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He town without any prior knowledge of the characters I read a lot of series out of order and it s rare to find one so tightly written in consideration of a new reader Very well done considering the volume of characters we get to know in this novel MIDNIGHT PROMISES is an unusual romance that takes a deep look at blended families divorce and recovery from life s hard knocks which sometimes make us shy away from our own happiness What makes this story so unusual is that the leading couple is already married and struggling to hold on to the love that brought them together It s also about female mpowerment in the course of finding one s self again through friendships illness fitness and an overall self discovery This novel portrays a very powerful message for anyone struggling to realize their own potential and will resonate strongly with those who have already successfully made the journey MIDNIGHT PROMISES celebrates longevity in life and relationships while realizing what s truly important whether it s love friendship or reconnecting with familyI m looking forward to reading book nine the second in this SWEET MAGNOLIAS trilogy CATCHING FIREFLIES coming in August 20124 Blue Ribbon Review Courtesy of Romance Junkies I love her books and the series but this one the main character was repetitive and too whiny in the book I m usually a fan of Sherryl s books but this one did not work for me at all Elliot and his family were interesting characters but I thought Karen was a self centered spineless twit I got so sick of her using her first marriage as the reason for not having any faith or trust in Elliot If I had to use one word to describe this book it would be boring Hope the next one is better 3 OK decent readsUPDATE Reread March 2019It is best to follow the series in order since we already know the background of the heroine in the previous booksOur heroine is always comparing our hero with her Gangbang Slut ex who was a bastard She annoyed me deeply She is afraid of going through financial difficulties again and leaving her children helpless againWe have the parallel story of the hero s sister whose husband is a scumbag cheaterThe hero is very cool and feels insecure because of indecision and fear of the heroineBoth need communication and understandingIt was an okay readingHe made the decisions then told her about them later Or as in this case didn t bother informing her at allEach time he did something like this it hurt her chipping away at her faith that their marriage was as solid as she d once believed it to be that he was a man who d never betray her as her first husband hadAnd truthfully he had no idea why he d kept these plans for opening a gym from her And you didn t consider that poor brainless me might have any thoughts about that Adelia had gotten her wish Ernesto hadn t been home for four days now Ever since he d stormed out Saturday with her words warning him not to come back ringing in hisars he d stayed awayTheir marriage had been disintegrating long before he d gotten involved with this latest woman She was in fact the fourth maybe One Con Glory even the fifth in a string of mistresses he d made no real attempt to hide from Adelia You want to take all of our savings and get a second mortgage on the house Not a chance Elliott I mean it That s our home I won t let you put it at risk Maria Cruz had disapproved openly of Karen s divorceHe looked taken aback by her strong words You ve always known about the other women I assumed you understood that was the price for living in that big house and having all your needs met My ReviewI probably never would have picked up this book on my own because I haven t read the other 7 books in this series and this particular book is about a couple who are already married That would have been a mistake because this was a completelynjoyable book to read Even though I haven t read any of the other books in the series I never felt lost This is a completely stand alone novel and is great by itself More than a romance novel although there is definitely romance to it this is a book about a small town and what it takes to make relationships all types workElliott and Karen have been married for two years I need to look back and see if their s was one of the Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows earlier books I have a feeling it is because it doesn t sound like their courtship was anasy one They ve been married long The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) enough that they are having to make truly hard life decisions and are not sure how to handle the different ways that theyach approach them Elliott s immediate response is as a take charge alpha type and protect Karen from Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, everything ie not tell her until he has it all figured out and settles as to how things are going to work But Karen s first marriage was filled with secrets and O the marriage colliding dreams threaten to tear a few years into the marriage colliding dreams threaten to tear them them apart Elliott's desire to finance the business opportunity of a lifetime with their hardarned baby money stirs Karen's deep rooted financi.

