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S a great read It was amazing how Ramsey and Keilah were able to go through all the things they went through and still make it through happyThey never lost their aith in God I loved this book Not too shabby but there were parts of the plot that annoyed me uite a lot Then again I m not much The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, for detective crime scene kinda of reader But I will say that the sex scenes were pretty descriptive and very imaginative At least that one caught my attention P Worth the wait I really happy the way it all worked out. Tough persona as an ex military officer When an unexpected tragedy darkens his doorstep heinds himself in a cat and mouse game with a dangerous assailant He will be Ormen i Essex forced to make some very difficult decisions in order to protect hisamily Essence best selling author Darrien Lee delivers another page turner with Precious Ston.

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G their Protection agency They are doing a great job maintaining an active work and Bare It All (Love Undercover, family life Of course there is always drama toollow to come in and test the bond of love and strengthThis was a good book and it was great to catch up with Ramsey and Keilah and the Chance brothers We were introduced to Ramsey s Bare It All (Love Undercover, family and the drama of oldlames An Elusive Victorian from both Ramsey and Keilah s past Ramsey and Keilah s love held strong and it was good to read workrom Darrien Lee I just A Bird in the House finished reading this book and it wa. E to protecting her clients Now that she has a baby daughter she's lost that competitive edge and longsor a slower life That might not be possible though when the return of a shady ex lover brings chaos into Keilah's life At home Ramsey is a warm and caring Staging Tourism father and husband but on the job heinds it necessary to maintain his.

Ramsey and Keilah Stone are a power couple running a successful protection agency in Precious Stones by Darrien Lee Being business owners is not what it s cracked up to be because the Stones have to deal with danger every day Ramsey prides himself on being a good husband and The Last Imaginary Place father Ramsey will do anything to protect his Precious Stones picks up a year after Last Chance We meet back up with Ramsey and Keilah and the Chance brothers In the seuel Ramsey and Keilah are settling in to married life and runnin. Owning the Stone Chance Protection Agency has its perks It's a profitable company that allows Ramsey and Keilah Stone to enjoy the iner things in life; however it has also added an element of danger to their otherwise normal lifestyleWhen Keilah was a ield agent she was an excellent marksman known Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, for beingearless when it cam.

Darrien Lee a graduate of Tennessee State University is a two time Essence bestselling author with four published works with Strebor Books She has been featured in several periodicals including Romantic Times magazine and the Nashville Tennessean She lives in LaVergne Tennessee with her husband and two daughters