Maggie Chatterley: The Legend of the Raperbeast Portal Home

This is the second book in Maggie Chatterley’s Raperbeast series which began with “The Legend of the Raperbeast”In “The Legend of the Raperbeast” Alison is pulled into an alternate world that is both primitive and sensual To survive she must offer her body freely to the terrifying Raperbeast In doing so she tra.

Nsforms into the Myra and bred by the man like creatures to keep their species alive The Raperbeast force her to experience the darkest of sensual pleasures awakening the most primal part of herselfIn this second book “The Legend of the Raperbeast Portal Home” we learn what happens to Alison after Jason leaves her al.

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One with the raperbeast to be bred Pregnant by the man like creatures Alison escapes and finds a portal home Will she freely return to the raperbeast and accept her place in their worldThe story of the raperbeast is not just a twisted erotic tale; it is a metaphor for the injustices perpetrated on women throughout histor.

Aloha I live in Hawaii with my husband Sam who is a professional photographer During the day I enjoy the sunshine and beaches of Hawaii I spend the evenings writing or gaining inspiration from Sam for my next storyI’ve an active imagination and my stories are than just steamy scenes I try to create interesting stories and fully developed characters Some of my stories are heavy on