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Recommend that readers try not to figure it out Just go with the flow and enjoy the smexy rideAll I can say is that I m hornier than hell after reading this book Each freaking story was an erotic sexfest I feel ike that one person who goes to the buffet gorges and then feels slightly ill I enjoyed the short stories for the most part even if I had no freaking clue what was going on for some of themI mean we have vampire fae demons angels shifters goddesses tarot card Morpheus and some other I don t know whats All I know is the mm sex was hot The BDSM pieces were hot There were a few that had me creaming in my panties while a couple had my heart breaking Good Lord all the ones with Angels and Demons had my heart or Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! less breaking There were several that really made an impression on me I have to confess Seth as the vampire pet to a vengeful Alpha werewolf had me over the moon with desire Yes I m very sick puppy I hope that story gets expanded somewhereOh andet us NOT forget the shifter sex Oh dear Digital Crossroads lord I was so horny reading about the shifter screwing the hell out of the human Mmmm hmmm The only one that really didn t do it for me some weird ff thrown in that was just eh That came out of the blue and confused me Still it was 29 stories and they were well written in interesting world and the sex especially the Ds ones were HAWT I highly recommend this monolith collection of erotic stories to mmovers who enjoy Ds and kinky dub con I also recommend to read just one or two stories a day If you try to read it all in one sitting warn your SO first Because you might be jumping him or her right after glutting yourself on this erotic feast Advent CollectionIcy Desperation Winner Take All Silent Night Love and Duty Holiday Dreams Midnight Snack Endurance While Away the Time To Be Free A Debt to Pay Lights in the Darkness Love s Agony The Gift Cracked Serenity Gift of Life Recognized Unleashed From Her Perch Tooth and Nail uiet As Mice A Christmas Tradition The Cat Will Play Feral A Christmas Kiss A Solstice Mating Yuletide Sacrifices The Pretty Painter Piercing Cold The Glittering Boughs Season of Giving The Twinkle of a Life Happy merry free book. Is ghoul RileyUnleashed Terrill gifts his feral over Bleidd a collar and simultaneously offers Bleidd unexpected freedomFrom Her Perch Moon watches from a distance as her wolf makes his bid for Alpha of the werewolf packTooth and Nail Mary finds herself in a volatile tryst with Ruin the Ten of Swordsuiet As Mice Sasha and Aneira attempt to enjoy some intimacy while their daughter sleeps nearbyA Christmas Tradition After ten years together Hadi tries to establish a tradition with JudasThe Cat Will Play Feral Maith Dax enjoys a winter holiday in a snowy cave with his two overs Eldan and FalynnA Christmas Kiss Logan and Kasper open presents and put one to very good use in a The Einstein Theory of Relativity loving BDSM sceneA Solstice Mating Veerle insists Ky'ahn spend Solstice with her and introduces Ky'ahn to a very special toyYuletide Sacrifices Jarrett receives a special gift from King Audric and makes a sacrifice to be with himThe Pretty Painter Brice enjoys the ballet and a tryst in theimo with Trela the Muse of InsanityPiercing Cold Nahele enjoys Keegan's company and surprises him with an ice cold twist in their gamesThe Glittering Boughs Radueriel and Morningstar pick out a Christmas tree and make ove after decorating itSeason of Giving Ethan celebrates his anniversary in the Land of Dreams by creating his ideal holiday with MorpheusThe Twinkle of a Life Patrick Lorelei uinn and Dorian exchange gifts before enjoying one another as a grou.

This is all about the kink But not in a good way at east not to me Most of this is porn by my definition not erotica There s nothing sensual or oving about the stories I read just a ot of mediocre sex When there was a bit of story it was blah and boring Each one I finished I felt disgusted and not in the slightest bit turned on Since I ve read other stories by Armstrong which I Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, liked I gave this a chance over and over and I just finally gave up The worst one was where a guy desperately wants to be accepted by his fuck buddy who treats himike shit And guess what The story ends with the guy taking the shit and going on wit OverallWhile I didn t read every story in this collection some involved pairings that weren t to my taste I have to give what I did read a strong score The Advent stories are a bit repetitive if read straight through as they involve The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore lots of hot steamy sex with various pairings mainly mm but some mf ff plus a few sets of multiple partners and some incestual involvement I only read the mm stories and they were plenty hot I m not big on straight eroticaerm I mean only eroticabut these stories were excellent Plus while sex was the focus there were plenty of teases for the stories to comeSpeaking of whichmost of these pieces involve characters from works that are still in progress I was never too confused about who was what doing what and these definitely peaked my interest and Iook forward to reading the Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber longer works that these characters come from If you want smokin holiday sex this will have aittle of everythingenjoy the buffetAs for the Love and Agony section I iked these stories although romancesex isn t the focal point as much as it is in the Advent section Not all the stories are happy although even some of the Advent stories aren t completely happy but the set is called Love and Agony Enjoyable although they didn t eave uite as The Shaping of Western Civilization lasting an impression as the Advent setStrengthsI m not big on sex in stories Ma not keen on how uickly the stories progress and how there isn t much character development the action so to speak happens very uickly in each short story I couldn t get into the way the book is written and. The tradition of the Advent calendar goes back as far as the beginning of the 19th century Special calendars were produced counting down the days until Christmas usually with a small poem or gift accompanying each day The authors of this collection of erotic fiction bring a steamy twist to that practice by offering a free never before released short for each day of the holiday season The twenty nine stories within this special ebook vary greatly with genres ranging from contemporary western to high fantasy and relationships spanning the paranormal polyamorous anthropomorphic and even demonicEscape the summer heat with a reading spree or take the stories one at a time to celebrate the winter months These wintery themed short stories embrace gayesbian bisexual and heterosexual pairings alike showcasing a diverse expanse of characters from both previously published books from SL Armstrong K Piet and various works in progress that haven't yet made it to publication This collection allows you to revisit your favorite characters from The Keeper Morningstar Rachmaninoff Catalyst Sacrifices Breaking Point and Other Side of Night Bastian Riley In addition to the familiar these shorts provide glimpses of the many fantasy characters and races of the World of Egaea Whether for the old or for the new this collection delivers on diversityAdvent CollectionIcy Desperation Country music star North argues with rancher Cade about.

