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ReadingBoys are Dogs was one of the best books I ve ever read It s so tempting that you ll have to continue this It has such attractive covers an exciting and interesting summary on the back and has such fantastic content An amazing installment for the first book of the Annabelle Stevens seriesSince I have read Boys are Dogs you ll just have to read the second book Girls acting Catty I was so glad that I finally got to read the book after I had read Boys are Dogs a couple of months before that and it was just as AWESOME Although I like fantasy books best this realistic fiction was so funnyNow I m looking at Everybody Bugs Out Yeah I was ind of suspecting Oliver to be part of the bookand something that had to do with everyone I m just waitingI hope this book is just as goodor even better After ReadingI have to say it was a good book A little premature but it s funny Oliver Annabelle Claire Claire Annabelle Oliver Annabelle Oliver Claire Then there was Yumi Dante Ezra Nathan Rachel Caleb Erik Hannah Phil Emma Emma Phil POverall a good end to the Annabelle Unleashed series I thought this book was wonderful I am going on to sixth grade next year so that would be my first year in middle school and this book talks about Annabelle s first year of junior high which I think is awesome because that is the grade I am going into This book has a couple of unexpected events happening near the end of the book which is cool I usually read Fantasy books but this was a great Realistic Fiction read I have only read this book and books one and two of the Annabelle Unleashed series so I ll be going onto the fourth one shortly But I think out of the three I have read so far this one was the best because it has lots of action and a BUNCH of drama just what I like Great addition to this wonderful series I love all the characters so I was just happy to see them all again The book was interesting and entertaining while staying realistic as well But I think I m just biased because I love the series I m not sure someone who hadn t read Boys are Dogs or Girls Acting Catty would enjoy this book like I did I think they d find it pretty good though I m not blaming this on Leslie Margolis Wise up middle school girls Do you have to find a boy to go to the dance with so you won t look like you re alone What is this some Disney Channel movie You don t need to have visions of yourself at the dance in that elegant white dress and your hair in a bun with loose tendrils gently brushing your collarbone Ugh. Ike one of their competitors is up to something shady If Annabelle says something will Oliver respect her for it or think she's a snitch And will she ever understand what these junior high boys are really thinking.

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I really liked the book Everybody bugs out by Leslie Margolis It is about a middle school girl Annabelle who is trying to find a date to the dance She really likes this boy Oliver but she is doing her science project so it would be awkward for her to ask him to the dance But then she finds out that one of her best friends Claire likes him and she asks him to the dance What will she do tell Claire she also likes him or have no dat Everybody bugs out is a book I finished on October 1 I Speer kinda liked it but it was not really my type of book and it was drama and gossip then what I liked If i would have to write a report I would not like to write about this book because it was not the best book I ve read It was not the best book I ve ever read because It was not really funny and to joke about it was super serious and also I don t think I liked it to much because it had TOO much DRAMA If I had to guess what genera this book is I would say drama I would say drama because it is all about dating and dances I rated this book only three stars because again TOO much DRAMA and it got to sobby and lovey dovey I would not recommend this book to people that love sports When I was reading this book I feltind of weird like this isn t like real middle school at all it was confusing and drama So I did not like this book to much because of drama and lovey dovey very nice and educative book very funny too Everybody Bugs Out reminds me of all of the relationship drama going down at my middle school Everybody seems to have a crush but their crush likes someone else It is like having a soap opera going on for eight hours a day I understand how Annabelle feels not being entirely comfortable acting on a crush Leslie Margolis has hit on the reality of tween relationshipsIn a refreshing break from young adult romances Annabelle acts like a typical tween girl She acts exactly the same way that I would and I can completely relate to both Annabelle and her story What I love most about Annabelle is her relationship with her friends They all stand up for each other and share advice especially about boysI really like how the science fair is worked into the plot There are little updates about how Annabelle s project is progressing all through the book Oh and Annabelle has to use some of her famous boy training techniues for the science fair I never grow tired of reading about her tactics with boysThe sweet and fresh relationship between Annabelle and Oliver is the spotlight of this book At first Olive. Annabelle has tamed the wild boys and catty girls of middle school Now it's time for her first school dance A couple of Annabelle's friends already have dates and she would like one too Better yet she finally has.

R seems to be just another rowdy boy in need of training As it turns out though Oliver is a nice guy and I can see why Annabelle has a crush on him Perhaps someday there will be an Oliver for me or one of my friends at school I hope soRATING5 LovedCOVER COMMENTSThis cover fits right along with the other two books I love how the ladybugs form a heart to represent all the crushes going on And might that be Annabelle and Oliver sitting there They seem to be having a good time The start was a little slow with about 20 girls being introduced each with her own outfit but by the time the girls get into a detailed conversation about EXACTLY WHAT IS MEANT by a boy s shrug and HOW BIG WAS THE SHRUG I was hooked Cute romance and friendship story with lots of gossip and middle school drama and some clever if old fashioned for sixth graders turns of phrase One neat thing for a dance centric story is that all the girls felt 100% free to ask boys to the dance which I didn t notice while reading it because it was so normal to me and my understanding of life but which is so often incorrectly a big deal in books like this This book was so good The big shrug Obviously Oliver doesn t wanna go to the dance with Claire But what s not to love about Claire She s pretty Ultralearning kind and generous Oliver definitely likes Annabelle And I thought Annabelle wasn t friends with any of the three terrors Hannah seems nice though If Hannah isn t one of the three terrors I am just confused I think she is This barely even talks about jackson Why Tons about Rachel but none about Jackson Tobias is such a jerk He said to Oliver when Annabelle wasn t doing something rightInew we shouldn t have teamed up with Annabelle when it was Oliver that wanted to pair up with Annabelle Tobias just invited himself in Did you The Ring Of The Dove know Erik s mom was a hairdresser Everybody bugs out really answers a lot of uestions It s so gross how he thinks Oliver and Annabelle are boyfriend and girlfriend In girls acting Catty it was so creepy how Annabelle had a crush on her stepbrother This is a list of reasons annabelle should not like her stepbrotherFirst of all because it was her stepbrother He was twenty That is creepyObviously she can t marry him because well younowAnd because he stole her dog from her the dog follows him where ever he goesBecause he always has doggy treats in his pocket funniestthingever taylorhasacrushonjason theonlyreasonjessewearsandeatsonlygreenthingsisbecauseshewantstaylortotakehertorosaritoforspringbreak Before. A crush on someone Oliver The problem Claire also likes him and she's called dibs To complicate things further Annabelle has to work super closely with her secret crush on their science fair project And it looks