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I read this short story because Margaret Atwood and because of the catchy title Going into it I was sure I knew what a rape fantasy is but the main character Estelle got me so confused that I googled itAccording to the almighty Wikipedia a rape fantasy sometimes rape play or a ravishment is a sexual fantasy involving imagining or pretending being coerced or coercing another into sexual activity And that s exactly what I thought it is So I m not sure why Estelle doesn t seem to understand that All her fantasies are far from sexual not even mildly arousing Her imagined rapists all end up to be uite pathetic men in need of comforting or psychiatric help This marvellous collection of short stories brings together the stories of men and women but of course it is the women who Atwood finds fascinating and interesting our motivations our drives our desires mostly unspoken but made manifest by actions Normally I m a big fan of Margaret Atwood s work but there were a ot of elements in Dancing Girls which didn t appeal to me There s a general tone of immaturity and of experimentation and only a few of the stories actually read Gum Girl 1 like they were written by the famous and noteworthy Margaret Atwood The rest feltike they could have been written by anyone in the 1970s who Cambridge Horizons Level 3 Students Pack liked to play around with perspective and toneThe pieces Iiked were When it Happens Polarities The Resplendent uetzal and Training These all carry what I think of as Atwood s hallmarks empathy for her characters an understanding of the tough choices we humans are sometimes forced to make during our The Library of the Unwritten (Hells Library lives and the difficulties men and women have in their communications and interactions with one another When it Happens was my favorite there s a timelessness to this story of an older woman preparing herself for what she considers to be the eventuality of war While written in the 1970s during the dual stresses of the Cold War and the Vietnam War it could just as easily be set then today or twenty years from nowI wasn t terribly interested in or was bored by the ten other stories in the collection Some of them felt incomplete as though I were reading a rough draft rather than the finished product Some of them provided soittle information about the narrator setting or circumstances that I couldn t piece together what was happening In others the narration style was so odd that I didn t know if the person was mentally ill as in Under Glass or possessed by some kind of spirit as in The War in the Bathroom Since no context is given outside the first person perspective of those two stories in particular I honestly found it difficult to care about anything which happened to the charactersIt s only because I Galina liked four of the stories so much that I gave this collection two stars If I had to guess I would say that Atwood was simultaneously finding her voice as a writer and indulging in some of the avant garde exercises of the 1970s when many writers were testing theimits and boundaries of fiction Readers who enjoy that will probably enjoy Dancing Girls much than I did Personally I think Atwood really came into her own in the 1980s and 1990s and I prefer her work from that time period much A fascinating short story that both confronts and subverts rape culture through a wandering uncouth narrator In Rape Fantasies our protagonist Estelle discusses rape fantasies with her coworkers and soon realizes that none of their ideas have anything to do with actual rape While her coworkers dream of consensual encounters Estelle imagines stories in which she ends up subduing andor sympathizing with her attacker because he gets his zipper stuck or has a cold or fights Dead Boy leprosy Atwood employs her signature cutting and ironic voice to make readers uestion how we all discuss sexual assault both to each other and within ourselvesEstelle also serves as a fascinating character study Her convoluted stream of thought consciousness complicates Rape Fantasies and adds anotherayer of subterfuge to the piece I feel Mud and Stars likeiterary types and feminists alike could spend hours dissecting this piece while. Dancing Girls is Margaret Atwood’s highly praised first collection of short fiction In it she explores the dark intricacies of the mind the complexities of human relationships and the clashes between cultures In the stories the mundane and the bizarre.

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Too often to eave me feeling as if there is to the story if only the author had had the time and pages to flesh it out Atwood seldom eft me with that feeling in this collection although I admit to Eros Unbound (Great Loves, loving some of the stories and feeling aittle confused about othersThe ones I Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda lovedBetty Almost a coming of age tale with the adolescent narrator who doesn t uite understand the world of the grown ups that she observes Betty is part of Betty and Fred the couple whoive next door at the cottages where her family is spending the summer and the girl and her sister are a bit taken with Fred but it is Betty who makes them welcomed and treats them well Fred seems so ideal to their young minds About half way through the tale our narrator observes I began to think that I might not want to be married to Fred after all He unrolled from Betty s mouth Mes recettes au baby-robot like aong ribbon of soggy newspaper printed from end to end with nothing but the weather That simile said allUnder Glass I wanted to scream at this narrator who is involved in a relationship with a man who has just committed an infidelity and shrugs it off in a boys will be boys style I wanted to tell him what no one s ever taught him how two people who La Stratgie du camlon love each other behave how they avoid damaging each other but I m not sure I know and He won t come near me touch me doesn t he that s all he needs to do Hel wait for me to cool off as he puts it But if I go away Personality Selling like this I won t be back She wishes she didn tove him but my uestion would be why does sheThe Grave of the Famous Poet A tale of alienation and breakup that felt perfectly heartbreaking to me The setting is right for romance but the narrator knows the romance is over I pull him into me wanting him to be with me but for the first time I feel it s just flesh a body a beautiful machine an animated corpse he isn t in it any I want him so much and he isn t here If you have ever experienced the end of Lissa love you will recognize its shadow whispering your nameThe Sin Eater Joseph is an unorthodox shrink who we meet through his client because he doesn t call them patients or believe they are sick This world is all we have says Joseph It s all you have to work with It is not too much for you You will not be rescued I could turn thatast one into a mantra and share it with everyone who is young and struggling middle aged and feeling unsure of the path they have taken old and feeling their time run out You will not be rescued but then Joseph and Atwood would probably tell you that if you pay close attention you will discover you can rescue yourself So I hand it to him and he s very obliging he twists the top off and hands it back to me and I suirt him in the eye I hope you don t think that s too vicious Come to think of it it is a bit mean especially when he was so polite and all I prefer Atwood s novels to her short stories but I ve had this book for eons and figured it was time to read it And sure enough I was nonplussed by most of the stories hated a few and enjoyed fewer stillThe overall mood was definitely depressing the attitude cynical and if the pieces reflect Atwood s then opinions of relationships she considered all men to be cheating deadbeats and women to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown Several stories reminded me of dreams disjointed with people and places suddenly shifting so that you wonder if she s still talking about the same time period or character And several stories seemed to be cut off a couple of sentences before the end I d turn the page but thenMany of the stories dealt with young women and their first jobs first apartments first Black Mountain (Isaiah Coleridge lovers and first babies which is to be expected given that this was one of her earliest books comprised of stories originally printed in various magazines and periodicals at the start of her career One can assume she was struggling to find her way as a young author in the midst of 70s feminism with not much hope yet for a happy and balanced relationshipI can t say Ioved this collection but it was interesting to get a glimpse of Margaret Atwood in her formative years as an autho. Canada to England from Mexico to the United States and portray characters who touch us and arouse in us compassion and understanding In this astonishing collection Margaret Atwood maps human motivation we scarcely know we have From the Hardcover edition.