I love this Sweet Magnolia series I forget how much till the next book comes along and then I can t put it down till I have finished it and then i am sad that I am doneThis is the story of Karen and Elliot and how no matter how much you love ach other you must work at marriage Karen came into this marriage with 2 children and although their real dad is not in the picture Karen is afraid to let Elliot adopt them Then there is Elliott and the other men who want to open a men s gym and Elliott being the man keeps things from Karen But the best part is catching up with veryone from the last 7 books Although I think Sherryl did us an injustice by not doing a mini book about the Vegas trip and just kind of throwing it in at the nd Very xcited to hear we have books coming Midnight Promises by Sherryl Woods is the Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue eighth book in The Sweet Magnolias series I haven t read any of the first seven books in this series However after I finished this book I knew this would be a series I d like to read Mainly because1 Woods writes in a way that you could pick up any book in the series and not feel lost I love it when authors do this I can t tell you how many series I ve read out of order and notvery series is like this2 Woods deals with real issues Elliot and Karen are newly married and trying to build a life together The issues they deal with seem very realistic and common to a lot of people This really helped me connect with the characters3 The friendships that the women have They have The Man Without a Face each other s back They root forach other s success Give sometimes unwanted advice They are there for ach other in good times and bad Think Steel Magnolias or the Divine Sisters of the Ya Ya Sisterhood4 Margarita night This book made me want to host my own margarita night5 Relationships Woods deals with all sorts of relationships in this book mothers daughters sisters brothers cousins friends husbands wives Relationships can be complicated and Woods really brings to the forefront the ups and downs life can bring usOverall this is an njoyable book I m definitely going to continue with this series as well as go back and read the first seven books I ve Gone (Gone, enjoyed getting to know several of the characters I look forward to learning about their stories Can this couple s love for one another overcome an overbearing family and well meaning friends along with fears created by a previous marriage Two darling children hope their dreams for this family will come trueKaren Ames Cruz discovers that her husband is keeping secrets As a newlywed who hasxperienced divorce and near financial ruin in her previous marriage any inkling of secretive behavior can set off Threads Of The Shroud emotional alarms for Karen This isspecially true when she learns that her husband intends to invest in a gym and his share of the start up money will come from their baby fund that they had painstakingly saved together Not only has he planned this new venture without her knowledge but all their friends have been part of the planning too Karen knows that Elliott is trying to protect her from her financial fears but keeping her in the dark has made this just one anxiety to add to the pile Was it a mistake for her to marry againElliott Cruz All Seated on the Ground enjoys his job as a personal trainer at The Corner Spa Since this business focuses on women s fitness he isxtremely Untitled. enthusiastic about a joint venture to create a gym for men There will be several of them in this venture together so the financial outlay per person won t be as high but the potential for the future financial stability for his family is great Starting off married life with two children from Karen s previous marriage is a joy but it also adds to the day to day stressors and financial obligations Elliott is determined to provide for his family and hopefully become the legal father to Karen s two children who he loves as his own Now he just has to convince his wife how much he loves herInjoyed Karen and Elliott s story as well as getting to know the rest of the sweet magnolias a fun loving group of women friends who bring southern charm to life in this Wiring engaging story The senior magnolias are uite funny and add a different spin to the ongoing issues facing those in a small town Elliott s very vocal large Italian Catholic family brings some hard issues to light when it s not just Elliott and Karen wondering about their marriage MIDNIGHT PROMISES is a tightly woven passage through life which reminds us how our coping mechanisms can affect those around usMIDNIGHT PROMISES is bookight in Sherryl Woods SWEET MAGNOLIAS series but it s also the first in a trilogy releasing this summer so it s written in such a way that anyone can start here without confusion That s what I did and I became uickly immersed in When Elliott Cruz first courted struggling single mom Karen Ames it it was a romance worthy of any Sweet Magnolia fantasy The sexy personal trainer made it his mission to restore Karen's strength physical and motional and to charm her childrenNow a few years int.

