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Hind the crime Here Fandorin will meet his future valet and friend Masa as well as a most arresting woman who puts him under her powerful spellWhile book one is definitely connected to book two book one is like the series novels that Akunin s readers are used to by this point while book two reaches out into much depth than the usual Fandorin to the rescue type plot If I may say so book two constitutes of a cracking good yarn a solidly plotted mystery filled with intrigue double crosses and humor while skirting the dges of the metaphysical But besides the mystery components in the two books there is much here for readers of historical fiction as well For Dinosaur Dinners example the author also allows the reader a peek at the contemporary political scene in Japan and Russia and in book two delves into the imperialist attitudes of the modern nations which were all hoping to gain a permanent foothold in Japan at the time as well as the positive and negativeffects of Japan s In His Blood efforts at modernization after thend of the shogunate Book one also deals with growing disenchantment with the reign of Nicholas II in a Russia that is seriously ill an Desert Kings (Deathlands, empire which had become an anachronism a dinosaur with a body that was huge and a head that was too small a creature that had outlived its time onarth The An Officer and a Spy entire Fandorin series is fun to read and The Diamond Chariot is noxception As a whole the novel works well although the jump back so many years may confuse readers for a while until all is revealed I happen to love Japanese history one of my specialty areas for graduate study so much of what was happening in that setting was nothing new for me but you don t have to be an Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, expert to get what s going on here Akunin does a good job of setting the scene in both books but hisxpertise in Japanese history and culture really shines through in the second part The first part is good on par with the rest of the Fandorin series but I was totally immersed in the second part not wanting to let go of the book until I d finished it because of the difference in tone and because frankly it was like an old time adventuremystery story where I seriously couldn t imagine what was going to happen next And just when I thought myself uite clever for figuring out the Ooko evil mastermind in charge ofverything that happened I was a bit stunned that I was wrong At the same time I was a bit relieved because I hate when I guess the who The Diamond Chariot may be imho Akunin s best work in the series it s fun with a good mystery and a conclusion that ties both parts of the book together in a kind of sad yet satisfying way My advice start with the first book in the series and do NOT make this your introduction to Erast Fandorin He s a character who grows as time goes on and if you would take a peek at the pictures of the man on the Weidenfeld and Nicolson covers he ages a bit in Naked each one and his backstory is just as important as the action in the book in front of you I m wondering whether or not as some reviewers have noted The Diamond Chariot is really the last book in the series Wikipedia shows that there are already others written but just not translated If anyone has any info please let me know The book splurge says it s the final in the series If it was planned to be then I can appreciate why it s longer than most of the other in the series Pleased to see that the author continued but Im guessing that a significantvent will occur by journey s Shadow Scale (Seraphina, end of this oneWe start in 1905 in the midst of the Russo Japan war which puts Erast Fandorin in a bit of a dilemma as his man servant is Japanese as well as his own affinity to the country customs he so admiresThe book is split into two with the first part covering the detection chase of a Japanese spysaboteur in Moscow who is to say the least a highly skilled a worthy foe for our Fandorin as he wreaks havoc all around him with ourrstwhile detective hot on his tail It s a grand adventure story which picks up pace as we go both protagonists POV s being followed as they prove to be worthy adversaries When we Claim The Crown encounter Erast his history since the last book is slowly fed to us with talk of retirementxile Nerds even threats to his life before a recall to service in Russia s hour of need It s an accident which proves to be an act of sabotage that he s sent to investigate No sooner has the story really got going then itnds At about a uarter of the way in suddenly we are transported back to 1878 for the second book Where we meet a wide In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, eyed na ve 22 year old Erast who arrives in Japan for the first time he wanting toxperience all there is about Japan we follow his adventure which begins day one it seems with a suspicious death well to him anyways whilst Bark everybodylse puts it down to natural causes This second part was On Such a Full Sea engrossing as it finally laid out how Erast gained his loverespect for Japanese culture which is so prevalent throughout the series along with a story about Samurai ninjas With the ninjas at the hub of the story we also have political ambition skulduggery a love interest all to the backdrop of the great nations of thera trying to gain influence in a developing Japan What s not to like AND there s a twist or two along the wayThe author paints a great picture of the younger Erast whose character traits that we know love are in vidence but he also captures the impetuousness naivety of youth grandly as Erast is led by the nose it would appear on occasion by his older wilier foesuite a long tale for our Erast Fandorin still it kept me hooked got better as I got deeper into the book weighing in at 45 stars rounded down to a 4Addendum Could be read as a standalone as the majority of the book takes us back to the beginning and feels very different to the other books in the series If you ve read the series through to here then I would add this book would have given a satisfactory conclusion to the series. а Эраста Фандорина и роковой красавицы ниндзя О Юми любви изменившей всю его жизнь и напомнившей ему о себе через многие годыВремя действия 1905 и 1878 годы Эрасту Петровичу Фандорину 49 и 22 года.

