Emma Holly: Date Night (Hidden, #3.5)

BOught this out of curiosity since I read and njoyed Hidden Depths and this was ok but didn t have Cognitive Radio Networks enough meat to the plot guess I just prefer novel length You get what you pay for Short but no less scorching hot A fun follow up to Hidden Depths This was the first book of Emma s that I read on my new Kindle OMG I absolutely loved it I purchased the remainder of the Hidden series and have followed her on Facebook I am keeping track of what books I need to read from her I am NEVER disappointed in her work Thank you Ms Holly Keep up the great storytelling I wish I could rate you at than 5 stars Hot and steamyThere is not really a story involved at all This is a sexy outtake of a larger story but that s fine by me I don tven know the characters but I still Personnel Management in Government enjoyed it a lot Kinda feels like this should ve been a bonus scene for a newsletter rather than a book. Olivia Forster never dreamed she’d serve as ueen of annchanted city beneath the sea something her three sexy husbands know Though she.

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Lly surprised with how graphic the sex got in the book but believe me I am not hating Emma Holly is a great writer can not wait to start reading the series from the beginning Worst Emma Holly book I ve read I knew something was wrong when the first kindle page started at 4% this book finishes at 67% and then gives you a preview of the previous story in this series I feel it would be reasonable to assume that you would buy this story after having read the others but what do I know The first story in the series Hidden Talents is very good and IS an actual story however the next 2 this one and Hidden Depths have little to no story line whatsoever and are just the same regurgitated foursome sex scenes which is fine I suppose if that s what you want but I have come to Out of This World expect something from Emma Holly in view of her other books and wasxtremely disappointed I m afraid. Eaking away from their responsibilities won’t be asy but come hell or high water they’ll treat her to a night she won’t soon forge.

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I actually bought for it to The Child of the Soul and Other Stories end so abruptly Novellas need 100 pages in my book and I wasn txpecting this one to Childrens Phantasies end at 60% in Still a steamy addition to Hidden Depths and Injoyed it I just wanted specially with the motional turmoil that s just hinted at and not The Soviet Union explored Hmm well this was just Olivia and her husband sneaking away andnjoying a good bout of sex all concentrating on her If you haven t read the book this belongs to it s much too short I prefer some Gods and Heroes exploration of character with my sex and this didn t uite fulfil that needspecially after the lovely scene which starts the book I got this book free in a contest which I got two books in one The other part of the book is The Faerie s Honeymoon I guess since I have not read the Hidden Series that I really did not understand too well what was really going on with Olivia and her 3 lovers I was rea. Adores her shapeshifter mates she’s shy by nature and they can tell the strain of always being “on” is beginning to wear on her Sn.

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