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Y endeavor Will leave it on the kitchen counter to mark up and glean inspiration rom the remainder of the year This I believe was Mrs Child s avorites of her books Full of good suggestions on how to serve the dishes or which recipes are given plus infinite variations on the basic themes an element that I have always liked about her presentations I am eager to try her French lasagne recipe Found an older copy in The Book Exchange and relaxed Sunday afternoon reading each of Julia s chapter introductions and reveled in her advice and guidance along with Paul Child s sketches and photography This cookbook is a delightful read but I can t really recommend it since I don t care Savage Salvation for the layout asar as cookbooks go I like recipes to be easy to read line by line short and user Japan, France, and East-West Aesthetics friendly as opposed to long paragraphs I got my copy used and I didn t pay muchor it so I m happy that I have it and I know that I ll refer to it I Could Pee on This from time to time I love Julia Child and all her stories but I can t imagine that I ll use it much as a cookbook Myavorite uote I like to cook Louis Riel for 2 oror 4 or 6 at the most 8 people Beyond that you get into uantity cooking and that is just not my Freaky Facts about Spiders field at all The last time we had 12or a sit down dinner and I did all the cooking and Paul and I did all the setting up serving and washing up afterwards I said never again I ll do a buffet but I don t consider that civilized dining it is O Doido e a Morte feeding and I like to sit down at a well set table Julia and Paul having breakfast at La Pitchoune their home in Provence 1969. Easily available ingredientsor everything rom soups and appetizers to dessert Black and white line art and photographs throughout.

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Turban Kaylees Keeper (Masters of the Castle, from another Julia Child book I think Eventually Iound my way to Bridge Kitchenware in New York One ine day when I d gone back to work and made ood my business as a restaurant reviewerfood editor I even had the pleasure of inadvertently waking Julia Child when I phoned her office which also was her home I wish I d told her what an inspiration she was and is to me I loved reading through her recipes which included lots of little stories intertwined with the explantion on how to make her delicious butter laced recipes I must admit that I skipped the chapter on pate s as I couldn t see that I would ever make one I must own this book I ve got the biggest girl crush ever on Julia Child I think maybe it is good I just now discovered her since I m pretty Awoken (Viridian Saga, far into my ownood revolution and discovery I was ready or her One of her most readable works I love this because not only are the recipes classically abulously Julia Child but it s also one that I can sit down and read I Am a Teamster for pleasure Recipes are not only given but she goes into what makes the recipe actually work and what will happen if you leave out thus and such or you can stop here andreeze what you ve made thus Heartlands far and serve it another day etc Fabulous illustrationsrom the cook s point of view and much approachable or the general cook than Mastering vols I and II ie less technical and perhaps American in its approach I still love Mastering but this is truly a classic And I appreciate the act that the French bread recipe is scaled down Literature Circle Role Sheets from 30 pages and an all da. To French cookingrom an American point of view here are recipes and techniues or the beginner as well as the advanced cook using.

Julia Childs was the irst cook to take a serious approach to trying to bring what was spectacular about French Jane Does Return food into an American woman s kitchen after WWII Her cookbooks represent monumental efforts at a time when no one was recognizing it as such I began to cookrom this book the minute it arrived It is accessible and personal than Mastering the Art of French Cooking Of the three shelves of cookbooks I ownhoard this volume is the most bespattered I got this book around the time I became a stay at home mom and I m indebted to Julia Child Die Geschichte der Indianer Nordamerikas for whateverood chops I possess I d been interested in cooking since I got my Girl Scout cooking badge at age 10 or 11 It helped that Dad was stationed in Texas Germany California and the Philippines and my parents were gastronomic adventurers Then I had to take over cookingcleaning duties when Mom was hospitalized or several weeks in the early 70s In college I seldom had to buy ood as long as I cooked Beyond the Mist for the roommates andriends Then I started dating and married someone in the high end Phemes Regret food business We started hanging out with seriousoodies I Pocket Guide to Scottish Words felt inadeuate This book made me comfortable entertaining accomplished cooks even chefs I became skilled at improvising and learned to trust my instincts I also mastered pie crust thanks to theood processor I went to the hardware store Chimerica for new tools and made my own wavy two chocolate dessert garnishes I decorated corned beef with vegetablelowers and covered the whole thing in aspic I grew nasturtiums Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story for salads I even molded an aubergine. One of theirst and most important and most successful cookbooks by America's beloved Julia Child Using a very accessible approach.

Julia Child was a famous American cook author and television personality who introduced French cuisine and cooking techniues to the American mainstream through her many cookbooks and television programs Her most famous works are the 1961 cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking and showcasing her sui generis television persona the series The French Chef which premiered in 1963