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35 out of 5 stars for PLEASURE ISLANDDo you know the feeling in between liked it and really liked it Yea I think what I felt for this story was something like that I liked ow the two protagonists are opposites of each other Allie is a serious documentary film maker and she didn t really take the audition for Pleasure Island seriously but lucky girl she got picked only to be with J What would you do to win 5 million dollars This is a story of a man and a woman who allow them selves to be left alone on an island for a Reality TV Show for money I loved this story It not only was a great love story but it made you think Both of these people The Nazi Revolution have vices theyad to overcomeon the island and off But the main thought I Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy had when finishing the book was Just because a person is alivethat doesn t mean that person is living Sometimes you justave to take a chance I would like to thank Francene Carroll for giving me er book for free in exchange for an onest review Pleasure Island is a story about a Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, has been movie star Jack Moore and a documentary film maker Allie Read They are an unlikely pair matched up to be on a two person reality show with a large amount of money being the prize for the winnerThe womanizing Jack finally findsis match in Allie as she is the only woman that Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet has ever really been able to teachim something about life One thing that I particularly enjoyed were allusions to Miss Haversham a jilted character in Charles Dickens Great Expectations For a reader who Arise has not read that book the connection will be lost for the reader whoas read Dickens book it gives the reader some good laughsI recommend this book to people who like reality TV shows and love stories with a Disney like uality to them as well as some steamy scenes that are in good taste I d say that overall this book is worth read There is a lot of realism in this book that makes the book pretty great I like ow. When Jackson Moore and Allie Read are paired up for reality show Pleasure Island the challenge is simply to outlast their opponent Both believe they will win with ease What they do not realize is that they are about to face the greatest challenge of all falling in love Jackson Moore is a ty.

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E island and is already cashing the 5 million dollar check Allie a control freak as a jaded outlook on life While on the island both characters get the chance look within themselves and find ways to change I adore romances where it is just the couple s natural attraction pushing them together Yes production was probably rooting for sexual tenion between Jack and Allie but there were no outside influences They went from total strangers that The Book Thief hated each other to auaintences that put up each other to friends who relied on each other When they finally became lovers it was a slow and natural progression I loved this aspect of the bookOverall I really liked Pleasure Island It almost felt like it was a reality show that could be on TV now I found myself rooting for characters andating production Isn t that Talk to Me how it usually is with a reality show Really good story and I d love to be on THAT reality show The story was really cute and flowed seamlessly I almost felt as though I were watching the show or knew Allie an It was really entertaining andilarious to read about Allie and Jackson being stranded on an island as part of a reality show Whoever lasted the longest would ultimately win prize money of 5 million Allie and Jackson were such polar opposites Allie being a tree Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, hugger while Jackson was a wastedas been actor who Educating for the New World Order had been in and out of rehab Time spent on the island ignited a strong attraction between them and they were good for each other Jackson was really adorable towards the end being in a stupor of love Another plus was the author was very knowledgeable about protecting and preserving the environment Absolutely fabulous reading Francine Carrollas a way with words that paints a picture You become involved with the characters in the first few moments You cheer and yearn for them Francine as a classic style that should not be missed I look forward to reading of er books. Tched pair and no one is surprised than Allie when she becomes attracted to The Character Of An Upright Man him As their physical attractioneats up Jack and Allie struggle to control themselves in front of the cameras while at the same time dealing with their growing feelings for each other A BookStrand Mainstream Roman.

The chemistry between the characters developed slowly I was a little confused at the time table of Mr. Malcolms List how long they were on the island But I found myself really enjoying this tale and it certainly kept me on my toesI look forward to seeing from this author She definitely improves with each book I read Allie Read cannot believe she agreed to go on a show called Pleasure Island As a documentary filmmaker she findserself wondering if she is going to lose credibility and she still GURPS Conspiracy X has no idea who she will be on the island withFull review on Single Titleshttpsingletitlescomp7182 Francene Carroll s PLEASURE ISLAND is a delightful story about opposites and compromises A new reality showas been Just One Golden Kiss hatched that proposes to pair two people with opposite personalities on a deserted island in the Pacific and whoever can stand to stay the longest wins 5 millionPLEASURE ISLAND couldave been a clich enemies to lovers However Ms Carroll created a character driven story that is so much than that Jack and Allie both evolve while marooned on the island and like a pendulum their swings move closer and closer to the middle This is a reality show though and there are cameras everywhere to record every movement every whisper and nothing is as it seems Please see my complete review April 13 2012 at I recieved a copy of Pleasure Island for an The Tyranny of Guilt honest reviewI must admit that one of my guilty pleasures in life are some of the reality TV shows and that is what originally attracted me to this book It is Survivor meets the Real World early seasons not the crap they do now meets Big Brother Loved itPleasure Island is the story 2 strangers Jackson and Allie picked to live on a stranded island Sorry I got carried away At first glance they are polar opposites While Jack seems like a wash out actor it is revealed thate is very naive about the real world no pun intended He thinks everything will be easy peasy on th. Pical Hollywood bad boy and millions of women would love to be stranded on a desert island with Phantom Encounters him Not every woman findsim irresistible though Allie Read is an uptight documentary filmmaker with no tolerance for men like Jack It does not take long for the sparks to fly between this misma.

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