Ies and she can t handle that from Elliotteven when what he has to say is going to send her into a panic Karen has a phobia about money Her first husband left her with a pile of debt that she knew nothing about until after the divorce And now Elliott wants to invest in a new gym in town with a group of other men also putting up capital As a physical trainer the gym would be Elliott s baby and it s most definitely his dream but it s going to reuire all their savings plus going into some major debt I really liked them as a couple They are most definitely having troubles communicating but there s no doubteverthat they completely adore ach other and want their marriage to work They re just dealing with real pressures of learning how to become a true partner to another person In the midst of all that is this great communitytown called Serenity There are a core group of women called the Sweet Magnolias who get together for girls nights and drink margaritas my kinds of women It s most of their men who are building the new gym in town I really liked the variety of characters and that s before we get to the Senior Magnolias who were simply a hoot There are a LOT of side characters in this but amazingly I really never got lost in who was who and the main way that they all related within the town It was definitely just a great book for those of you who Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage enjoy the small town romancesI received a complementary copy of this book in return for an honest review The main character Karen was completely unlikable She whined throughout thentire book I kept hoping Eliott would leave her He couldn t do anything right and she was constantly upset with him She wasn t a very good friend When one of the other characters shared some news with her and said that she was looking forward to sharing it with The DOS everyone Karen blabbed it anyway I havenjoyed all the other Sweet Magnolia books but this one was a chore to read I have to start by saying I LOVE Sherryl Woods and Against All Odds especially the Sweet Magnolia series I have befriended Maddie Dana Sue and Helen and the associated hangers on to all of these characters Well allxcept for Karen in Midnight PromisesI didn t Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism especially like Karen in the past but as a secondary character it didn t lower mynjoyment of the book In Midnight Promises from start to finish Karen came off to me as whiney and a negative ninny I understand about her past affecting her future however sometimes you just have to get over yourself and move on I really don t think she EVER got this theory Elliott was a wonderful husband to her I do not believe he came off as Macho like she kept referring to the males in his family in the book definitely NOT like Ernesto and he was symathetic to her neurosis and needs WHY did she not want Elliott to adopt her kids Why was she upset when Elliott Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils enrolled Mack in football Why is she so freaking neurotic about FrancesI gave this book 2 stars becuase I loved the Frances Flo and Liz characters and the premise of opening an all male gym was intriguing And I liked that I got to revisit some of my past faves in Travis and Sarah andven Carter and Roxanne is that her name And I really look forward to hearing about Adelia and her story I won t stop reading the Sweet Magnolias series unless we hear too much from Karen in the future Is it a bad sign when you want to slap one of the main characters for most of the book That is how I felt with Karen I do think that she had justification for some of her worries but she beat them to death It was the same issue over and over with her and Elliot getting into a fight I understood Elliot s reasoning for not telling her about the gym part of me agreed with him part of me agreed with Karen But once things came out Karen needed to decide if she was behind Elliot or not She would say that she was then 5 minutes later be mad about the same issueI Payment Due even sort of understood some of their arguments about not talking things through But they had very different schedules and what Karen would often blow up about seemed silly to me I can see why Elliot would forget to tell her as they were often passing ships in the dark I uickly grew tired of the drama with the main couple and became invested in some of the other story lines I hated what seemed to be happening with Frances hated how it made her feel and her denial but loved how she came to peace with it and her actions afterwards The Senior Sweet Magnolia s margarita night had me laughing as well as their Vegas tripI also got very vested in what was happening to Elliot s sister Adella I didn t really like her at first she was a raging bitch but then after learning what she was dealing with I got why I like where she was by thend of the book and hope that Helen takes care of he. Al insecurities It's the discovery that their brother in law is cheating on Elliott's sister and thinks it's justified that puts their irreconcilable differences into perspective Will their own loving fidelity be a bond so strong they can triumph against all odds.

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With two other careers to her credit before becoming a novelist and four states in which she's lived for extended periods of time Sherryl Woods has collected friends and memories along with way too much unnecessary junkThe friends are the only things I've brought with me through the years that really matter she says I could probably live without one chintz teacup another tin litho sa