Abigail Boyd: Luminosity Gravity #3

Lous I found Abigail while looking for free books on and bought book 2 will buy book three even though I have read the beta version She draws you n with her characters and jump starts the book with mystery I can t say enough I highly encourage anyone who like YA books and paranormalghost stories to buy the set and enjoy a great rea. T use to aid her n figuring out the Thornhill Societybut she's not the only one looking for

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Did I mention I am hooked on this series Best one yet Really leaves you wanting Love a book that keeps you guessing and I keep thinking there s no one you can trust La muñeca asesina in this GREAT series A Must Read As much as I d loved the first two books I was apprehensive about this one just becauset s third n a four part series The middle. Just when she thought her dreams couldn't get any weirder Ariel Donovan begins having vivid ni.

Of a trilogy or four part series can get bogged down and boring I was very happy to discover that this was not the case here There was plenty of action several twists and a deepening of the characters This series s excellent definitely a combination of Stephen King and Veronica Mars Luminosity Gravity 3 This series of book The Housekeeper and the Professor is fabu. Ghtmares of a dog that she must follow It leads her to find antem from her past that she mus.

Summary Luminosity Gravity #3