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Mission to find a man any man who can pretend to be her husband and scort her to San Francisco where she would be safe and can open her own Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, establishment She needs this man toscape a prosecution for killing an abusive customer If she was not in such a hurry she would never consider Cain to be such a man Her first reaction seeing him is dismay Cain is an alcoholic and a former doctor Actually the latter is what repulsed her for reasons readers would find out later But Anna has no choice she has to leave and he is the only man available to do so in a hurry with no attachments to the city And so begins the journey of two tortured souls from New York to San Francisco via Panama Canal The book is very well written with amazing characters that are definitely uniue and remarkably described setting The story is not for a faint of heart I know it will stay with me for a long time I d give this book a million stars if I could It just blew me away and has stayed with me for weeks now Ana and Cain were just so lovely together And Cain s struggle with alcoholism was heartbreaking and so painful to watch That this story had a HEA was a miracle but it was one heck of a Sighworthy HEA Makes me hapoy just thinking of it And thinking of it makes me want to read it again It s definitely going on my Keeper Shelf I m surprised people haven t read this It was really good and very uniue It almost doesn t seem like they will be together until the very Lehrbuch Der Physiologie end Ana s walls were a mile tall it seemed Theyach had their own demons which both had to faceWow none of Ana s clients Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. ever tried to pleasure her with oral sexsad She didn tven know what a climax was For someone who is supposed to be very Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes experienced in sex she sure didn t know much Obviously Ana wasn t my favorite kind of heroine She was pretty mean to Cain and I agree with what one reviewer said that it was hard to see what was so attractive about her besides her good looks I wish they revealed t A SOLID 45 STARS THIS WAS A SURPRISINGLY REALLY GOOD BOOKI had ualms about the heroine but I absolutely did love the hero despite his drinking habitOUR HERO is a man tortured by his past mistakes and also haunted from the grave by a dead friend and by his family He has been drinking himself to a stupor for the past three years until he meets Ana He is actually a very street wise character sometimes tough and dependable if only he was sober There is just something about Cain that you cant help but love him for all his misgivings and love of alcohol you would want to reach out and just hold him I wouldntxactly peg him as an alcoholic because it doesn t show that he is addicted to it but rather the oblivion it provides to forget his ghosts Later when forced to be sober he may have temptations that only a true drunkard would have succumbed to but he proved worthy And his love for Ana was complex in a good way because they understood or rather he understood her better than herself soothing her demons while she healed his OUR HEROINE came across as a CLASS A SELFISH BITCH who I really really hated for the first half of the book She was demanding mean and so selfish I wanted to punch her face She takes things for granted because she is such an ice cold person who doesnt appreciate small gestures of kindness and scorns them Despite the author portraying her this way because Marketing Excellence 3 eventually she will change but not much by my standards it was still so damn annoying I hated how she manipulated man and treated Cain like dirt the first half It was nice to see her brought down a peg or two becoming human OVERALL this story was very heartfelt andven if I hated the heroine it still had a way of making me read the whole story word for word until the YARN Essentials end It is just a pity that there is nopilogue that shows a definitive HEA. Manian wilderness All she had was Cain an intimate stranger forced to abandon his liuor to save them both Suddenly he was a threat capable of seeing her weakness and offering his strength And all he asked for in return was her love something she'd never given to any man befor.

I bought this book on a whim having no idea what to Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, expect but boy am I glad I did I couldn t put it down and it s been awhile since I ve read a romance THAT good A Candle in the Dark is hands down one of the best romances I vever read First of all the setting This is NOT another boring romance set in Regency England which uite frankly I ve grown rather tired of A Candle in the Dark takes you from New York to the lush Black on Blonde exotic jungle of Panama and Injoyed The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece every single minute of it Your heart breaks for both the hero and heroine as you uickly discover that they are both broken individuals in desperate need of someone to love Both have given up on such a frivolous notion Ana the heroine is a prostitute who goes by The Duchessthe ice princess who never melts for anyone and hides her heart behind a protective wall After killing the man who is abusing her she desperately needs to disappear and she hires Cain D Alessandro to help her Cain is a doctor but is haunted by his past failures and the complete lack of faith his parents had in him He s turned to alcohol to drown out the memories and dark voices in his head He is a SERIOUS alcoholicthe kind that gets physically ill if he doesn t get his next drinkTogether this couple learn to trust and love and it is SO sweet when they doThe steam level on this book is much lower than what I usually prefer but the story was SO good I didn t care one whit There is only one love scene but it has an agonizingly sweet buildup and the scene definitely delivers It srotic and sensual while still being incredibly tender I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something different than the norm and who American Nietzsche enjoys books with tortured heroes and tortured heroines as well who find healing inach other There is plenty of Art, Culture, and Cuisine emotional angst but thending is definitely sweet and satisfying An awesome read and as I said probably one of the best romances I have Berlioz and His Century ever read Seriously it s THAT good 35 StarsI am beginning to believe that when I need a full length historical romance with plenty of restlessness internally tortured souls and loads of apprehension Megan Chance is my new go to author I may not like the main charactersvery moment she definitely knows how to yank my chains and push my buttons She takes a gritty situation a persecuted hero and heroine some interesting secondary characters and other issues and molds it into a story formatA CANDLE IN THE DARK takes some of my least likable character types and has their actions Aristotles Rhetoric evolve from their personalities They are faulty and prone torr but this is the driving force for their storyDr Cain D Alessandro has seen better days He is a drunkard and lush we would now call him an alcoholic When given a choice of anything and the bottle he always chooses alcohol Ana The Duchess is a prostitute and possibly a murderess She hates what she is and wants to change but hasn t found a way to go about it She is closed mouth about her childhood but you know something bad happened Like wise with Cain Both of these flawed people come from damaged pastsAna needs his help but ignores him once they have Blood Runs Green escaped from New York When he looks at her all he sees is contempt but their situation calls for them to stay together He is suppose to be her protection in the guise of a husband He manages to pick away at the wall she has surrounded herself with a simple comment a look or a uestion It is something that chisels a crack in that same said wall Ms Chance has given the reader a realistic view of what it means to have an addiction It is not glossed over and you feel the struggling Cain goes through Ana comes across as cold for some of the time but if she were written any other way the story would not have been as interesting This was the author s first published romance and I NEED A MAN ANY MAN She had blood on her dress and trouble in heryes when she walked into Cavey Davey's tavern and roused Dr Cain D'Alessandro from his drunken stupor The sight of Ana The Duchess beautiful icy desperate almost sobered him She looked like a whore and spoke.

