Mark Chapman: Heroes Hairbands and Hissy Fits

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An entertaining Alice bands orange bladed boots and socks worn over the knee Mansions in Cheshire WAGs and written off Ferraris Referees with headsets fourth officials and an incomprehensible amount of stoppage timeThere is only so much a true football fan can take and in Heroes Hairbands and Hissy Fits Mark Ch.

Ead in the build Apman aka Chappers gives full vent to his feelings as only the host of a football phone in can Football phone ins are on the hitlist too by the way It is football as we know it told from the heartWith his trademark down to earth wit he takes aim at everyone from Sepp Blatter to MOTD kit designer.

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P to the new seaso. S and replica shirt wearers don't put your age on the back of the shirt ads trophy presentations and tournament draws From his first footballing memory to watching his son grow up idolising Premier League millionaires Chappers' book is a timely tirade as well as a ove song to the beautiful gam.