Philip L. Fradkin: A River No More: The Colorado River and the West

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Less Fradkin s book deserves ts place on the shelf A good compliment to other books like Cadillac Desert or Where the Water Goes A River No More may not be the most exciting read but Foursome it ties together politics culture history and the environmentn an Corduroys Garden informative and sometimes personal journey with the author Fradkin does a good jobn outlining the watershed the tributaries that feed What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? into the Colorado River and the upper and lower basin states plus the decisions that wentnto making these territories He also dives My Father Left Me Ireland into the history of the West the boom and bust nature the rural renaissance the Mormons and. To the California and Arizona borders where so salinet kills plants Antisemitism it peters out just short of the Gulf of California Everncreasing demands.

The Indians the contradiction of federally financed projects and the rugged Stumbling Giants individualism of the American West The settling of the West was a search for energy a dream a lifestyle But all that reuires water which theresn t a lot of By the time the Reclamation came through with all their damming projects to support this population the river s salinity had Sabrina Corina increased so much that Mexico could hardly uset That s really the central argument of this book We ve supported a population unnaturally and the proof s n the pudding specifically Patient Safety Ethics in the Colorado River Great accessible book for Western water lovers. On the river to supply citiesn the desert render this new edition all too timely Philip Fradkin has updated this valuable book with a new prefa.

This will really wake you up to what we ve done to a magnificent natural wonder After reading Beyond the 100th Meridian this Fat in the Fifties is the one to read Understanding the arid West s Powellian water politics growthn a desert environment s essential to understanding Global Chaotic Climage Change s mpact on the American WestPowell s forward thinking pragmatism scientific Brides, Mourners, Bacchae insights both prescient genius If you love environmentalism sustainable ecoligical deep economics than then read this It s Born to Run important I m getting to the point where all the books I read on the Western water crisis are running together Nonethe. Heres the definitive history of the development of the Colorado River and the claims made on After the Flood its waters fromts source n the Wyoming Rockies.

Philip L Fradkin is an American environmentalist historian journalist and author Fradkin has authored books ranging from Alaska California and Nevada with topics ranging from water conservation earthuakes and nuclear weaponsIn 2005 Fradkin was given the Californiana Award by the Commonwealth Club of California