As actually pretty good for a debut It did not beat THE PORTRAIT but was better than AN INCONVENIENT WIFE Try this romance if you can appreciate very human characters with all their weaknesses and misgivings Every now and then a book comes a long that really moves you You find yourself thinking about it long after you ve put the book down analyzing the characters their motivations and the outcomes of their actions For me this was one of those books We first meet Cain D Alessandro an alcoholic and sometimes medical doctor He has lost his faith in medicine and frankly his will to live He has a chance Charting an Empire encounter with the beautiful murderess prostitute Ana Shenlists him to act as her Husband to help her cross the country after she murders an abusive client of hers He accepts her offer as long as she will provide Colored Property enough alcohol to get him through the trip Heven rebuffs her initial offer of husbandly rights to tempt him to make the trek Cain although an alcoholic with demons of his own is uite tender and patient with Ana He is not the Alpha hero who is oh so popular these days He is willing to wait for Ana cold and aloof as she may be They do not fall in love at first sight but only when they come to mutually respect and care for one anotherThis is not the story about the hooker with a heart of gold Nor is it about an alcoholic that put down the drink when he met a woman worth changing Desire and Truth everything for Life is never that simple Ms Chance does a wonderful job portraying two dilapidated souls drudging through the Panamanian Jungles This book is a greatxample of why I love the historical romance genre I really loved this book It would have been a 5 star for me The Exiles Gallery except for one detail which I will get to and admittedly its a personal thingInjoyed the writer s style and will definitely seek of her work out Historical novels are among my favorites and this one was done with great attention to detail feeling immersed in the Dislocating China early 1900 s The characters were drawn accurately for the time period and I never felt as if it was a 21st century character thrown into a 19th century settingCain and Ana spend most of the book snipping at one another but I had faith in them as a couple Their adventure is perfect it adds so much to the growth of the characters and their love for one another And it makes senseNote there is romance and sex but not a ton of sex all the way through its not that kind of book When they get together and I think its just once the build up is worth it trust me Soooo sexyswoonNow my reason for the one star deduction The hero s problem view spoiler I am not a fan of drug or alcoholic recovery themes And this one is really disingenuous because it implies that the lovesupport of a good woman isnough to cure an alcoholic I know for a fact this is naive and untrue and I know most readers out there also know this but its a particular pet peeve for me hide spoiler Very Childerley engagingshould start writing my reviews as soon as I finish reading This was a good one Her best book in my opinion 45 starsAnother controversial book by Megan Chance with the heroine being a prostitute and the hero an alcoholic for almost thentirety of the book And still poignant and Cultural Excursions emotional and heartwrenching as we get to watch two very flawed persons coming to care forach other and find salvation and hope in their love Uniue setting in the jungles of Panama a bit of adventure tons of drama and self flagellation make this a very very Cruelty and Laughter exciting read I have to thank my friend AJ for bringing this author and this book in particular to my attention I feel as if I ve hit on a goldmine Powerful story that grabbed me from beginning to the verynd Ana aka the Duchess is a high value prostitute in one of the brothels of New York in the middle of 19th century She is on Like a lady who had just committed murder She had money and they both needed to scape So Cain D'Alessandro agreed to pose as her husband on the dangerous trip through Panama to California But Ana hadn't reckoned on a full ship of sailors or the perilous trip through the Pana.

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See this thread for information Megan Chance is the critically acclaimed award winning author of several novels Girlpossecom calls her a writer of extraordinary talent Her books have been chosen by 's Book of the Month Borders Original Voices and IndieBound's Booksense A former television news photographer with a BA from Western Washington University Megan Chance lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two daughters Visit her at