So abandoned it after only a few of the stories While reading this I started off with ittle summaries for each but as I progressed I didn t feel they were necessary I ve kept the ones I started and feel free to read them in the spoiler ink below but honestly this is just a great smorgasbord of tempting tidbits Most are paranormal with a smattering of others The voices are great the peep a boo view at the characters are just enough to hook you Seriously I want to find the FULL stories behind the whole Maith and House of Shadows ike now And yes that s why I deducted a point Nowhere does it tell you where the shorts align to so I have a new mystery which short belongs to which story sighview spoilerIcy Desperation Heartache served bitter and coldWinner Take All Cheeky chase and frolicking in the snowSilent Night Sweet tortuous night MercyLove and Duty How to make unpleasant tasks in unpleasant places essunpleasant I need to find me Maelog and Darron s full storyHoliday Dreams Bittersweet revelationMidnight Snack The difference between feeding and feasting Nikola and Aric indulge in this shortEndurance Is Hope the ultimate cruelty or comfortWhile Away the Time Decadent mating at its finest when wild winter weather strikesTo Be Free Learning to unlearn and being rewarded uite handsomely Debt to Be Paid Take the Bible and Le Mis and put your hands togetherview spoiler hide spoiler This was not at all what I was expecting I expected shorts to be teeny tiny short stories NOT porn scenes A mix of Medicine and Religion largely paranormal short stories some continuing through the book I did try and do it as an advent book reading one a dayI enjoyed most of the stories some than others but thats what you get with a book of shorts Ioved all of it The only downside is I wanted It ended to soon This is a huge collections of sexy sexy stories by two very talented writers I don t know why it took me so The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, long to read it other than the fear that it was so bloodyong and that I didn t know all the different storylines I did feel very confused through the first 10 or so of them as I m trying desperately to figure out if I know the storyline or not After a while I gave up The secrecy of their relationshipWinner Take All Tavish finally manages to catch his mate during their winter hunting ritualSilent Night Phinn is charged with the erotic task of staying silent until midnightLove and Duty Though duty binds Darron to Spinners Forest for the winter Maelog insists Valentino love take priorityHoliday Dreams When Dorian asks Gabriel what he dreams during the holidays his answer comes as a bit of a shockMidnight Snack Vampire Aric brings Irishman Liam back to hisover Nikola as a snack for twoEndurance A supernatural visit brings hope to Morgan in the face of his master's abuseWhile Away the Time Triplets Justyn Jevyn and Jasyn take advantage of a blizzard to pounce their mate KyranTo Be Free Lust slave Zhen sneaks out into the snow and is rewarded by his reluctant master for showing individualityA Debt to Pay Lilith ventures into a plague ridden brothel to rescue Cain from the gruesome conditionsLights in the Darkness Meh'al and Drayis share Solstice traditions from their disparate culturesLove's Agony Alex is caught in a cycle of compulsive violence and domination with his inhuman over RanaeThe Gift A gift from his mate Terfel forces Gauwyn to face the ingering inner demons from his pastCracked Serenity Evan is displeased when his demigod Shunned lover rescues an Elf suffering from resurrection madnessGift of Life Recognized After workingong shifts Bastian happily returns home to share blood with

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Support SL Armstrong K Piet on PatreonSL Armstrong has been writing for as long as she can remember Art and reading have played a large part in her life since young childhood but around fourteen writing became her passion Voraciously consuming every book in front of her opened up hundreds of worlds in her head and she soon wanted to create worlds for other people as well She has a particular fondness for gothic horror horror high fantasy urban fantasy and romance novels The authors she turns to time and again are Stephen King LJ Smith VC Andrews RL Stine and Anne Rice among others She has no shame in picking up the young adult novels she loved as a child and she will talk your ear off about grammar and punctuationAfter she married her husband over seventeen years ago she began to truly delve into the world of writing for public consumption It was sheer chance that she stumbled on MM fanfiction and she's not looked back Though fanfiction will always have a fond place in her heart she soon grew tired of playing in other people's sandboxes When she discovered MM romance and how it was now a legitimate branch of romance writing she knew her course SL plans to release FF MM MF and multiple partner books as she continues her writing career MM romance is where her heart lies no matter what else she may write or read and it's where she keeps returning to There is something about two men passionately in love that just makes her heart melt and she has no intention of giving that up anytime soonSL Armstrong lives in Florida with her husband partner two dogs and twelve cats She hates the heat and longs for a northern snowy climate She writes with K Piet on a number of projects but she also writes her own solitary titles as well