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The Diamond Chariot alas is the last novel by contemporary Russian mystery writer Boris Akunin translated into English All indications are that the rest of the Erast Fandorin series will not be translated Five things I need to sayI ll miss Fandorin and his trusty Japanese companion Masa tha This tome consists actually of two novels The first one is set in Russia during the Russo Japanese War the second one in Japan of the Cannibal early Meijira Having recently betrayed Edo with Meiji I was sure I d like the second book and couldn t wait to get to it I was wrong The first book is better it has a relatively faster pace and way interesting characters and plot The plot of the second book seemed Mastered (The Enforcers, exciting it s about the assassination of Okubo Toshimichi a topic I have a personal interest in then it jumped the shark with the love story the appearance of all powerful ninja and the general abundance of Orientalist gimmicks Japanese people in this book are simply magical nearlyvery one of them They have a way for Man, Son of Man everything and of course are able to precisely foresee the future of the Japanese Empire in contrast to dimwitted Europeans and vulgar Americans Yawn And the story drags and drags it could have been shorterAkunin knows a lot about Japan but a lot is notnough for a historical novel Japanese brothels were NOT sex bootcamps and neither did they have their own doctors those things did not work that way And stop with the taking hair down before lovemaking please Also Japanese transcribed into Russian is already a pain in the ass there s no need to pretend that Japanese people would pronounce Russian l just like r it s not English the sound is very often different in some words it s closer to w right No need to pretend that Japanese words are highly inflected Alter Ego either This is the first book I ve read in Fandorin series and I was amazed by the humor and the story The book is full of Japanese traditions legends and philosophy It s a retreat into another world world of farast world with ninjas samurais deep philosophy of death and complicated moral Higly recommended for anyone wanting to read a historical detective and a popular tnography as a single book I feel it s a bit churlish to give it only three stars but I can t help comparing it with the other Fandorin books It started very well and nded very well but I did feel that it was beginning to drag in the middle It was hard work to keep at it But it did pay off and the climax was xcellent Another book of Fandorin that I read but this one did not thrill me It also took me uite long to finish although usually I can t leave them downThe story runs in two places and two time frames Russia of 1905 and Japan of 1878The first part is smaller and runs much faster while the second part occupies most of the book and is just full of problems It is nice though to see how the whole story with Erast and Masa started and put another piece of the puzzle is Erast s character Nevertheless somewhere in between all the conspiracies my interest was kind of lost One of the recurring if slightly problematic themes of the resolutely liberal Erast Fandorin series of novels has been their orientalist use of forms of Japanese mysticism and cultural practices in Fandorin s life one of the perplexities has been the character and forms of his time in Japan This novel fills the gap between the vents of Leviathan chronologically the third in the series but second in English and The Death of Achilles It also Unseen City effectively weaves together two significant points in Russian history the Russo Japanese War of 1905 and Russia s attempts to foster good relations with the newly open to the world Japan of the 1870s It also helpsxplain Fandorin s interest and skills in things JapaneseAs is the case with most of the Fandorn series Akunin builds small fast moving and Art engaging stories but plays them out against a much bigger backdrop where some however limited knowledge of late Imperial Russian history makes the tale much richer but it is not necessary In these cases and there are two tales here that become one I hope that s not giving anything away the stories are held together by personal relations as well as the bigger geo political context in a way that adds a sense of pathos to Fandorin s character and helpsxplain much about his personal relationships As usual the writing is crisp all power here to Akunin and his translator Andrew Bromfield although there is are two or three very talky chapters totalling no than about 20 pages of 500 that dragged a little I guess I have been reading in a frame of mind that needs brisk adventure rather than didactic or meditative or contemplative fiction There is however a continuing lingering orientalism here Masa is introduced and although we learn something of his background he remains a fairly two dimensional character and the only major Japanese character who demonstrates at any complexity or depth doesn t last long although