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Chloe Ellefson is a special collections professional who is spending a week at the historic Pottawatomie lighthouse on Rock Island to research furnishings for the RISC Rock Island Support Circle This roup of dedicated volunteers is in the process of restoring the lighthouse with the hope that it will soon be open for visitors Chloe looks forward to leaving behind some drama at the place where she works Old World Wisconsin and drama in her private life with an undefined romantic relationship with Roelke McKenna a hometown cop Her hope of spending a pleasant and productive week in peaceful natural surroundings is crushed when she finds a dead body wrapped in a fishing Reine Mädchensache gillnet on her very first day thereIn this cozy mystery there are lots of nature scenes on Rock Island and lots of details about camping Chloe does not have running water at the lighthouse electricity or an indoor privy She eats simple meals munches berries drinks instant coffee and sleeps in a sleeping bag Sheoes on hikes and takes the Karfi back and forth to Washington Island where there are resources for her research It s the 1980s so there are no cell phones and no pay phones at all on Rock Island a remote state park that also does not permit motor vehicles There s another researcher there Brenda Noakes an archaeologist who teaches in Escanaba Michigan She is researching the small fishing village that was a part of Rock Island the last resident left sometime in the 1890sThe author relays an historic story about the fishing village which she tells in alternating chapters with the 1980s story It too has a murder mystery These parts of the novel are enjoyable and seem better written the characters are natural and their reactions less awkwardly described Chloe s character has to Animal Babies grow on you She seems abrupt commenting to herself that people are enchantment busters that intrude on her romantic musings about Rock Island Chloe will exclaim yahoo a few times during the novel which just doesn t feel natural There are awkward phrasings in the contemporary story that don t appear in the historic 1800s story such as Chloe thinking that she can wiggle the second murder into the conversation or when a thought wiggled into Chloe s beleaguered brain Sometimes the phrasing isn t even understandable such as when Chloe refers to some urban boo hoos Transitions between chapters can also be uite awkward An example is when one chapter ends with once sheot all revved up about something she sometimes did stupid things and the beginning line of the very next chapter is Chloe tried to convince herself that she wasn t doing something stupid Chloe finds out early on that the locals refer to Washington Island and Rock Island simply as Washington or Rock in conversation so she adopts this phrasing too It may be an authentic fact but I found it strange in reading dialogue and interior monologues that use this eg on Rock Another concept that seems a bit too forced is that Chloe has a developing sixth sense about the past which makes her hear things or feel evil from time to timeStill the mystery had an intriguing resolution and the well written historic tale really added a rich dimension to the story line I almost wished that the historic tale was developed as its own novel I d recommend this book to those that enjoy descriptions of nature camping and reading books with characters in the research biz Also if you have visited Rock Island you will enjoy the natural setting and many authentic details about Rock Chloe Ellefson is a museum curator that travels to Rock Island State Park to consult on a lighthouse restoration project This story takes us through both the present and the past What a reat c Museum curator Chloe Ellefson leaps at the opportunity to be a consultant for the historical lighthouse restoration project on Roc. Past and Present Collide Beyond Death's DoorSolitude at last Museum curator Chloe Ellefson leaps at the opportunity to be a consultant for the historic lighthouse restoration project on Rock Island a state park in Wisconsin's scenic Door County Hoping to leave her personal and professional problems at home Chloe's tranuility is suddenly spoiled when a dead woman washes ashore Determined to find answers behind the mystery Chloe dives into research about the island's history and discovers the amazing resilient women who once lived there

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Wn The plot was amazing I loved flipping back and forth between what happened in the past vs what was oing on in real time The series is set in the 1980s and there are no cell phones or computers to help the sleuth and I find that so refreshing For those who like historical fiction with their cozy this series is highly recommended This is the third book in the Chloe Ellefson mystery series and so far I liked this one the bestI loved learning about Rock Island It makes me want to visit there somedayI also loved how just about every other chapter was the story of two women on the island during the 1870 s 1910 Emily Betts and Ragna Anderson s stories are very important connections to the present storiesOf course Chloe can t qasas-ul-quran go anywhere without finding a dead body or twoI liked Chloe s character best in this book The reader reallyets of her thought and less of the way she speaks and reacts to things I liked thatChloe is supposed to be spending the week evaluating the lighthouse on the island and making recommendations for the historical reproduction of the lighthouse She ets to live in the lighthouse and her 6th sense opens up and the stories of the past begin to speak to her in various waysThere was a lot of information on the fishing industry past and present and all the debates and controversies surrounding it I found those parts tedious and rather boring but they were necessary to understand the story This is the third book in the series I enjoyed this installment a lot than the last one Found both the modern and the historic mystery really ood A fascinating read that will keep you turning the pages while trying to figure out an old and a new murder The year is 1982 and Chloe Ellefson is a collections curator at Old World Wisconsin She is currently on loan to another state agency filling in as a Dead-End Road Mysteries guest curator at the lighthouse on Rock Island State Park in Door County Wisconsin She will be camping in the lighthouse with no electricity running water or any other modern facilitiesNow we jump back in time to 1869 and meet Ragna Anderson and her husband Anders They are Danish immigrants on making a new home and life on Rock Island He and Ragna s two brothers are fisherman and she is a fishing net maker Trouble arises with another immigrant this one Irish When Ragna stops Dugan from hitting a child and accidentally pushes him into the lake water he becomes her sworn enemySettled in her temporary uarters Chloe starts to study the history of the lighthouse But as the days progress she realizes that someone is watching her every move Then she stumbles across a dead body Is this murder and the disappearance of Dugan in the 1800 s tied togetherI really enjoyed reading this third book in a series of eight I amoing back to read the first two and the rest of the series I highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoys cozies that blend past timelines together The writing flows smoothly the characters are very uniue and believable and the historical background adds even to the twisted murder plots I have found another excellent mystery writer in Kathleen Ernst It took me a few chapters to Hear the Wolves get hooked on this story but once I did it was hard to put it down Chloe is a museum curator with a knack for finding death bodies My initial draw to this book was the Lighthouse theme This one on Lake Michigan and is located in a park that is only accessible by boat The story bounces from present day to the 1800 s view point of people who lived on the island This helped to understand what Chloe was finding in her research as well as sending her looking for information There are many characters who could all be the murderer and keep you wondering who did it I highly recommend checking out this book Since this is the third book in the series I know I will be looking for of Ms Ernst book. Th cozy is just the ticket for lighthouse fans andenealogy buffs Deftly flipping back and forth in time in alternating chapters the author builds up two mystery cases and cleverly weaves them back together Library JournalWhile the mystery elements of this books are very ood what really elevates it are the historical tidbits of the real life Pottawatomie Lighthouse and the surrounding fishing village Mystery SceneKathleen Ernst wraps history with mystery in a fresh and compelling read Jane Kirkpatrick New York Times bestselling author.

