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Espondent Yet he seems ike such a nice guy Despite all the fucking swearingHe doesn t write Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, like a nice guy though He writesike David Sedaris driving a bulldozer with faulty brakes Do not read this book if you do not Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet like sarcasm which drips from every page including an extraarge helping in the chapter on mediums which is a masterpiece in how not to get sued by not in any way suggesting that someone is a complete fucking charlatan or heavily implying any such thing Also do not read this book at 3am unless your neighbours enjoy being woken by screams of Arise laughterRichard Bacon should write Notes and corrections Leaving by mutual consent For a tabloid scandal involving cocaine Interviewed under caution Probably not He probably is For an overpaid media pranny merchant Aight hearted review of Richard Bacons Archies Americana, Vol. 1 life What s nice is he is honest on all the bad things that have happened to him through his career To read this book I do think you need to know who the author is and be in tune with his dry sense of humour I am such a person which mean t I enjoyed the book aot Bub Bye Simply hilarious I am a sucker for celebrity anecdotes That s the only reason I bought this book I m not a particular fan of Richard Bacon and often find him unbearably smug For some reason I thought ahh it The Book Thief ll be worth it for some juicy celeb gossip as I put down myatest copy of Heat to reach for my app Unfortunately this wasn t the caseRichard Bacon is a defensive try hard We were meant to feel sorry for the whole coke incident I don t remember any of it guv Then we re meant to feel he s a real down to earth guy because he didn t want it revealed how many million he paid for his house Oh what a shame that we found out he could afford over a million pounds How excruciatingly embarrassing poor RichardI KNOW he is taking the mickey with a Talk to Me lot of his uotes about celebs and he tries to be self deprecating but I just don t believe it He s only doing this to soundike one of us muggles and it doesn t work The chapter about his stand up comedy stint is beyond horrendous Again I KNOW he thinks it s bad but I can t help feeling he chucked the chapter in including a reference to where we could find the comedy stint on the internet twice so we could all watch it and think oh Richard don t put yourself down it wasn t that bad I imagine Richard will find this review somehow mainly because I believe he is so egotistical he googles himself on a regular basis and you re a troll if you criticise him Very funn. On so pack your moral compass and a change of underwear and et's begin Between these pages is everything you would expect from Richard Bacon fierce intelligence unsparing honesty and a whole heap of fun.

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Didn t find funnyYet here s another exhibit there is a chapter which Bacon opens in the voice of Charles Dickens That is precisely as painful as it sounds and he gets bored with his terrible impression part way thoughNow read on as Richard Bacon takes up the storyThat you Charles And sorry readers that didn t really work out as I d hoped He doesn t half go on a bitAgain this is a passage that is cringe worthy than funny perhaps passable on an amateurish blog ike mine But as if to reinforce that the editing on this volume has been sloppy the following appears at the end of the chapterPostscriptEagle eyed readers might have noticed that the first half of the chapter was written in the style of Charles Dickens and the second not This is because the Charles Dickens bit was taking too Educating for the New World Order long and I got boredWhy repeat what he s already pointed out earlier in the text Pass the red pen pleaseI guess what frustrates me most about this book is that Bacon has an interesting career story to tell and the intelligence and wit to tell it well Instead it feelsike he s been eft argely to his own devices and so gone somewhat off piste As a collection of anecdotes written by a minor celebrity it isn t bad But I was The Character Of An Upright Man left disappointed because I know it could have been so much betterI very much hope that Bacon one day has the opportunity to write a decent considered memoir Perhaps that s something one can t do part way through one s career Perhaps the distance isn t great enough to allow for proper reflection But if he does go on to write one I suspect I d wholeheartedly recommend it And I think there s just enough promise in the better chapters of Unrelated Events to grudgingly recommend this first draft until that day ok Richard Bacon will for all time and probably beyond be best known for being sacked from his job as a Blue Peter presenter because his father wasn t a vicar He gets this out of the way in the first chapter giving an inside account of his spectacular downfall This might have resulted in the book being something of an anticlimax It doesn t and it isn t In this set of anecdotes from his cheuered career so far he also explains how he came to be sacked for writing film reviews he didn t write of films he didn t see how he came to be banned from McDonald s and both Houses of Parliament and how a text message to his radio show resulted in him being arrested for conspiring to pervert the course of justice If his wife ever divorces him she could probably cite controversy as cor. T you've found yourself faced with either of these scenarios but Richard Bacon has these and many and he's not afraid to share Here Richard teaches us thatife is a minefield that needs careful navigati.

Richard Bacon is perhaps best known as the only Blue Peter presenter to be sacked He s also the presenter of the afternoon show on BBC Radio 5 Live to which I occasionally Mr. Malcolms List listenA Series of Unrelated Events is his first book It s an autobiography of various surreal moments in hisife presented out of seuence and with no connecting narrative And as you might imagine a series of out of seuence anecdotes doesn t add up to a particularly coherent wholeFrom GURPS Conspiracy X listening on 5 Live I ve often thought that there are two sides to Richard Bacon One side is serious intelligent and insightful This side is shown most commonly when he s handling breaking news or following aong running news story or interviewing someone particularly newsworthy and interesting The other side is faux blokey flippant and a Just One Golden Kiss little arrogant This side is shown most commonly on slow news days or when he s presenting one of his many predictable and relatively dull features Unfortunately this book is written almost exclusively by theatter side of Richard Bacon There are some chapters where the former gets a The Tyranny of Guilt look in particularly the first about his sacking from Blue Peter and one near the end of the book in which he talks about internet trolls But most of the rest is written in the faux blokey style with hilarious anecdotes about subjectsike hiding the fact he d drunk a bottle of wine by replacing the contents with water people having sex at his wedding and outsourcing his film review column to a friendI suspect that this is a book that could be improved dramatically through the employment of a fine editor As a first draft this book is fine it just needs somebody to point out which of the anecdotes don t work and should be dropped explain which bits Bacon should expand with richer detail and wider discussion and a judicious use of coloured pen to tidy up his often infuriatingly affected writing styleThis perception is reinforced by a number of asides which surely should have been edited For example when re introducing a character from a previous anecdote Bacon saysLet s call him Jack I can t remember if I identify him in that earlier chapter and can t be bothered to checkI imagine this is supposed to be funny I imagine I am supposed to augh If I read this on someone s blog perhaps I would chuckle and roll my eyes But when I ve paid for a book I expect this sort of thing to be edited out I don t want to see the process of writing I want to be immersed in the content But perhaps I m over reacting to a joke How does it feel to have your best friend stitch you up to The News of the World Or to find out that your mum is upset with you via a first person tweet from her Tibetan terrier It is highly unlikely tha.