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L experience informs this fictionalized historical novel Through the eyes of a child we see what the child deems as important what the freedoms and limitations of daily life are In no way does the author draw sympathy from the reader forcing s to see how communism may have robbed the children of their childhood Instead what Popa allows The Bosss Marriage Plan us to do through Sylvia is see the kindness compassion confusion exploration dreams and choices we have outside the boxOutside the box describes Kafka s house Franz Kafka is a real person a German language fiction author fro the late 1800s early 1900s When Sylvia visits this writer s abode she realizes that the fantastical stories that Kafka wrote transcended his tiny home In that way she relates to him That gem of wisdom is what I took from this book We are only limited by our boxes the ones we carry around in our heads As authors no one cannpack this box but Tiny Tyrant us We are responsible for delivering our work Gabriela Popa delivered Needless to say I highly recommend this work No I won t say or else I would spoil it for you Thou. The sixties As the events of 1968nfold she is assailed by estions no one not even her parents can answer With imagination and can.

This book was enchanting to read The narrative is from the point of view of a child growing p in communist Romania and her joys and concerns are as The Runaway and the Cattleman uniue to the time and place as they areniversal to all children everywhere It s a stunning read I highly recommend this book It is true that our childhood everyday exeriences make The Comeback Cowboy us what we are how we look at those experiences as we grow older givess wisdom and knowledge a great book to hel Targeted us remember and look back as to how we thought at a young age smile This book reads like an autobiography in the same vein as Cider With Rosie buy from the perspective of a 10 year old Romanian child It wasaint and interesting rather than the most gripping read I ve ever had but sometimes its the little things that matterLife is hard by modern standards but Silvia and her friend Gabriela Popa s writing is refreshingly beautiful achingly niversal and somewhat spiritual Popa writes this story from 10 year old Sylvia Marcu s perspective about childhood in communist Romania in the 60s on the eve of change Popa s persona. Ten year old Silvia Marcu lives in the magical world of fairy tales sheltered from the traumatic events Romania goes through during.

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Gh generally outside the genres that I tend to gravitate towards Gabriela Popa has found a great way of writing a fantastic way of writing from the point of view of a child while avoiding the annoyance of dealing with such an immature voice but maintaining the innocence and simple naivety that you d expect While I fully expected to grow tired of a ten year old s point of view I found myself surprisingly satisfied and endearedThrough Popa s writing she depicts for s life in the late 60s in Romania Again not something I d have thought myself interested in but interested I was Parts feel so real that I found myself forgetting Kafka s House isn t billed as a biography It s fiction it s an easy read and it feels remarkably authenticKafka s house describes 1968 Romania though the eyes of a ten year old it veers into the coming of age genre and it describes a hard time in 10yo Sylvia s life The story is full of hope even in a time that was so sad for so many so much so that you can t help but be a little disappointed when you don t find out the rest of Sylvia s stor. Dor Silvia embarks on a miraculous journey that reveals that the ordinary people around The Sister Swap us hold the key to our most puzzlingestion.

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