Atwood does not make her ultimate message super clear to us she does force us to dissect the ways in which we imagine or how we judge the imaginations of others She published this several years ago so good for her for shedding ight on a subject so often stigmatized in our society to the great cost of sexual assault survivors Dancing Girls 0 553 37791 4This collection of Atwood short stories includes The War in the Bathroom When It Happens The Man from Mars A Travel Piece Polarities The Resplendent uetzal Under Glass Training The Grave of the Famous Poet Lives of Poets Dancing Girls Hair Jewelry Giving Birth Rape Fantasies Betty The Sin EaterThese stories are classic Atwood material the stories explore pain in modern relationships and the ennui that sets into modern ife and She Wants It leaves people feeling deeply sad yet unable to explain their sadness In the face of material security socially acceptable relationships and jobs and owningavish goods and homes why do we still feel so sad Other stories carefully examine mental deterioration whether mental illness The War in the Bathroom as the main character slowly seems to spiral into dementia or severe strain brought on by unusual circumstances A Travel Piece Atwood posits that in the face of complete breakdown a part of us still hangs onto our familiar routines even when hanging on seems absurd Whether this absurd cling to the familiar helps to maintain our sanity or whether it merely hastens the descent into madness is never made clear Ana Mardoll The only thing that saves this from the one star category is the fact that I can imaging my creative writing professors at Rochester assigning these sorts of short stories because they are right in ine with all of the ones I read for class I would read and become a bit excited near the end of the first third of the story hoping with a bit of anticipation that now after this confusion and meandering everything will add up and ead to something beautiful or horrendous or at Becoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions least meaningful But after finishing the second third of the story I finally realize that no the first third was exactly what was going to happen throughout and I would be destined to finish the story without finding any purpose to it at all but I would finish it anyway because I had already invested time and energy in the first two thirds and darn it if there was some surprise at the end that made everything make sense I didn t want to be such aazy reader that I would miss itBut I rarely missed anything And so after trying four or five stories in Dancing Girls I returned it to the Writing in Public library Il ook for a novel the next time I decide to delve into Atwood How about it girls do you have rape fantasies Atwood is one of the authors who has a cheeky tone talking about rape and manages to get away with it in fact I kinda ike her for it She hits the title exactly where it should Rape fantasies are for the most part an oxymoron The narrator in this story is a smart woman Smart and tough She is called a worry wart but she prefers knowing what she would do in an emergency She has a sharp wit And her rape fantasies are I feel weird even thinking about this word hilarious The Latino Mennonites lastines hit a nerve it is unimaginableAnd what she talks about a fantasy In a real rape fantasy what you should feel is this anxiety When Cricket Was Cricket like when you think about your apartment building catching on fire and whether you should use the elevator or the stairs or maybe just stick your head under a wet towel and you try to remember everything you ve read about what to do but you can t decideYou see a combination of Atwood and Rape Fantasies that s a story you cannot miss Writing effective short stories is probably difficult than writing effective novels You have veryittle space you have to create viable breathing characters in paragraphs instead of chapters you have to weigh every word and know that it is essential or it must go and you must convey something important an idea a thought that Why the Amish Sing lasts or has impact Margaret Atwood does thatike it is a science I m not generally a fan of short stories They seem. Intersect in unexpected ways ex wives indulge in an odd feast at a psychiatrist’s funeral; a young student is pursued by an obsessed immigrant; an old woman stores up supplies against an impending cataclysm The fourteen stories range in setting from.

Margaret Atwood was born in 1939 in Ottawa and grew up in northern Ontario uebec and Toronto She received her undergraduate degree from Victoria College at the University of Toronto and her master's degree from Radcliffe CollegeThroughout her writing career Margaret Atwood has received numerous awards and honourary degrees She is the author of than thirty five volumes of poetry childr