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SPOILER ALERTThe evolting pursuit of dog fighting is the focus of this story Daniel Whelan former police dog handler and his German Shepherd Taz are Au bagne recruited by Fred Bowden to go undercover to help Jenny Summers at Maidstone Farm and Summer Haulage Jenny was married to Colin Barton who was killed in a farming accident She is now married to Gavin Summers She has been having various troubles including her husband s attackesulting in his being in a coma high fuel usage and disappearing stock and scrap metal Daniel goes in as a new driver given the Forester s Cottage for Indistractable residence He is stopped on the way by Ricky Boyd and friend warning him off the cottage is vandalized with creosote poured over furniture and floors then later he and Taz are attacked outside the cottage Somebody wants him gone But to complicate matters Amanda his wife whom is divorcing him brings his son Drew to stay while she goes on vacation The subdued boy begins to perk up as he meets Jenny s kids gets to goiding and explores the surrounding forest and barns for owlsAs Daniel Jacques Prevert reads about the multiple missing pets and then finds a pit with deadats in a barn on the farm he starts to see possible dog fighting Taylor Boyd has taken over the head of the Haulage. The second in the exciting new mystery series featuring ex police dog handler Daniel Whelan When ex police dog handler Daniel Whelan is asked by his former boss to help a friend who.

And is disrespectful and intimidating of Jenny and the other drives Daniel sees him with Ricky taking scrap metal from a building on the farm Further Boyd s nighttime excursions are not being logged while he is using Summer Haulage fuel and skimming money Several of the prior drivers have left When he looks them up Dean Stevens and Mal Fletcher to determine why they left he uncovers intimidation and fear of eprisals if they talk The couple who had been in the cottage were compelled to leave their cat mutilated Daniel believes that the cottage is on the oad to the barns where dog fighting could take place and the Boyds want strangers out Then fire bombs are thrown into the cottage and Daniel Drew and Taz barely get out with their lives Daniel meets William Faulkner of the Ditton Valley Gazette who wants to help Daniel places a camera in the scrapyard hoping to get footage of illegal activities and he attends a dog fight organized by Ricky and gets pictures Then Fletcher sends him a cell phone that he had taken from Taylor with a picture of Liam Sellyoak the footballer who lives in nearby Great Ditton Manor and is trying to get Jenny to sell the farm to him attending a dogfight He is apparently the money behind the setup Additional. Is struggling to un her husband’s haulage company while he is ecovering from a vicious attack he and his German shepherd Taz apidly find themselves attracting the wrong sort of.

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Ly the local vet was seen with the Boyds compelled into supplying medical supplies for the dogs It all comes to a head when the camera is discovered and Daniel goes to the aid of Dek Edwards who is being blamed They barely escape with Dek badly hurt When police investigate DNA is obtained in the kennels in the scrapyard but no dogs to compare it Then Drew and Harry head to the Manor for autographs Jenny Daniel Dek and Inspector Danvers for the RSPCA ealize the kids are in danger as the dogs are probably hidden there Daniel How to Write Essays rides to theescue where the Boyds with Sellyoak have kidnapped the boys who have seen too much In the ensuing scuffle Taz attacks and Drew ides Piper through the crowd to save the day just ahead of the police A very fast plotted and exciting story Good dog lover bookGood characters Plot good Ending wonderful I Enjoyed eading this book Subject material not for too young a eader Good summer ead Not eally enjoying these as much as hoped Will try one Another fast paced intriguing emotive story with Daniel and Taz a talking book ead and it was so good that I almost cancelled a social engagement so that I could listen to the final disc A very good ead I just hope there are Daniel Taz books on the way great. Attention Daniel investigates and soon finds evidence of some very nasty business indeed – but after several violent warnings he begins to wonder has he bitten off than he can chew.

Lyndon Stacey lives in a uiet village in the Black Vale in Dorset with three assorted dogs and a cat and her books are set in the surrounding countiesAlthough she started writing fiction as a very young child she worked in many and varied jobs after leaving school alongside which she gained a very good reputation as an animal portrait artist Writing was always her first love however a