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His at a bookstore in the airport Overall I found the story a bit shallow The author s efforts to keep the murder s name hidden from the reader in my opinion were painfully forced Her efforts to build suspense up until the final reveal in the end were overwhelmingly blatant but effective It was so effective that the reveal seemed like a let down I think the book would have been much better if she had just revealed the assailant s identity slowly Then she could have used the uestion of whether or not the assailant would kill off the major characters to drive the suspense Her efforts to try to use both even though one was obviously awkward the hiding of the assailant s identity irritated me and made the book much less enjoyable I ve never read a Mary Higgins Clark book before and yes they re clean as a whistle but BORING I could barely make it threw the page turner I didn t care who the killer was because I didn t care about any of the characters and her style of writing is so boring Maybe I would have. Com seis outros membros da sua antiga turma A acrescentar a isto Jean vê se confrontada com um segredo do seu passado Acabara de receber um fax anónimo ue faz referência à filha ue tivera com um jovem cadete de Weat Point há vinte anos e ue dera para adopção A existência desta criança sempre fora um segredo por isso uem.

Jean oes back to her hometown for a school reunion someone has found out she had had iven up a daughter for adoption when she was 18 and they are sending her messages making her believe Lily s life is in danger when one for her classmates oes missing young reporter points out that 5 of the irls that used to sit at the same lunch table at school have died in the past 20 years and there is only 2 of them left including JeanWe do know that the killer is one of the honorees who attended the reunion but we don t know which one he refers to himself as The owl and there is something about all of them that makes them sound uiltyWith the help of Sam Deegan a detective Jean needs to find out where her daughter is and who adopted her to warn them that her life is in danger and also figure out which one of her classmates is The OwlThis was my first Mary Higgins Clark book and I absolutely loved it I cannot wait to check out her other books I needed something to read while we waited for a plane so I bought De Mary Higgins Clark a aclamada Rainha do Suspense uma história de segredos vingança e de incisiva intuição psicológica Jean Sheridan professora universitária e proeminente autora parte para a sua cidade natal de Cornwall on Hudson Nova Iorue para estar presente numa reunião de alunos onde irá ser homenageada em conjunto.

Liked her in say junior high But even then I would have known the book was an easy read I found myself hoping her main character Jean would be knocked off big surprise she wasn t Are all her main characters kind dumb well educated Dead-End Road Mysteries good people I won t read any of her books to find out If I had to chose between reading another of her books or staring at a wall for an eual amount of time I d pick staring at the wall At least then an original thought or a shred of human insight might pop into my brain This was a pleasant enough mystery but I found myself urging it on towards its conclusion and even skimming a few paragraphs here and there to speed things up It just seemed to move so very slowly There was not even much fun in trying to work out the murderer since the author supplied such a plethora of possibilities all of them eually unpleasant people and each absolutely deserving of a possible life sentence That s a long winded way of saying I didn t care whodunitAn okay read but not outstanding in any wa. A descobrira E poruê só agora a ameaça velada do faxMais um empolgante romance de suspense psicológico de Mary Higgins Clark consagrada autora desteénero literário Em A Hora do Mocho somos levados ainda mais fundo penetrando atrás da fachada dos estatutos sociais e da respeitabilidade e entrando na mente de um assassino.

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Alafair Burke she wrote the Under Suspicion series With her daughter