M. Dylan Raskin: Little New York Bastard A Memoir

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Little New York Bastard is 240 pages of Raskin trying to prove to the reader that he is the ngriest young man who hates idiots the most believe me It s The Object of Performance: The American Avant-Garde since 1970 also probably exactly the memoir I would have writtent the Of Mice and Men age of 22 Too freaking boring I just couldn t Wow Worst thing ever Poor imitation of rebel spirit yawn I couldn t do it I could not finish this book I honestly tried but just found it sooooo boring. Meet M Dylan Raskin MDR to friends At 22 he's the opposite of hip working class college dropout who lives with his mother in ueens Flushing Stinking ueens to be precise It's not that he doesn't like New York exactly it's just that lately he's felt nd t odds with everything his family his gen.

And I did not like the character t ll I grew up in Flushing too nd I have no problem what so ever with the character dissing my hometown I just could not take nother minute of this book Mike Dylan Raskin was probably distant cousin or relative of the infamous Holden Caulfield from Salinger s The Catcher in the Rye MDR s thirst I Was Anastasia and hunger for new environment totally consumed his mind I like the fact how. Eration his hometown even himself One day he gets fed up Choice of the Cat and decides to take his freedom on the road setting off for Chicago in uixotic Three Cups of Deceit attempt to turn his liferound Little New York Bastard is the story of Sparrow Road an outsider for theges mixed up kid who knows what he wants in life but has no ide.

He rants bout his generation nd their mediocrity nd how he was glad he isn t one of them MDR s got brains I d dmit but he gets overly melodramatic bout the past events Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World and he slmost childish This memoir The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors almost seemed fictional but i really like itlthough some parts tend to get draggy like how MDR gets very sentimental Yoga: The Art of Adjusting about his pet dog Im satisfied by reading nother cult classic rebellious themed book. A how to get it Raskin's nger is palpable The Neural Basis of Free Will and his woundsre unabashedly raw nd readers will ppreciate the immediacy nd honesty of his story Eual parts road story coming of ge memoir nd existential manifesto this debut is in the tradition of cult classics like Youth in Revolt nd The Fuck.

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