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Thor for ready reference I would like to draw your attention towards Northwest Passages But importantly in this story Sherlock Holmes does NOT do anything that goes against the canonical template of his thoughts action and the supernatural element is presented with its chilling moments and menace through the interpretations of the events as done by Flaxman Low I am sure he needs no introduction nevertheless Ghosts being the experiences of Flaxman Low With twelve illustrations by B E Minns And the topping is that the story actually ties p a few loose ends in one of the greatest horror stories of all times clue the most anthologised story by MR James Overall this story alone should justify you buying this e book3 Of the origin of the Hound of the Baskervilles If you are among those who had gnashed their teeth over the rather liberal adaptation of the canon in the final few episodes of the Granada television series The Sherlock Holmes Feature Film Collection despite the presence of the immortal Jeremy Brett therein then you are welcome to this fantastic re worded version of the greatest and. D his companion Dr John Watson Roden a lifelong Sherlockian and a member of the Baker Street Irregulars of New York remains faithful to the immortal characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle while infusing her tales with suspense mystery and than a little horror In The Things That Shall Come Upon Them which SF SITE praised as entertaining and elegantly written Holmes and Watson team p with psychic detective Flaxman Low to solve the mysterious occurrences at Lufford Abbey in a tribute to M R James's classic tale Casting the

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The most gothic Sherlock Holmes adventure With a minute and yet masterly change in the canonical text this mystery has become a superb horror story whose potentials were all there but it needed an author of Ms Roden s caliber to nearth them so neatly4 The Thames Horror this hitherto Spank! unpublished story is the darkest one in the collection because of the following reasonsa It deals with a true crime The Thames Torso killings in 1889 coming in the hills of the Whitechapel murders and yet in some way of speaking even horrific than the murderous spree of the Ripperb It deploys no gimmicks no parade of contemporary celebrities no suggestions of conspiracy theories and yet presents Holmes with hisltimate enemy the darkness lying inside the heart of a common apparently decent and successful human beingc It gives the first idea of profiling serial killers although the methods modalities are different from those depicted in Caleb Carr s The AlienistTo sum it Saints and Misfits up you would seldom get an opportunity to read Sherlockian pastiches of such dazzlingality at such a reasonable price Recommended obviously. Unes A previously nrecorded case provides the basis for The Suspect Servant and a real life horror takes centre stage in the previously npublished title story which sees Holmes and Watson on the trail of a serial killer in Victorian LondonTHE THAMES HORROR AND OTHER ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES is a must read for anyone who has ever wished that Conan Doyle had written stories about his immortal detective If you love a good mystery and want to escape to that gaslit world where it is always 1895 rejoice the game is afoot on.

RecommendedThese stories nicely recapture the Holmes and Watson of Doyle I found the story Of the Thames Horror the most entertaining of the three A nice diversion for a few hours on a rainy night In this e book the first such venture from Calabash Press Barbara Roden has presented 4 Sherlockian pastiches written over a long period Chronologically arranged the stories are 1 The Adventure of the Suspect Servant first published in the The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures and written in 1997 this is the story that scrupulously adheres to the tone of the Canon with a gentle mystery concerning a family where certain items have been apparently stolen and the maid servant is nder suspicion Holmes deduces the truth right away and the story ends on a positive note for everybody concerned2 The Things That Shall Come Upon Them first published in Gaslight Grimoire Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes in 2008 this story should be taken as the model for Holmes meets Occult kind of adventures It is a perfect story in terms of plot narration and presentation as befitting the style of the au. I am an old man the last survivor of that small group which was witness to the events which occurred in Devonshire in October of 1899 If I do not commit the details the true details to paper then the story will be lost foreverThese true details are revealed in Barbara Roden's masterful story Of the Origin of the Hound of the Baskervilles described by PUBLISHERS WEEKLY as exceptional and on a level of its own It is one of four tales included in THE THAMES HORROR which gathers together four new adventures of Sherlock Holmes an.

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