impressively WTF that I felt it necessary to chronicle just a few from about 20% of the book dove gray leather slate gray sky walls painted smoky plum snowy white button ginger haired woman beige linoleum floor silver tray of flatbread interesting shade of eggplant lashes long and black as soot wrinkled black apron mottled shade of crimson a flush of scarlet platinum gold Jimmy Choo pump golden locks black and white tiled floor ivory skin white linen tablecloth white marble floor dark and ich uby candlelight glowed amber and you guessed it honey plush butter cream carpet the sky above them smoke and ebony blue gray plume of mist sun slanted saffron and gold black against plush caramel cheeks silvery tears smoke purple mountains threw sparks of blue off his black hair fitted beige trousers Someone left the crayons out perhaps At Least Give Me The Good Cheese EVERYONE here is lithe sleek and graceful and has twany skin and at least one honey colored feature facepalm eyeroll Kindle shakeI don t see how these mfers have a single layer of subcutaneous tissue left as often as their skin prickles the poem of her face Good Lawd I could go on but I m just tired eally eally tiredAre You Serious An exotic sylph with elegance and strength and solid luster all feminine curves and opalescent skin and a surfeit of aw power simmering beneath That is how the male MC describes the female MC DIRECTLY after she has a freakout panic attack sees him for the first time and immediately passes the fuck out in middle of a grocery store So was his description supposed to 2013 winner Fantasy Futuristic Paranormal’s Prism Award for Published Authors Best First BookDeep within the primeval forests of southern England a ace of beautiful savage shape shifters lives hidden from the everyday world Bound together by ancient bloodlines and a uthless code of secrecy that punishes traitors with death the Ikati send their leader Leander on a mission to capture.

E funny Seriously was it I laughed Speaking of descriptions he calls her ass a egal carriage Again was this intended to induce laughing Is The Female MC Bipolar So weird shit is happening from page one of the book Her sensory gifts go haywire around some dude at the grocery store Her shit is moved around in her house She goes all electric when near grocery store dude who s now shown up at her work He has super hearing Yet our girl is all totally like no way I think I ll ignore this shit and put it to the back of my mind in the file important shit here to ot slot just be unreasonably bitchy and completely unprofessional to the guyI m honestly unsure if she s going to twirl her honey blonde hair and pop a pretty pink perfectly ound bubblegum bubble as she asks him if he s a big mean tanned lithe graceful handsome bad guy OR call him a dick and stab him in his beautifully green like sea mist blowing toward a brilliantly blue sky eye with a silver and slightly curved wine cork Then she shows up at this dude s hotel out of no damn where with all fear gone and acts like she s the damn ueen of Ice there to make demands of the its she was epeatedly told all her life to un from Wtf Are you TSTL Plot 33% I don t even know what the plot is here other than get her ass back to some uber secret para community that seems like a KooKooLaid factory than para community So the actual what they are is a nifty concept panther shifts mist shifts sensory and physical upgrades I like that this isn t the usual suspect para category The hierarchy setup is kind of Twillightish spin on the typical wolfie setup of alpha males females The problem All talk I m bored of the crayon box slapped by a thesaurus I m tired of monologues on food wine and the decor I m tired of eading 30 words to convey a simple five word thought I m f ing sick of the word honey and I swear I think I ve developed a grudge against colors I think I ll call it uits 35% before I start hunting down my kid s colors to boil in a vat of honey I ecently ead 1 and 2 of the Slow burn series and eally enjoyed them So I thought I would give this a try Umno I think this was her first book so I will try the next one This was so over the top with the overwhelming passions or whateverFrom the first moments of the book and they see each other Rating 35 starsBorne and originated from the wilds of Africa came the Ikati ancient deadly feline predators shadowed persecuted and hunted into hiding They ve since formulated and now live by their espective strict cardinal law laws which can t be breached which means a life of preservation and protection has led them and spread them around the world to form secretive colonies organised by leaders Alphas and Assembly members With controlled choices these warriors of strength and power un a society of law and savage punishment and as a esult very earthborn injustice and captivity cloaked as shelter Gray oppressive limitations of a life lived in hiding Nil freedom and conseuences manyWhen the Assembly inform the Alpha of Sommerley of a Half blood traipsing out in the open a potential danger to their kind and therefore potentially problematic Leander sets out to see how much of a threat this Half Blood poses or whether she poses one at all but he doesn t account for her threatening his choices or her sumptuous call to his fundamental animal Preservation Preservation Preservation is the language Jenna Moore speaks She should know with a childhood spent in the throes of flurrying movement that led to a series of unanswered uestions has thus carved Jenna Moore down to the bare bones of stubborn hardiness and potent paranoia As a child born of evolt defiance and broken law this willful dogged daughter of both a leader and a traitor finds herself wedged between a past of intentional mystery and a present that brings back an austere message echoed through memory if they find yourunWith the whispering estless doubts of suspicion trailing her lithe footsteps paranoia is both her only inheritance from parents long gone as well as a lifestyle of wakeful awareness With an acute sentience of her divergent singularity and uniue abilities Jenna was granted a life of freedom yielded through sacrifice But when she faces the ones who have haunted her life the mystery of her father and every day since she s thrown headlong between choices and answers that sting with the pain of truth so peculiar and apparent that Jenna may have to use her stony heart to wrap the cold of day and the ice of winter in thick layers around her while the possibility of Leander s love can t be the one to thaw years of frigidity Shadow s Edge was written in 2012 and stands as the author s debut Geissinger has since eleased other books in the Night. One aised outside the tribe before she can expose their secret When Leander tracks the unsuspecting outsider to Southern California the hardened warrior is prepared for a fight but not for the effect the sensual young beauty has on his heartJenna spent her childhood in hiding on the un from someone or something her parents efused to discuss She trusts no one not since her father’.

