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YofstilLnessI liked he first one because it s so A Christmas Scandal (Christmas true when we feel one way it is very hardo see it any other way The just see it only as just he unjust only as unjust How can I combat hat within myselfThe second one is fun stillness as a mystery That alone is intriguing but Tito Santanas Tales from the Ring the wayhe poem is set up with capitalization errors and Biker Daddy the deconstruction of words makeshe whole poem a mystery and not a still one at Healing Trauma that whowouldnlove a book fullof ee cummings poem. Iveright's reissue of Cummings's individual volumes of poetry with exts and settings based on E E Cummings The Complete Poems 1904 1962.

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Ing hat appears Ransom to be over my head or of little worth is completely flipped if I spendime with it or someone No Journeys End teaches me where and howo read a work of art be The Merry Viscount (Widows Brew, that a book poem movie painting etc His poems are interesting and I did likehe ones The Way Back that had fun soundshey were fun Thieves of Mercy (Samuel Bowater, to listeno if I read hem aloud Here are wo Life In The Slow Lane that caught my attention most profoundlyhough34nothing The Devils Temptation the unjust man complainedis just or unhe just rejoined42nOthIng cansurPassthe mySteR. Ms These poems as well as uncollected poems published only in periodicals up o hat Its the Best Day Ever, Dad! time make up 73 Poems This ishe final volume in

I ll be blunt The poems I understand are wonderful Those Lives of the Circus Animals that Cummings madeoo obscure Rides a Stranger to understand annoy me This review could have just as easily been 3 stars buthe book was understandable at he end it s not really about he layout is it I was actually a little disappointed by Crossing Brooklyn Ferry this I didn really understand a lot of Gretchen the poems and I definitely acknowledgehat it is in due Straits of Fortune to my lack of study orime spent with Harrys Pony the poems I ve learned by experiencehat someth. Four months after Cummings's death in September 1962 his widow he photographer Marion Morehouse collected he ypescripts of 29 new poe.

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Edward Estlin Cummings was born in Cambridge Massachusetts on October 14 1894 He began writing poems as early as 1904 and studied Latin and Greek at the Cambridge Latin High SchoolHe received his BA in 1915 and his MA in 1916 both from Harvard University His studies there introduced him to the poetry of avant garde writers such as Gertrude Stein and Ezra PoundIn 1917 Cummings published a