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Hat the uck I know it was because of the whole concept that this woman just waltzed into the doctor s office after not knowing anything about him or making an appointment She just gets this invitation in the mail and then the whole thing unfolds when she actually goes and meets her appointment I think a little back story behind that The Exam is book one in the short BDSM erotica series Doctor s Orders by Chloe Cox This story had potential or BDSM but instead it got weird view spoilerClaire receives an invitation in the mail with an appointment date and time to see the doctor When she arrives there s a partially naked woman sweeping the Arduino Development Cookbook floor without using her hands which are cuffed behind her back The Doctor tells her she needs to release and does a thorough exam The exam gets hot but then he chains her to the ceiling and an anonymous person has sex with her while she cries The doctor lets he down and schedules heror session two hide spoiler. Ltimate goal the Doctor himselfThis is #1 in the Doctor's Orders series All the stories in this series can be read on their own satisfying each individual kink or can be read together Happy readingWARNING This short story about 8000 words contains hardcore BDSM play including Doctor play of course spanking discipline a little pain a sex harness blind Mastering Gephi Network Visualization fucking denied orgasmand This is aantasy In real life you might want to be a little caref.

N is so overwhelming that you don t know what to read next When this happens to me I like to browse the The Canadian Regime freebies in Barnes and Noble andind some off the wall to me short stories Ones that either the title or cover jumps out at me saying Look at me I m ridiculous I m not what you normally read but hey I m Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space free so why not I like these it gives me a chance to decide what I want to read next but still keeps my reading mojo going It also helps me try new authors that I ve never heard of before And this is exactly how I stumbled upon this book Not really my cup of tea not a huge BDSMan but I thought it was pretty good Only 23 pages so it s super uick Nothing really super heavy but still pretty good The plot and storyline is intriguing and I m sure this will do very well as a series Short but an ok read uick thoughts Promising Provoking and DS goodnessThis was a strange story Strange in that it was arousing but also at the same time I kept asking Esn't expect to be ucked nearly unconscious coming until she can't see straightBut Claire's treatment isn't over yet The Doctor has big big plans or herAbout Doctor's OrdersLost listless Claire is unexpectedly swept up in a complicated dance of dominance and sexual submission with the Doctor himself all as part of her treatment Each session she learns something new about herself and her sexual desires Each session she gets closer to her

I am pretty sure this ree short story was part of a series and maybe that s why I didn t really enjoy itIt begins when a girl named Claire gets a letter in the mail inviting her to the Doctor s house She has lived a boring life and is sick of it She doesn t know what the Doctor s house is but decides to show up anyway She is greeted by the Doctor and he begins his examination I will stop there because there is not much to be said I know this is a antasy book and its not real but come on If you were to get a letter in the mail telling you to show up to this mansion and then the guy starts probing you inside and out I would not get turned on I would get the hell away Un Cadeau pour ma Femme from there She trusts the doctor even though she has no idea who he is I don t know I didn t enjoy this story I am glad it wasree I will not read the rest in the series I do not recommend That s all Sometimes I get in a reading unk We ve all been there right When your TBR mountai. Claire is living a boring life ull of little humiliations and impossible dreams That is until she gets a secretive invitation to see the mysterious DoctorClaire is skeptical about his treatment at irst but hell what does she have to lose At least it's exciting She doesn't expect the Doctor to be so tall so attractive so commanding She doesn't expect to be examined sothoroughly She doesn't expect to be disciplined so effectively And she do.

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