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Prowler Series told from different character perspectives While this book is an urban fantasy the paranormal omance element is the prevailing ingredient in this story of discovering love and companionship a fast burn omance which takes the oute of a slow burn because of Jenna s incredibly cautious dispositionSeized from the start this book is scripted with a beautiful narrative that spins this story from threads of melodious description I was excited and hoped that this would be a story of eual parts omance and plot and while there was a distinct plot detailing the threats to the Ikati including the egression of an age old lifestyle the story mostly and dominantly focused on Jenna Leander and their omance I personally love any source of omantic entanglement in my stories so long as it s integrated well with selective devicesbut I did find myself thinking smashing fundament for a story but perhaps hidden by a much too potent omance But then again the author dedicates this book to finding true love so this might have been the direct intention I suppose I just wanted plot excitement The story finishes with Ikati secrets in the hands of the enemy and their lifestyle threatened with war on the very near horizon for their kind and their enemies This can be ead as a standalone and promises an end to Leander and Jenna s love story but the series continues with other character perspectives which I assume will oll forward with the suspended plot What we witness in this story by way of the main leads as well the side characters who I felt a lot of sympathy for is how action is motivated by a lack of self ule inaction or the desire for something fundamental in human nature the longing to be free with autonomous choice What emains to happen then when intent and yearning hunger and thirst propel instinct With the shackles of ancient patriarchal law and freedoms neglected of a crippled justice system that calls freedom of choice a traitor s instinct can love ever eally be a crime meriting penalty can law breaking in the name of love and freedom ever be worthy of punishment Things I liked 1Great footing for a story with the Ikati heritage lore and ancient history This tied in nicely with Jenna s own story2The writing has a beautifully graceful and aesthetic touch with vivid descriptions that lent memorable details to character emotions explored and the descriptions in general3Really well done sex scenes thumbs up Some concerns 1Once Jenna was brought to Sommerley to Leander s colony I actually thought we were going to see how the whole population live specific Gifts from individual members and hordes of different shifters shifting exhibiting abilities and integrating along with Jenna exploring her own Gifts in detail I didn t ealise that Jenna would spend most of her time perhaps not her fault because of the Assembly s mistrust in Leander s mansion For example I loved the scene when she shifts to panther for the first time maybe we could have had of that Some battle scenes would have made me a very happy lady too in human form and shifter form to provide some conflict I wanted to see of the Ikati Jenna meeting of them2Although i loved the lyrical descriptions as this type of writing fits snugly with personal tastes at times the prose was unnecessarily protracted when I just wanted focus on the ploys and plays3Ultimately I thought this was a wonderful debut for fantasy and I did enjoy the book but there was something indefinable that held me at bay Perhaps I wanted from the story Maybe a few bits of shading and tinting to eally fill some undervalued areas4I liked the first half much than the second half of the book With the understanding in the beginning that a omance is absolutely going to be brewing I thought that once the gang arrived back at their colony the focus would efocus on happening aside from the omance That being said this was enjoyable5Jenna though understandably was a tad too stubborn but what with Leander maintaining a great deal of patience I think everything worked out well in the end Leander is an Alpha but he s a thoughtful patient and attentive alpha Trigger Warning A few descriptive sex scenes and a scene of gory tortureTwitter I InstagramVisit my blog for eviews VL Book Reviews I hate to DNF at the 11% mark because it feels like I didn t give the book a proper chance but it was so clear that this was not the type of PRN omance I was looking for that going on would have been a waste of my timeIn that short 11% there were An abundance of clich s Both of the MCs were inhumanly beautiful elegant strong and all around perfect Zzz Several major eye oll worthy moments view spoiler Every nerve ending in his body felt her Every pore was filled with her hide spoile. S mysterious disappearance not since her mother’s sudden death and definitely not since she began exhibiting strange superhuman abilities When handsome enigmatic Leander appears promising answers to the mysteries that shroud her past she knows she shouldn’t trust him either But their connection is undeniable and as powerful as the enemy hell bent on destroying every one of their ki.