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Cialist philosophizing especially toward the end I liked this book very much The author was complete stranger to me I found the book on the shelf among other old ones old editions in a private library and I do not regret picking it The facts about life in India accord with what I had read in a travel book of Czech author who lived in India for uite time later in the 20th century he worked there when he was young as a volunteer at Service Civil International His name is also forgotten like someone has written here about Louis Bromfield Jan BaltusAt the same time I have to admit that the novel Night in Bombay by Bromfield didn t catch my tastes It seemed much as repetition of the story in Rains and I put the book away after several tens of pages Did I make a mistake One of my favorite books I read it about once a year I had this book on my shelves for almost an year now and always picked something else instead of it I don t now why I was reluctant probably because of the cover which made it look like a cheap book with cheesy storyline But I was so wrong It was a great read and all the characters developed extraordinary You can see in this book how people truly are when they cannot put the masks any when they are faced with real life crisis Also the author did great job describing the catastrophe that hit the region you can feel the tension and desperation that surrounds Ranchipur and you are amazed by the solidarity that people show The most unexpected persons in the most unexpected time. Tātais atgūst skaidrību un egoists iemācās mīlēt Un nevienam nav ļauts pretoties jaunās Indijas tapšanai.

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Verything Great plot excellent characterizations sweeping history drama romance and humor It s no wonder it was made into a movie in 1939 Hollywood s Golden Year with a somewhat simpler plot and fewer characters I saw the movie first starring Myrna Loy Tyrone Power as an Indian and George Brent with a stellar supporting cast Then I was lucky enough to find a hardback on E bay with the stars of the film on the back of the dust jacket I highly recommend both the book and the movie Good old fashioned entertainment One of the most beautiful and moving narratives of India I ever read while in high school Back then I really was passionate about anything that had to do with India being pretty much under the spell of Mircea Eliade This was one of the best novels about it and I still think it s very well writtenI especially like the multiple story lines and the simple not very in your face cultural otherness observations The tragic love story also helps making the novel moving of course Louis Bromfield a prominent author before WWII now largely forgotten wrote popular novels and championed organic agriculture and socialism This long fast moving novel set in a princely state in India in the 1930s follows the intersecting lives of American missionaries British bureaucrats Indians from all walks and European expatriates as they cope with a severe earthuake and ensuing flood and cholera outbreak The plot was compelling the characters believable and the descriptions resonant My main uibble too much so. ?gs Nežēlīgajā stihijā as piepeši pārņem Randžipuru vērotājs sāk cīņu sašķeltais top vesels samai.

Brilliant book written by someone who loves an understands that country and its people and accepts it with their merits and flaws Loved every sentence of it I finished this about a week ago I love to read the great forgotten authors and in my opinion Bromfield is one of the best If you enjoy reading Hemmingway you would also love Bromfield This book was an incredible read Thank you GR for directing me to it and to an author new to me It was long but compulsively readable with a great cast of characters and so many insights into human nature I just loved it One of the books I enjoyed reading the most as a young adult and which didn t disappoint when I re read it later A gigantic best seller in its time unjustly forgotten but weirdly enough still popular in France another of those American novels I read in French at the time A tale about imperial India written by a writer who deserves to be remembered not only because he nows how to write an intelligent popular novel and tell a story packed with characters plots adventures and exotic landscapes but also because he actually really has something to say about India a country that was then at a turning point of its history It s very melodramatic in a spectacular way but it works brilliantly and it s impossible to put down The heroine Edwina remains a fascinating character And the depiction of the devastations following an earthuake and a massive flood are riveting and very realistic Written way back in 1937 this Novel of Modern India has Romānā „Lieti nāk” tēlota Indija Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space kā cilvēka meklējumu galamērķisurā neviens nespēj palikt nemain?.

Louis Bromfield was an American author and conservationist who gained international recognition winning the Pulitzer Prize and pioneering innovative scientific farming conceptsBromfield studied agriculture at Cornell University from 1914 to 19161 but transferred to Columbia University to study journalism While at Columbia University Louis Bromfield was initiated into the fraternal organizati