K Island She needs a little time to herself and the tranuility of the Door County state park seems perfect She will be able to sort through her personal and professionals problems while she attacks the assignment iven to her by RISC the Rock Island Support CircleThe idyllic place loses its luster though when a dead woman washes ashore below the lighthouse Now in addition to researching the time periods and the caretakers of the lighthouse she will try to find the answers to the many uestions about the dead woman as well The women in history that lived on Rock Island were strong and resilient but all had their own set of problems and strife Could the woman Chloe found have a link to the women of the past Chloe has a feeling she does She just needs to follow the clues and u First Line This trip of yours is a very bad idea Roelke said soberlyIt s 1982 and against her boyfriend Roelke McKenna s better judgment Chloe Ellefson loads her Pinto including the copy of A Is for Alibi that Roelke BFI Film Classics gave her and heads for Rock Island State Park off the coast of Wisconsin in Lake Michigan Her expertise as a collections curator is needed by the folks who want to bring Pottawatomie Lighthouse back to life for all its visitorsIt sood that she s needed elsewhere because Chloe is stressed out both at work with a boss who drives her crazy and at home with a boyfriend who wants a commitment that she s not sure she s ready to Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan giveWhen the ferry lands at Rock Island and Chloe makes the trek to the lighthouse she finds it in the midst of being restored ladders and paint buckets lying around no water and no electricity She doesn t mind at all and dives into the history of the place But when she finds a young woman s body washed up on the beach everything starts to change At first thinking that theirl s death is an accidental drowning Chloe keeps digging into the lighthouse s history finding two tough independent women that fire her imagination Then another body is found Has local tension over tighter fishing regulations reached flash point If Chloe s not careful she could find herself trapped on the island with a killerI ve been interested in the history of the Great Lakes ever since I heard Gordon Lightfoot sing The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald back in 1976 I ve loved lighthouses even longer than that so when I learned that the action of this book would take place at a Great Lakes lighthouse I knew I had to read it I m lad I didKathleen Ernst does an excellent job of blending the history of the area of the lighthouse and its keepers and of ever changing fishing regluations that have fueled controversy for well over a century Her setting of a lighthouse on a small remote island adds just the right touch of atmosphereShe alternates the story of Chloe in 1982 with the stories of a female assistant light keeper and a Scandinavian woman who first came to Rock Island in the 1860s and each story each time frame is eually intriguing In fact I was so interested in the lives of the two earlier women that even though I enjoyed seeing a collections curator at work and I wanted to figure out who was committing the murders I forgot to pay close enough attention to the modern storyline and missed several important cluesIf you re in the mood for atmosphere history remote islands lighthouses and a strong independent woman experiencing it all et a copy of The Light Keeper s Legacy Yes it s the third book in the series but you won t be confused and you may even do what I did start looking for the other books in the series I selected this book while touring a lighthouse in Door County While the background presented in the book is interesting the storyline is complicated Not the easiest read to follow I d love to Fiend give this 6 stars I loved this book and am enjoying the series I could not put this book do. Ut will the link between the past and present turn out to be a beacon of hope or a portent of doomPraise Winner of the Lovey Award for Best TraditionalAmateur Sleuth MysteryChloe's third combines aood mystery with some interesting historical information on a niche subject Kirkus ReviewsFramed by the history of lighthouses and their keepers and the story of fishery disputes through time the multiple plots move easily across the intertwined past and present BooklistA haunted island makes for fun escape reading Ernst's third amateur sleu.

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I grew up in Maryland in a house full of books Both of my parents were avid readers thank goodness Before we traveled to a new area my librarian mom used to bring home historical novels set in that place It was a great way to get excited about historyI began writing stories when I was maybe 10 or 11 At 15 I wrote my first novel; I sold my first novel to a publisher 20 years later Writing