Farrington Daniels: Direct Use of the Sun's Energy

E takes a ook at Solar Energy and similar journals people are still working on the same basic ideas for solar heating refrigeration stills etc In that sense it is rather disappointing how ittle progress has been made On the other hand the slim chapter on photovoltaics which indicates a price of 175watt has probab. Y years studying the possibilities of converting the sun’s rays into mechanical and electrical power and in this volume he covers all aspects of the subject of solar energy  Without stressing mathematical and engineering details though including complete references to the source.

Ly advanced the most remember this is in 1964 dollars so that is about 1750watt in 2010 dollars which is truly remarkable No basic theoretical improvement just 45 years of good engineering and Moore s aw Perhaps the exotic super materials that everyone is making these days may revitalize some of the other proposal. S of this kind of information he describes the full range of the experimental work involving collectors of solar radiation cooking and heating water agricultural and industrial drying storage of heat solar furnaces and engines cooking and refrigeration and photochemical conversion?.

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This book changed my Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space life in some small ways It s technical but a college education isn t necessary for understanding It was published in 1964 and is still valid I m amazed at how much progress we have made and have not made Despite being written in 1964 there is nothing fundamentally missing from this book If on. While the development of atomic power holds great promise for the future as a replacement for fossil fuels that are rapidly being depleted the underdeveloped countries have a particularly vital and immediate interest in devisingow cost sources of energy  Mr Daniels has spent man.

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