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R other surface on fire To be honest it wasn t until I was finished with the book that I even realized how much sex these two really had because every encounter went to further the story it wasn t just sex for the fun of sex Their encounters are very telling about who they are and what they both needDespite the sex the verbal sparring and even though these two are closed off this was still a very emotional book I was completely drawn into it but it wasn t only because of the relationship between Jon and Heather it was because of their relationships with their friends and family The scene where these two finally get it together is one emotional mine field and I ll warn ou now keep some tissues nearby because Locas you ll need them Engaging characters witty dialog outrageous bets and down and dirty sex that will leaveou wishing for the same makes Inside Bet a must read book The fact that this book is written by two different women under the pen name of Katie Porter astounds me it s that seamless that flawless and that flippin good This review was posted at Under the Covers If Smoking Lovely you don t read any further into my review just know this Ifou are not reading Katie Porter Second Sight you are missing out on some seriously hot books I thought after finishing DOUBLE DOWN that this series had started out on a really high note with a lot of originality and that it would be hard to keep up with that note Which is why I went into reading INSIDE BET without expecting much of it And boy was I wrongINSIDE BET had me from page one I started this and couldn t put it down literally The story is great the characters are even better and the sex Welllets just say that this book will leaveou reaching for a vibrator or Forbidden Mate (Holland Brothers, your significant otherat the very least will haveou biting down on Often Go Awry your knuckles and needing a cigarette afterwards And note that I don t even smokeI think anytimeou can make a hero as delicious as Jon Carlisle Under Grand Hotel, Volume 02 you already won half the battle Ifou like the rich and powerful type he s DIRTY - 47 verruchte TABU Erotik Geschichten your guy ifou like military men he s Im Squirrely! (The Nut Family, your type Ifou have a thing for a man in a three piece suit ep that s him But he s also the guy in really nice jeans and a white tshirt with a jacket and sunglasses or the extremely sexy guy in a military uniform In case ou need further explanation Jon Carlisle is panty melting hot And he s not afraid to get a bit rough and dominant Where has he been my whole lifeOf course the lucky girl that catches his eye Heather Morris is not so bad herself She s smart she s got her issues with her past but that doesn t immediately stop her from being with Jon Their dares and extremely hot sex couldn t have happened if she hadn t been there to push the envelope Together these two are explosiveThen there s also the friendship in Jon s group and the issues with Leah coming to a breaking point I really can t wait to read the next book and finally find out what her story is and why she is so self destructiveARC provided by author So basically this book is my entire bag of catnip rolled up in a JGL inspired wrapper A hero who can rock a bespoke three piece suit AND a white t shirt and jeans AND a flight suit AND knows how to take charge and submit in bed I die of perfectionJon meets Heather over a sexy game of roulette at a casino and a series of escalating dares leads to them having the hottest hotel room hookup weekend ever They both live and work in Las Vegas and they reconnect when Jon sends Heather perfect birthday flowers matching her hidden tattoo While they both are obviously gone for each other both have very severe hangups over feeling worthy of love and of being abandoned so they fight their feelings the entire story while continuing to bang it outThere is a LOT of sex in this book So much sex But I never felt like it was gratuitous Each time Jon and Heather connect it furthered their romance to another level whether they knew it or notPS if How McGruff and the Crying Indian Changed America you enjoy pgging well this isn t uite that buttou ll see ALSO chaise content is ON FIREPlease check out this back list gemCW for alcohol use by a secondary character and discussion of character s past sexual assault I consider it assault the character maybe does not when she was blacked out. Hing he's never desired before More But for Heather means trusting and trusting leads to troubleNow Jon must decide if the best sex of his life is worth chancing his heart on a woman who shields hers so well Warning Contains hot power play featuring a fighter pilot who comes from old money but knows all about bringing the dirty Also a nipple ring sex on the hood of a hella sweet sportscar and one teensy tiny wickedly naughty fluid exchange.

