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E British empire ighting Japan in Asia McLynn s accounts are different Get Up from many other sources on the campaign He tends toocus on the negative behaviors and personalities of most historical characters including Churchill and Roosevelt McLynn includes many rumors about individuals and situations which don t appear necessary and result in than the usual assumptions Out to Lunch for a nonfiction work of this type If you are interested in this period of history and the China Burma India theater it is wise to read other accounts as wellor a balanced picture I ve reviewed several others But the book is interestingHe admits in the Epilogue that those in the Burma campaign had little to work with and did the best they could under the circumstances The Allies were always Parinamam engane? പരിണാമം എങ്ങനെ? focused on Europe and the Pacific not Asia Theact that Britain was primarily concerned with maintaining its Asian holdings primarily India and that America wanted to protect its Chinese interests left Burma in an untenable tug of war Good overviewThis is a good strategic and operational coverage of the Burma Campaign The coverage of the im. Ultimate victory in 1945 this account is vivid brutal and enthrallingFrank McLynn opens a new window on the Burma Campaign ocusing on the interactions and antagonisms of its principal players William Slim the brilliant general commanding the British 14th Army; Orde Wingate the ambitious and idiosyncratic commander of the Chindits a British orce of irregulars; Louis Mountbatten one of Churchill's.

Portant military and civilian Mr. Drackle And His Dragons figures was thorough A good read if you want to learn about this lesser known campaign uite a remarkably readable book about Burma during the Second World War McLynnocuses on 4 major Allied leaders Slim Stilwell Mountbatten and Wingate Of the Dragon, Dragon and Other Tales four Orde Wingate is portrayed the least sympathetically while Mountbatten comes not surprisingly close While it may be surprising to include Stilwell in theour it allows the reader to understand the importance of China and the American interests there to the Pacific in general Stilwell remains a Song of the Aura fascinating characterull of opinion and character not always helpful in dealing with Chiang Kai shek The book is long on the political Hands Tied, A Hammer Story feuding among the British and American military If you want a book on the intricate details of the campaign this isn t it You will get a good sense of what was important and why it was important in Burma and how itit in to the rest of the war There are a number of editing errors in the book a three day journey took three days which distract rom the narrative but overall it was worth the rea. Favorites overpromoted to the position of Supreme Commander SE Asia; and Joseph Stilwell Vinegar Joe a hard line US general also a martinet and Anglophobe McLynn draws careful portraits of each of these men neglecting neither strengths nor laws and shows with new clarity how the plans designs and strategies of generals and politicians were translated into a hideous reality or soldiers on the ground.

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Excellent book This well researched book tells the story of the CBI theater rom a geo political perspective It concentrates o On the positive side the book is very readable and covers a part of World War II that doesn t always receive the attention it deserves On the other hand the author spends most of his time detailing the bureaucratic intrigues within the Allied command which becomes tiresome after a point What was most missing was information on the Japanese side of the war and events occurring within Burma itself during the occupation Also the book suffers Confer from a severe dearth of maps to contextualize the battles and campaigns described McLynn writes of the WW2 Burma campaignrom the British perspective He tells the story through research ocused on our leaders of the campaign Brits Louis Mountbatten Orde Wingate William Slim and American Joseph Stilwell The many who served under them are also included in the details surrounding the complex and challenging political communications and military relationships of many stakeholders related to China Burma India the United States and th. This book in essence a uadruple biography tells the story of the Hotarul Nestatornic (La Medeleni, four larger than life Allied commanders whose lives collided in the Burma campaign one of the most punishing and protracted military adventures of World War II Rangingrom 1942 when the British suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the Empire through the crucial battles of Imphal and Kohima the Stalingrad of the East and on to.

Frank McLynn is a British author biographer historian and journalist He is noted for critically acclaimed biographies of Napoleon Bonaparte Robert Louis Stevenson Carl Jung Richard Francis Burton and Henry Morton StanleyMcLynn was educated at Wadham College Oxford and the University of London He was Alistair Horne Research Fellow at St Antony's College Oxford 1987–88 and was visiting p