Eldon Jay Epp: The Theological Tendency of Codex Bezae Cantebrigiensis in Acts

Professor Epp's purpose in this investigation is to discover to what extent textual variants in the New Testament were caused by dogmatic interference with the text Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis a late fifth century manuscript of the Gospels and Acts is the leading Greek representative of the so called 'Western' text and a natura.


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Hese variants can ardly be uestioned since the Western text of Acts is consistent in delineating its particular viewpoint and abundant in its evidence than could reasonably be expected of an aberrant textual tradition This theological approach to textual criticism is not new but it Spinetinglers Anthology 2008 has been confineditherto to isolated passag.

L starting point for an inuiry into theological bias behind the striking variants in that textual tradition Professor Epp makes a detailed comparison between the 'Western' text and the 'Neutral' text of Acts and discloses a strongly eightened anti Judaic tendency in the Western text He concludes that a theological motive for