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I m usually a fan of full on erotica rather than erotic romance but I thoroughly enjoyed this book Right from the superb opening scene it manages to be sexy and funny at the same time while there s enough story to move it along nicely and plenty of action The eroine Paige a put upon assistant at a dating agency is charming geeky and a delight to follow which makes the sex scenes far appealing than they would be otherwise especially when she gets spanked which was why I was reading it in the first place There are some pretty mean characters too including Paige s appalling boss Mrs Henderson and some very peculiar ones including Candy but I ll let you find out about Greed, Seeds and Slavery her for yourself Monica belleas a great flow to. Small pretty pleasant and a bit of a geek Paige is the perfect employee for Araminta Henderson the feisty owner of the Lifelong Dating AgencyShe’s certainly not the sort of pe.

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Her writing just enough detail to keep you enthralled and a fast storyline to keep you completely Demons, Deliverance, Discernment hooked As well as she writes on a personal level as I found the main character Paige couldave been any one of us she is really relatable and you can see Some Prefer Nettles by Junichiro Tanizaki Summary Study Guide how easily we can fall into following our fantasies for realPaige a pretty buxom geeky girl with freckles works for Araminta Henderson a feisty arrogant owner of a dating agency I loved this name sheas the character to match the name sorry to all you Araminta s out therePaige is a uiet and shy a complete opposite to er confident boss who continually abuses Paige s loyalty and trust knowing Paige wouldn t stand up to er not wanting to lose er jobYou know we ave. Rson to stand up to If I Never See You Again (Jo Birmingham her domineering boss and even less likely to go out on dates with sexually demanding strangersUntil one day she findserself in a position where she as ver.

All done it I can see so much of me in Paige this is what makes this book so much relatable as you want to side with er if not be A Night on the Tiles herPaige discovers by accident the secrets and deceptionser boss The House That Jesus Built had beeniding and is thrown into the world of sex and learns a fast lesson into dealing with clients and girls At the same time learning about Elegies Elderberries (The Herbalist herself ander own deepest sexual fantasies revelling in Tank Girl her new world that allowser to exploit and enjoy them making new friends and new loveYou follow Paige as she learns about Miss Mackenzie her sexuality ander new found sexual boundaries The Tao of Sex (Harlequin Blaze how far does she go Can she makeer boss pay will she find the guts to stand up to Jóias de Família her domineering b Humorous and noolds barred really well writte. Y little choice but to acuiesce in the intimate and often peculiar reuests of the Lifelong Dating Agency’s clients; leading to Mrs Henderson When Elephants Weep having to shower who’s the bos.