Rusty Wilson: Rusty Wilsons Hairy Trio of Bigfoot Campfire Stories Collection #3

W one This was an e book on Kindle MoreI m thinking that some of these stories I have already read in Rustys other books these were still interesting though Ok overall this collection of short stories was ok I think it s target audience is young adult and that s great But the narrator I felt was reading to young cub scouts around a campfire I m in my 30 s I didn t like it but it wasn t so awful I had to stop listening If you can get past that these encounters are really scary I buy all of them but the last one I d like it to be true and I hope it is but it s really difficult to believe I think this one would ve been better to read than to listen OokSo even though Rusty’s trying to be generous here read only if you dare Or if you want to jump in with both feet and get his full length books Rusty has books available as ebooks and also as print books just do a search on Rusty Wilson Bigfoot And check out his blog at which also has links to his books.

I can not speak highly enough of all of Rusty s Bigfoot books the stories are engrossing and the writing is good Never boring always down to earth and very believable I have studied this creature and I can identify with a lot of what he has recorded as far as people s stories and points brought out in the stories I own most of his Bigfoot books Great author great books Big foot stories are told in the first person as shared around camp fires about something large and scary in the wilderness Rusty Wilson s Hairy Trio of Bigfoot Campfire Stories is an entertaining read as long as you are not camping in the area of the alleged sightings A fun and in. Rusty Wilson’s the ind of guy that if he sees you in town he’ll buy you lunch But since Rusty’s rarely in town instead of buying you lunch he’d like to give you a huge bargain price on a few of his stories so you can sample the crazy and mysterious world of Bigfoot These great stories were collecte.

Triguing readI enjoy Bigfoot stories so this was a uick fun read for me I enjoyed that each was told in the teller s voice rather than the author s What better bedtime stories to read while staying in the state of Washington The Cascade and the Olympic Mountains just outside your door These were highly entertaining I m a big believer in Bigfoot There are too many legends about these beings worldwide without their being some grain of truth in them I personally wouldn t want to run into one but the way I like to hike I wouldn t be surprised to catch a glimpse someday I would definitely pick up another one of Rusty Wilson s collection of books if I sa. D by Rusty from his flyfishing clients around the campfire and they’re stories you’ll never forget even if you’d like toThis little ebook has three new tales and two bonus ones from Rusty’s previous books plus a special sample from a cool Bigfoot mystery all in all the euivalent of a 60 page print

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