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Of recall this book The cover reminds me of it than anything else Also marking this as owned as I did at the time own it but like every MB books apart from a special edition of a Penny Jordan book I give to charity Recycling books in a way without putting them in the recycling binI do. Nico Cavelli would never normally waste his time visiting the prison cell of a tourist Except this particular alleged criminal Lily Morgan has stolen something very personal to him – his son heir to the Montebianco throneCally Greenway was hoping to secure the job of restoring some valuable paintings n.

All three stories in this collection by Trish Morey Lynn Raye Harris and Sabrina Philips were well worth the effort I enjoyed them very much Adding a review to every book I ve rated on this website I doubt I ll remember everything if anything of each but hey Worth a go rightI do sort. The Prince demands an heirand what he wants he getsSienna Wainwright had one phenomenal night with Rafe Lombardi before he cast her out of his bed But six weeks later their world changed No longer just a billionaire Rafe is revealed as the Prince of Montvelatte Sienna is pregnant – with his twinsPrince.

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N t give out 5 star reviews very often I was a bit 5 star mad in 2014 so I won t say it must be the best book ever but as is 3 books for me to give it a 5 star it must be because all the books impressed me and I enjoyed them Take my review as it is considering I m writing this in 2017. Til they’re sold to the Prince of Montez Then Cally gets a royal summons – his Majesty has a job for heras his mistress biddable pleasurableand pregnant Let A Lonely Aura of Justice us treat you like aeen – relax and enjoy three glamorous passionate stories about privileged royal life love affairsand scandalous pregnancie.

Whether she's writing romance or her longer complex womens fiction USA Today Bestselling author Trish Morey is determined to provide her reader with that aaaah happy ever after ending made all the satisfying by putting her characters through some gruelling stuff along the way And with 38 titles and in excess of 7 million book sales worldwide it looks like the readers agreeA four