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Agorical IHU is yet another exceptional short story by the clever author Cliff Hays In the beginning I was genuinely captivated by the emerging bond between the two characters whose diametric approach towards universal truth did not seem to deter them from shared discourse or friendship Following their initial meeting however surreal and emotionally disturbing events began to transpire While I was eft shaken and stunned by those tragic events Riding Class (Saddle Club, leading up to the conclusion I found myself at the end of the story uestioning the very nature and meaning of what I had just read Seriously the end is mind blowing So aside from being a fantastic story filled with multiple contemplation points pertaining toife death truth pain happiness etc I thought IHU served as both an expert and artistic illustration of the harmonies and contrasts that can be found between scientific and philosophical methodologies Assuredly IHU has earned its place on my all time sci fi favorites Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, list and I wouldike to encourage everyone to read this story because it is so awesom. Y eventClick to Read Samplethis story also available in the paperback collection Stories and Essa.

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Another great story by Cliff Hays This one seems ike a natural progression from his excellent nonfiction books on science and philosophy Here he incorporates his understanding of both fields into a tragic but enlightening account of a budding friendship between two women The author skillfully combines his interests in astronomy and philosophy into two characters a philosopher and a cosmologist Though they see the world in divergent ways they discover that they have similar aims However their uneasy conversations invite the reader to make comparisons How are the goals of science and philosophy different How are they the same Is one approach right and the other wrong Can the two coexist comfortably if at all within the same intellectual frameworkThough the conversations between the women are cordial subtle tension runs beneath the surface yet the outward appearance of harmony makes the climax all the surprisingCliff Hays has demonstrated remarkable creativity in transforming his understanding of two different fields into a fictional union Thanks. A science fiction short storyApproaching universal truth from seemingly diametric angles an astro.

To the author for sharing his interests in the philosophical and the astronomical in a way that is so wonderfully clever and memorable Which is scarier science or philosophyThis fascinating short piece of speculative fiction explores the search for the divine from the points of view of the scientist and the philosopher An astrophysicist and a philosopher are both searching for what came before the Big Bang One of them achieves her goal It seems that when the divine becomes manifest it will inevitably destroy the thing th Philosophy meets astronomy in this ambitious short story Abstract concepts become concrete when streamed through the viewpoints of two women one a philosopher who struggles to reach a state of pure meditation and transcendence and the other an astronomy professor whose work is her sole purpose in ife though she yearns for motherhood too When these two women cross paths things may never be the same either for them or the world An enjoyable thought provoking read Best described as a striking blend of the cerebral and phantasm. Nomer and a philosopher find their paths unexpectedly entangled on the day before an extraordinar.

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