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About it He must be a man of iron since he kept getting shot et is able to ride hard and shoot like nothing happened Maybe like a cross between a cat with nine lives and the Energizer BunnySPOILER From putting out fires to rescuing Lissa and the son from a stampede to being hanged he just keeps going strong His marshal brother magically not really appears and rescues him from the noose Where d he come from Then they both ride off into the sunset Jack leaving his pregnant wife and stepson that he can t live without with barely a look back Yes he goes back to his old life just like that and no one says a word and she lets himIn a span of time the reader isn t sure of since there isn t much information given the house nearly burns down there was a stampede and another catastrophic event that I can t even remember now Any normal person wouldn t have survived the stampede et Lissa was up and around the next day END SPOILERI rolled my eyes throughout the story If it wasn t at the silly sex scenes which there were many it was at the ridiculous situations Oh my goodness the sex That part didn t bother me but it seemed they weren t always doing it at the most opportune times Finally there were many missing periods as in end punctuation Just not there The descriptions weren t that accurate and there were a few times where the language didn t match the time period All in all pass on this one The good guy is good the bad guy is bad There s a cute kid some cute tame cattle and some ranchers who ought to know better Exactly what one asks for in a Wester. D threatening her livelihood She wants a marriage of convenience but swears that she will never give her heart away again But as Jack works to protect her home and her son Lissa finds it harder to keep that promise even as she finds herself wondering who Jack Emerson really is With her heart and her future on the line Lissa has to wonderhas she married the wrong man.

25 starC I didn t love this It dragged in several spots and became almost tiresome towards the end with needless melodrama A Dozen Rakes Renegades and Rogues Oh My The First Collection Like Lisa I just couldn t see the bad in Jack and I wanted to kick his rear when he walked away from her and the baby I was crying when he came back Lissa s Cowboy Kindle Edition by Jillian Hart Lisa s Bank is waiting for her new groom cousin to her dead husbandChad her is is looking forward to a new father They live in the wilds of Montana They get in the wagon and go to town and find an unconscious man that fits the description of John Murray Marshall Jack Emerson is taking in a prisoner Dillon Plummer They are attacked by a mountain lion The outlaw guns down the Marshall causing a head wound and amnesia This review is from Lissa s Cowboy I consider Jillian Hart to be one of the best of today s writer s of historical fiction and Lissa s Cowboy did not disappoint meThis was a beautiful story of a love that grows after a marriage et it had enough mystery and drama to hold our attentionOne thing I wish Ms Hart had not done was to explain Jack s John s situation as to how he got hurt in the beginning It would have been so much exciting to have his story unfold during the reading That would have driven her readers crazy trying to figure it outAll and all it was a great read Bravo Bravo Comment Lissa s Cowboy by Jillian HartMarshal Jack Emerson is ready to bring in the criminal he caught When a mountain lion interrupts his journey everything changes He wake. This is a re issue Sensual Content Approx 100000 wordsAfter suffering amnesia Jack Emerson wakes in a small Montana town with no idea who he is or what his life was like His only clue to his true identity is the beautiful woman at his side A woman he apparently traveled to Montana to marry Although he doesn't remember his promise Jack is a man of his word Knowing Li.

S up to find all his memories are gone and he is John Murray a man who made promises to the woman he was to marry today He felt he needed to keep those promises Lissa Banks Murray and his new son Chad uickly become his life as he remembers nothing else And he has promises to keepLissa finds the man along the road near her ranch and assumes it must be her late husbands cousin who was coming to marry her Only he don t remember anything except that he likes to be called Jack She has buried everyone she ever loved and won t love again And et this new husband of hers is touching her heart Jack is keeping every promise to her and Chad even though he don t remember making them Lissa fears that once Jack s memory returns he may choose his old lifeDefinitely a book with suspense drama and plenty of romance Someone is rustling entire herds of cattle and bankrupting the ranchers What do the ladies really do when they have their weekly meetings You will never meet the likes of Pete the bull or Winston the cat Jillian always is creative with her uniue animals Mild language and sexual situations within marriagehttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom I get that this is fiction which is by definition not reality However the story simply wasn t believable The story had promise and I read the whole thing probably just to see if it got any better but it was just over the top unrealistic too many times Instead of explaining the story as others have done so nicely here s why I thought this was such a lame book Jack our hero was perfect in every way and we kept reading. Ssa is in danger of losing her ranch he wastes no time marrying hereven if he can't remember proposing When Lissa finds the handsome stranger on the road to her house she knows he must be the man who is coming to marry her Recently widowed marriage is the only way to guarantee that her ranch and her son will be safe from the rustlers who have been stealing cattle an.

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Jillian Hart grew up on her family's homestead in Washington state where she raised cattle rode horses and scribbled stories in her spare time After earning her English degree from Whitman College she worked in travel and advertising before selling her first novel When Jillian isn't working on her next story she can be found puttering around her rose garden curled up with a good book and sp