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One funny and loopy tale Poor Ivy just wants stability in her life but between her mother who acts as if she s Revived eighteen and a man who wants her body but has major trust issues I am surprised Ivy knows which way is up Ivy and Luke s tentative romance could be annoying at times because of Luke smotional problems but when they let their inhibitions go their lovemaking is very steamy and fun to read There is also a nice romance between Mallory and Isaac a balding and staid lawyer who only has Student Research Projects in Calculus eyes for Mallory and is a bit of a firecracker in bed I found Jennifer Apodaca s characters to bengaging specially when Mallory xplains her way of life to her daughter and why she needs so much love whether it be from men or Ivy herself I became a little bit weepy There may be thieves and killers running amuck but EXTREMELY HOT is one story that had me smiling till the last page Rules according to Ivy York1 Never trust a bad boy2 Never make decisions with your libido3 Disregard rules 1 and 2This book was very fast paced Ivy an accountant and radio talk show host who advises women to take control of their lives and money gets accused of stealing and hiding some ancient statues Luke Sterling is a treasure hunter and all around bad boy With the nickname Urban Legend Not for his treasure hunting skills and a tainted past he is a very alpha tormented hero This of course is always my favorite type of hero The badder they are the harder they fall and what a ride it is watching Luke fall for Ivy This book is very good It was pretty asy to like both Ivy and Luke There were times when I wanted to shake both of them because of their stubborness but they complimented one another despite their differences and I was glad to see them realize that too I also like the secondary romance between Ivy s free spirited mother and Ivy s stuffy but sexy lawyer It was just an all around good read. Ivy York

Ling who has come to apply for a job as Ivy s assistant But Luke is really not who he says he is He is an undercover investigator and Ivy York is an alleged criminal He believes she masterminded the theft of some statues called the Jade Goddesses of Fertility and Virility from a private collection These puppies are valued at over five million dollars because they are thought to be aphrodisiac Plus Luke is also known as the Urban Legend a man who is a love m and leave A Heart of Stone em type of guy who finds missing property and gets a pricey fee for his work Luke does like the way Ivy looks regardless if she is guilty or not He won t mind trying to get as close as he can to her and kill two birds with one stone find the statues and perhaps have some fun with the lovely Miss York But Ivy is not that gullible and she is not going to fall for Luke aka the Urban Legend She has hadnough with slimy men thank you She soon finds out who Luke really is and what he is looking for Of course Ivy is innocent and she proclaims this but Luke still thinks she s lyingThe statues have indeed been stolen and inadvertently fallen into the hands of Mallory York Ivy s mom But before Ivy can get them from her they are stolen again Soon Luke Ivy and Mallory are on a wild goose chase to find the statues Also Luke s cousin Arnold is trying to ruin him because of some past family animosity and Ivy s x boyfriend Dirk is stalking her because he also wants the statues While Ivy tries to take some control of her life host her radio show keep her mother happy and maybe have some nice sex with Luke she has to keep watching her back and all those around her And it doesn t help matters that Luke definitely wants to bed her but doesn t trust her Ivy wanted some xcitement in her life but this is ridiculous Maybe being a mundane accountant wasn t so bad after at allTalk about one madcap adventure EXTREMELY HOT is. Ccording To.

Just okay Did keep my interest I had a hard finishing it The suspense was not very good nor the romance Extremely long and boring Good mystery though 155 stars Extremely Hot was a very intriguing story No matter what Jennifer always seems to capture my heart and my attention This story was one I couldn t put down although I would have liked to see Ivy resist the Urban Legend just a tad bit considering his reputation but then again at first she didn t really know of it I really liked how her talk show was about Language and Linguistics everything she was against andverything she was against turned out to be the man she fell in love with It was a truly amazing storyThe murder mystery plot really twisted the story up so much that it had me on Divertimento edge for the whole book I was just sucked into the book I had to know who was doing it Everyone was a suspect in this plot with the way Jennifer wrote it It was a killer story pun intended and I loved it I would highly recommend it Frankly at this point I would highly recommend any of Jennifer s book s The Economic Sex Hex is Ivy York s radio show at KCEX This former accountant was fired from her old accounting firm because of her sleazyx boyfriend who stole from her company mainly because she trusted him Ivy has given up on men and allows her opinion about men in general to come out daily on her radio show But life is never Love Is a Fairy Tale easy for Ivyspecially when she has a sexpot for a mother who is getting busy with a contractor in the radio station s kitchen Ivy has Promise at Dawn enough on her plate along with her mother trying to get inside the pants ofvery man she meets And the fact that her mother has a active sex life than Ivy ver will is way too depressing for wordsNow it is one thing to find your mother that way in the kitchen but another when a crazed lunatic comes after Ivy because of some advice she gave to his girlfriend But Ivy is soon saved by Luke Ster. The Rules

Jennifer LyonI went back to college after my three sons Matt Gary and Paul were born Beginning with a vague idea of earning a marketing degree I ended up pursuing a writing career with the full support of my husband DanFirst I tried to tame my naturally edgy voice into writing romance but dead bodies and uirky humor turned up with alarming regularity So did rejection letters in my mailbox Dan nagged me to write something contemporary and funny My mother dropped a hint about trying something modern My sister mentioned how good I'd be at writing a comedy maybe even a mystery Dan agreed with themFinally frustration drove me to murder fictionally speaking of course And so I have been forced to admit that my husband mother and sister were right Not entirely humbled these days I am busy plotting future adventures for Samantha Shaw