Anthony H. Cordesman: Lessons Of Modern War Volume II The Iran Ira War

epub books Lessons Of Modern War Volume II The Iran Ira War BY Anthony H. Cordesman –

This book is as in depth as you re likely to find in the US in regards to a war other than WWII or Vietnam The book covers sweeping aspects of the conflict from the antecedents and general history of its different hases tactics euipment air and chemical warfare etc It first breaks. Part of a three volume study of the military events and lessons of major international conflict.

Down the causes of the war briefly before going through a step by step account of the offensives and accompanying mis steps of them It then discusses the evolution of tactics lessons learned and so forthThe book is written in a clear informative style and includes a number of maps. S The series covers a range of topics from combatants and terrain to chemical and nuclear weapo.

Anthony H. Cordesman ´ 6 summary

Graphs etc Some may find it a bit redundant in its conclusions or assertions at times but for the denser among us such as myself it is appreciated and helps us keep track of the main oints among the minutiae If you are looking for a general history of the war go read Dilip Hiro s Ns This volume is an up to date analysis of the longest war of this century the Iran Ira confli.