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Afraid Even Philippa s pregnancy doesn t seem to give her much physical discomfort The second major flaw in this is that Philippa is cut off from so much action and granted es this is the problem of the POV The Uncrowned ueen is a short story written by Anne O Brien It covers a period early in the reign of Edward III he is a teenage King his father has been overthrown by Roger Mortimer and both he and his ueen Philippa of Hainault are living under his and the Dowager ueen Isabella s ruleThe story is told from Philippa s point of view We open at her coronation ceremony as she is heavily pregnant with her first child Edward gathers his friends as plots against Mortimer are being made his uncle the Earl of Kent has one Edward himself has another Will Edward be able to take control of his kingdom back from MortimerThe story is exciting emotional and well told The historical detail is excellent modern research into the 14th century has been taken into account which was great to read The language and dialogue is easy to follow and the story flows perfectly I read it in an hour An excellent preuel to the forthcomin This book proved a pleasurable and fascinating historical fiction read centring around the early marriage of Philippa of Hainault to King Edward III of England I do not really know much about Philippa so I was keen to read this Anne O Brien has such a way with dialogue and a straightforward writing style it is uite easy to slip into the world she has created based on these historical figures The only drawback was the conclusion as I felt she left the story hanging and I would have liked to learn Nevertheless a 5 star read. D to see justice done It is her advice whispered into the oung King Edward’s ear that will see the battle for England’s throne commenceTreason is rife with all to lose but a Crown – in than name to gain The victor’s prize is Englandfailure is death.

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Her Lover Again Anne captures the era spot on and as a short story it was definately to the point keeping me captivated page after page As a historical buff I love these books and in print would make a very welcome addition to my shelfAn excellent introduction to King Edward and ueen Phillippa I study Philippa of Hainault and Isabella of France and I can t help but be disappointed that she follows the classic sterotypes of these women when historical evidence does little to prove them Probably too close to the subject to enjoy The heavily pregnant Philippa of Hainaut is finally crowned ueen of England but this is only a shallow victory Her husband Edward III is a pawn in the hands of his mother Isabella of France and her lover Roger Mortimer who rule England for him and keep both Philippa and Edward on a tight leash and without money But something must give The Uncrowned ueen is a short story of about 50 pages that stretches from Philippa s belated coronation to the downfall of Isabella and Mortimer It is well constructed and there is little to take offence at Those who believe Isabella of France has been unfairly given a bad rap and is in fact a feminist ueen whose only failings were that she was a woman in a man s world and she couldn t possibly disagree with Roger Mortimer might be upset that O Brien doesn t challenge this reading but we rarely see Isabella and when we do we see her through Philippa s eyes For me the main flaw in this is that O Brien doesn t do anything to really elevate the story This is an incredibly dramatic stretch of history and it is easy to imagine Philippa and Edward III feeling trapped desperate and. E Edward’s father rots in illegal confinement a prisoner at Mortimer’s handIt will take a courageous oung man to emerge from the shadows and rise up against this formidable pair But now Edward is grown to maturity and Philippa his new wife is determine.

Finally a story of PhillipaPhillipa wife of Edward III has been on the periphery of other people s stories Once again Anne O Brien has taken a character from the periphery and made her shine 45phillipa of hainault is one of my favorite ueens of all time but the fact that it is only a short story is very stressful The writing style of this woman makes A Runaway World? you want to keep reading for hours and hours without stopping it is extremely addictive and it ends when the best comes I felt very involved in the atmosphere the love between King Edward III and Phillippa was so realistic and beautiful as well as all their other emotions AND THE TENSION MY GOD THE TENSION Probably i m so obsessed for this beacuse of the passion I feel about these stories and how many hours I ve spent trying to make this woman s life a novel with my own hand but I just loved it Only got 3 12 here because it was so short would of love to have read their story in full as I enjoyed the writing I was a little underwhelmed by the ending This short story preuel to the soon to be published The King s Concubine sets the scene for the earlyears of the reign of Edward III and his marriage to Philippa of HainaultThere s also some useful background information to the feud between Edward and his mother s lover Lord MortimerThis is a period of medieval history I know very little about so it was very useful to have a bit of background information in readiness for The King s Concubine This preuel to the King s Concubine sets the scene perfectly I loved the way this oung ueen albeit heavily pregnant is trapped in so much intrigue and plotting thanks to the king s mother and. Short story preuel to The King's Concubine1330 Philippa of Hainault may be married to King Edward III but she is kept penniless and powerless England grimaces in the clutches of the Dowager ueen Isabella and her ruthlessly ambitious lover Lord Mortimer whil.

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See this thread for information My home is in the Welsh Marches although much of my early life was spent in Yorkshire most recently in the East RidingAnn O'Brien The Marches is a remote region of England surrounded by echoes from the past Hereford is close with its famous Mappa Mundi and chained librarySo is Shrewsbury and also Ludlow with its splendid castle and its connections with our Plantagenet and Tudor kings With my husband I live in an eighteenth century timber framed cottage which itself must have seen much history over two hundred yearsI have always enjoyed the appeal of HistoryI taught the subject with enthusiasm but it became my ambition to write historical romances My first novel The Runaway Heiress was published by Mills and Boon in 2004This first book was a Regency Romance in the great tradition of Georgette Heyer who has not admired her skill and delicate touch for the period I have drawn on my interest in the Stuart century to write about the English Civil War and Restoration England of Charles II Living in the Marches however I soon discovered the wealth of atmosphere and legend in this isolated part of England from medieval times It was not long before I was encouraged to create a medieval romance inConuering Knight Captive LadyWhen not writing I have a large rambling garden where George and I grow organic vegetables and soft fruit or perhaps I should admit that he grows them whilst I pick and cook them We have a wild garden an orchard a formal pond and herbaceous flower borders We share it all with rabbits and pheasants frogs and goldfinches hedgehogs and buzzards It is a beautiful place When we first settled into our cottage I planted a herb garden on a Tudor pattern with stone pathways and clipped box hedges From this I developed my interest in herbs and their usesNicholas Culpeper's The Complete Herbal a fascinating resource to a historical novelist first published in 1649 has become essential bedside reading As a result the use of herbs in medicine and witchcraft for both good and ill has appeared in some of my novelsFor pure relaxation I enjoy yoga as well as singing with a local Choral Society Watercolour painting allows me to simply sit and appreciate the landscape and the flowers in my garden when my mind is busy constructing my next plot