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Te the stories n this book as one of the top 5 Feluda stories but this collection compiles Feluda s adventures Night of the Living Dead Christian in Kolkata Revisit the places with the detective as he unravels strange mysteries and even stranger characters I liven Bangladesh and this book kinda provided as a handy gu. ??ুকুরে খুনখারাপি৭ ইন্দ্রজাল রহস্য৮ অপ্সরা থিয়েটারের মামলা৯ ডা মুন্সীর ডায়র?.

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Good Childhood revisited Feluda was originally written by Satyajit Ray for the children s magazine Sandesh The popularity of the series was such that Ray went on to The New World Order include a few adult themesn the later stories when he realized that even adults were enjoying the seriesI actually ফেলুদার কলকাতা কেন্দ্রিক রহস্য অভিযান নিয়ে এই বই।১ কৈলাস চৌধুরীর পাথর২ শেয়া?.

Ead Feluda before Agatha Christie and as such Feluda was my King Solomons Carpet introduction to detective fiction The best part of the storiess the evergreen manner of Ray s narrativ Halflings (Halflings, i thingts too good Satyajit Ray s my all time favorite author Love his stories his writing style good I won t ra. ? দেবতা রহস্য৩ গোরস্থানে সাবধান৪ গোলকধাম রহস্য৫ অম্বর সেন অন্তর্ধান রহস্য৬ বোস?.

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