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Ey never even talked about itI enjoyed seeing Ryan and Cass from the first book and wanted to kick Leah s butt and was happy to see she was finally getting it together at the end of this story Leah s story is next so I am anxious to see what makes her so messed up Tin Tin Jon Carlisle is the loaded playboy who went into the Air Force to piss off his very rich parents He s an expert at putting on a facade for the world to see With a family history that includes the tragic death of his older sister in a car accident and the subseuent emotional distance his parents provided after the loss of their daughter Jon refuses to ask for the kind of emotional acceptance he secretly longs for Instead he moves through this world showing everyone what they want to see a carefree seriously genius pilot undying loyal friend who is a shameless flirt with the ladiesHeather Morris is a woman who is a few Wicked City (Wicked City, years older than Tin Tin and she has an impeccable bullshit meter that Jon lights up like fireworks on the fourth of July When Jon doesn t relent to her initial brush off she becomes intrigued by his witty banter And let me tellou people the conversations between these two characters ranges from extremely humorous slightly heart breaking to slight frustration when The Celestial Selenite Scry (The Moon God Trilogy, you wishou had the kind of superpowers needed to reach into a book and slap around the main charactersJon and Heather start a hot dangerous and thrilling relationship that involves a whole lot of kinky sex with extreme themes but lacks the kind of promises that Jon wishes Heather would offer him This is a good read and I give it a four wine glass toast Enjoy naughty readersRead this review Reading Between the Wines Book Club 475 StarsWow as I finish this book that s the first word that comes to my mind I very much enjoyed Double Down the first book in this series but this book is astounding I was only four chapters in when I wrote on my Facebook page I love reading a book where the words flow so effortlessly that ou forget ou are reading Americas sewing book you are simply living the book That feeling continued all the way to the end and even though it is one hot sexy read it s so much It s about relationships of all kinds friends co workers family andes lovers This book will make Secret Santa (Bluegrass Brothers, you think it will makeou feel and it will absolutely make ou crave the next oneJon Tin Tin Carlisle is a captain in the U S Air Force He s also independently wealthy and not afraid to use it or show it He flies F16 s and works in a training department with people who are closer to him than his family To most of the world he seems like an arrogant playboy but his friends know better He has a difficult relationship with his parents and because of this he doesn t think he s cut out for anything long termHeather Morris is a junior partner in an accounting firm She grew up in a military household where there was little money for anything extra She hit her teens with a vengeance and rebelled horribly Luckily she lived to tell about it and she also repaired her relationship with her parents But the scars from that time run deep and she s always afraid of falling back into that self destructive patternThese two characters are so different et so alike They are also completely fascinating Jon is such a contradiction he tries to act aloof and non caring but when it comes down to it he s the guy The Legacy of Aaron Geist you call whenou need help He will always have Prisoner of Night (Black Dagger Brotherhood, your back through thick and thin and while he might giveou a hard time about it he does it from the heart I love that despite his upbringing he really isn t pretentious and he s pretty down to earth He s loyal to a fault he never lies but et he doesn t ever tell the people that mean the most to him how he feels Heather is smart and although she trusts Jon pretty much from the start she doesn t engage her emotions She s closed herself off because of her past and while she shares her body wholeheartedly with Jon that s all she allows him She loves making him smile and lose control something he prides himself on However neither one will admit how much the other means to them There is a lot and I do mean a lot of sex in this book These two set the sheets wall window coat closet and basically eve. Façade for some well deserved excitementCaptain Jon Tin Tin Carlisle knows women Loves women One glimpse of the nipple ring under Heather's conservative blazer lights up all his instincts He's stumbled upon a rare treasure an exotic beauty with a sexy laugh and a taste for daresAfter a red hot hour of roulette their simmering attraction bursts into an exploration of mutual passion that tests even Jon’s erotic limits Soon he craves somet.

This book had promise and potential and I liked parts of it a lot but I had a real hard time connecting to the heroine and the story dragged on and maybe there were too many sex scenes and not enough scenes where I could really see the emotional connection This book is rather silly really but very readable and sexy The hero is both Air Force and uber rich like a Harleuin Presents wet dream He speaks fluent French for some unknown reason The authors use words no one regularly says vouchsafe and dungarees Honestly Jon is the least realistic hero I ve read in a very long time Supposedly he is active duty air force but considers things like burgers beer and t shirts slumming it Did he wear a 3 piece suit for all of basic training In spite of the many flaws the story flows well buoyed by being about 70% good sexy The first book in this series Double Down was on my to read list for a long time before I finally read it I had some trepidation about reading it because I have a pet peeve about the fact that almost no authors I ve encountered paint an accurate or appealing picture of Vegas and what it s like to actually live there As a 14 ear proud resident of the city I get really tired of portrayals of Vegas that seem as if the author has never stepped foot in Nevada or if they did spent a few drunken days of the Strip and nothing else I was pleasantly surprised by Double Down It seemed as if the authors knew Vegas better than average and gave a crap about acknowledging that actual human beings live and work and raise families here a good many of us enjoy living here and not all of us work on the Strip With this knowledge I felt good about going into Inside Bet I was pretty disappointed A lot of this story reverted to stereotypes or misinformation One it s very unlikely Heather would live in a Craftsman bungalow Craftsman inspired maybe but not the real deal Vegas was founded in 1905 and was still a dusty western town for much of the 20s and 30s Most houses in Vegas were built after 1980 There are a few neighborhoods of vintage houses but those are mid century homes from the atomic testing era Those houses are in the middle of the city not on the outskirts like Heather sThe thing that really bothered me was that they had to throw in a call girl Prostitution is just as illegal in Vegas as it is in Phoenix Albuuerue or San Bernardino but god forbid Heather and Jon should go into a suburban burger joint without seeing a call girl because Vegas Yes prostitution happens here but it does in every major city I don t expect to read mentions of call girls every time I pick up a book set in Seattle New York or Chicago Authors can t seem to help but turn to the tired old stereotypes when they write about VegasSo on to how I felt about the characters and the plot The characters were hard to relate to and the plot was slow The first 30% of the book is almost entirely sex or the foreplay leading to it After that it s just of the same for chapter after chapter with very little actually happening Sure Heather and Jon have a ton of chemistry but slow plot combined with glacial relationship development between two closed off people had me skimming the book from about 50% onThe writing itself is good These authors have talent This one just missed the mark for me Joint review originally posted here did Fields of Fire (Frontlines, you get the book E arcs offered by authors via Novel SidekickPublisher SamhainRelease Date Out now Zero to kinky in 321As assistant director in an accounting firm Heather Morris is at the top of her game Her straight laced colleagues wouldn t believe the secrets she hides her wild teen While I liked this book a lot and thought life in the military was pretty realistically portrayed I thought Porter wimped out a little on the sex It started out pretty edgy I thought but ended up fairly vanilla Both characters were likable and complemented each other and interaction between secondary characters was great 35 stars I really liked this second story in this seriesJon and Heather were perfect together and sweet mercy could these two put the kink in kinkalisciousI loved that Heather was older 5ears but it never was a factor in their relationship and in fact th. Zero to kinky in 321 As assistant director in an accounting firm Heather Morris is at the top of her game Her straight laced colleagues wouldn't believe the secrets she hides her wild teenage past work of art tattoo and nipple ringHer orderly life veers off course when she's approached at a wine tasting by an arrogant pretty boy with a dirty mind and a hardcore dangerous profession She finds herself tempted to step outside her respectable.

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