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Tally physical and emotionally broken Never wanted as a child she entered into a mail order marriage at 16 only to find that her initially charming husband was a violent bully and a miserly drunk All of her dreams and hopes have been shattered and she is left penniless entirely alone and pregnant when widowed As an act of sheer desperation she places an advert with her last few coins and hopes and dreads that someone will take her as a wifeAustin is a hard working kind and generous man part of a large family in a small town He longs for a family of his own His childhood sweetheart moved to New York wanting excitement than a small town and her beau could provide Something about the small honest ad catches his eye and haunts him He sends for Willa and hopes that his future will be less lonelyIf ou are looking for a romance focused on the two main characters exploring their inner hopes and fears this will not disappoint Willa has to overcome her anxiety never having known kindness she is unable to believe in selfless actions All of her hopes have been suffocated and she does not believe that she can ever feel again She is grateful to Austin and wants to be a dutiful wife but sees herself as deeply unworthy Austin sees her pain and patiently reaches out in any way that he can hoping against the odds to find a way to be the happy family of his dreamsAustin s family and the people in the town are great additions to the story The romance between Willa and Austin has its twists and turns and plenty of development A truly satisfying read totally focused on emotion Another great work by Jillian Hart I really enjoyed this Mail Order Bride story because Austin was such an amazing person The love that he showed for both human and animals I loved how he was best friends with his horse and talked to it and it would respond to him All of the concerns Willa had about her first relationship caused problems for her with Austin but only in her head because he wasn t anything like her first husband My experience with Mail order bride books is that it s usually the lady that falls for the guy and then she has to convince him all is good So this was refreshing to read because this time it was the guy who fell for the lady and had to convince her to stick aroundMy favorite sentence in the book She had been prepared for anything unfortunately none of it goodRead it I think ou ll enjoy it. Trust won't come easily for Willa it's hard for her to believe she's worthy of true love But she doesn't need to worry about that because this is just a marriage of convenienceisn't it.

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Widowed penniless pregnant and homeless she had no choice but to advertise for a husband From her lonely ears of having a mother and grandmother that resented her to the past two B. Altman and Cos Enlarged Store, 1914 years married to Jed who was a mean drunk she no longer trusted nor did she believe in the fairy tales that real love existed in this world Austin Dermot finally had a bride of his own She was a beauty as well All his dreams were coming true after his long wait for a woman to love and be loved His dreams were uickly shattered when he found his Willa was as skittish as the abused mare in his barn and she didn t believe in love His bright future suddenly looked pretty gloomyJillian really brings out Austin s character and emotions Teardrops fell early on as Austin s heart was shown in his thoughts and dreams and seeing how much he wanted to be loved It s easy to understand Willa as well eighteenears of being treated like she was nobody wasn t going to change overnight There is a lovable bovine an extremely spoiled gelding and a shy mare who s life reflects Willa s as far as needing to be gently loved to gain trust Another excellent book by Jillian Harthttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom Good book I loved Austin He was such a kind and gentle man who was looking to find a love of his own Since there weren t too many single women in Moose he went for a mail order bride Willa had reached the point of desperation Her first husband had been an abusive drunk and when he died she lost everything She was pregnant and broke but Austin s letter was the answer to her prayers She didn t know what to expect but she knew she couldn t trust a man I really loved the way that Austin started out so very kind to Willa and intent on taking care of her He was hoping that love would come uickly to both of them since he wanted the same things his siblings had Willa had never experienced love of any kind and didn t believe it existed She kept waiting for bad things to happen to her I thought Austin s patience with Willa and her fears was wonderful He was sure that if he just kept at it his dream of a happy marriage would come true I loved the way that Willa slowly came to trust Austin I could see that she was falling in love but that she just didn t recognize it I thought the final scene when she finally opened her heart was so great Loved this book and so many things I could relate to At the age of 18 Willa is men. T a hardworking Montana blacksmith doesn't know what to expect from a mail order bride It certainly isn't the brave beautiful but scarred oung woman who cautiously steps off the train.

I had to read this one twiceit grew on me The story is good its on the unbelievably sweet side My main critiue is that to move the story forward there were huge segments that felt as if they were missing so it became a bit disjointed Not hard to regrab the thread but flow suffered Cute mail order bride story Love love loved Austin Perfect hero who finally got his story and his chance at love A little serious topics than usual for a Hart story and I was sad often while reading it I loved being inside the hero s head and feeling his frustration with Willa This isn t an amazing story but I enjoyed it all the same It really hovers just over the 35 star range for me because I several aspects of the plot could have been fleshed out and there were a few issues here and there But overall I enjoyed it The heroine was sweet and my heart just went out to her and the hero is almost too perfect but ou still love him anyway This is a sweet romance set in Montana Territory in 1884 The heroine had my sympathy from the start and the hero Well I liked him from his first appearance and just absolutely loved him before lo h H are both so so sweet almost make my teeth hurt he s unbelievably nice and very good looking she s unbelievably downtrodden but socially adept and very good looking she s very The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces young barely 18 had an abusive hubby for 2ears is currently pregnant is the child of a rape is not uite loved by her mother who may or may not be dead cos the first ref to her says both mother and grandmother have passed away second says mother still works where she used to work oOabsolutely perfect and boisterous family absolutely perfect mcs absolutely perfect everything not giving it an absolutely perfect star rating but it was a decent read i m still at about 40% but i m guessing that perfect family and lovely childhood we get tons of childhood memories of ounger brothers teasing H and them fighting which is fine and sister turning over a coffee table to make it look like they were fighting uh encouraging sociopathic behavior in children lovely kids like this may or may not grow up to be loving adults but it s really not a good idea to encourage such behavior or accept it as harmless fun esp since teh boys then had to go without supper another practice i don t really approve of Montana Bride by Jillian HartWilla Conner would never willingly marry again but after finding herself. Willa Conner learned a long time ago that love is only in fairy tales Left widowed pregnant and penniless Willa's last hope is the stranger who answers her ad for a husbandAustin Dermo.

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Jillian Hart grew up on her family's homestead in Washington state where she raised cattle rode horses and scribbled stories in her spare time After earning her English degree from Whitman College she worked in travel and advertising before selling her first novel When Jillian isn't working on her next story she can be found puttering around her rose garden curled up with a good book and sp