some of the tangential but significant to the narrative Japanese characters Suga God Is in the Crowd especially and to anxtent Tsurumaki hint at some complexity That is I suspect one of the weaknesses of a series centred on one characterheroAll in all an Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard enjoyable addition to an impressive series bring on the next one indications are that there are at least two or three Fandorin books left to appear in English This book has me conflicted It wasntirely too long However the The Matriarchs (The Family ending had me wanting to read the opening portion Finally in the 10th book we get to hear about Fandorin s years in Japan This is a complicated cross cultural tale in two parts In the first Fandorin is still back in Russia protecting the trans Siberian lines from the Japanese during the Russo Japanese war This naturally brings up his past than 15 yearsarlier when he spent time in Japan We learn about how he met his servant Masa and how he came by his ninjutsu skills This Книга издана в двух томах Первый том начинается в 1905 году со встречи со штабс капитаном Рыбниковым знакомым нам по повести Куприна Русско японская война в России весьма успешно работает сеть.

S Akunin at his bestWhat to ExpectEach novel is written as a different type of mystery Akunin set out to rectify the low brow reputation of the mystery genre in post USSR Russia by writing worthy literature and Notes for the Everlost exploring the wide gamut of sub genres Each novel is thereforexcellently written as a different type of detective case While there is continuity in the protagonist s life between the novels When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) each is very different in themes and tonesI ve written a condensed review of the whole series on my websiteWhat I likedI like the writing style The prose is intelligent and flowing the mysteries are complex and the cast is varied though those that make repeat appearances tend to die Fandorin himself is a great characterven though as a main character he still remains an No Biggy! enigma a tantalising mystery in itself that keeps readersngaged and clamouring to know I love the historical background Akunin has done his research into Russian culture mannerisms Crush It! environment personalitiestc of the late 19th century Attracting Birds to Your Backyard early 20th century Most of the stories take place around Moscow and Fandorin gets to meet and associate with the people of the times from the low life criminals of Khitrovka to the grand dukes of the imperial family In a few cases Akunin also has Fandorin active around notablevents of the Deep Listening era at times filling in details where history has left us stumpedAkunin is also a Japanophile and has Fandorin spend a few years in Japan While details are sketchy and we want More it is clear that he has a great love and deep knowledge of that culture and timesWhat to be aware ofBe aware thatach of the novel is told in a different style Besides the obvious something new and different in Bird-by-Bird Gardening each volume one keyword is told They are almost all in 3rd person perspective and uite often not from the point of view of Erast Fandorin which is both tantalising and frustrating at times It s this distance that keeps Fandorin annigma and keeps us coming back to learn Fandorin has a Sherlockian intellect and impressive physical prowess He is not without his faults most notably hubris but as a hero he is certainly a cut above the rest He also tends to get involved with a different femme fatale in The Works of Saint Augustine each book This suits the detective genre perfectly regardless of modern sensibilitiesWhile the books are not really related and have few continuing characters I d still strongly recommend to read them in orderLastly and this has nothing to do with Fandorin since these are professional translations amazingly done by Andrew Bromfield via a traditional publisher the price ofbooks and hardcovers is almost the same The Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone ebooks are also missing some of the illustrations and other typographicalffects that are present in the print I d definitely recommend reading the print My Teacher Is a Robot edition where possibleSummaryShould you read these novels Yes By all means if you love historical mysteries these novels are a must read It is an intelligentngaging and just different nough series to be in a class of its own It s not surprising that in his home country of Russia Akunin out sells JK Rowling In fact since it s been a few years since I ve read them I think I ll go back and re read my favourites Winter ueen State Counsellor and The Coronation Assaph Mehr author of Murder In Absentia A story of Togas Daggers and Magic for lovers of Ancient Rome Murder Mysteries and Urban Fantasy The Diamond Chariot is book number ten in Akunin s Erast Fandorin series falling timewise in two different parts According to a few articles I ve read about this book some people are under the impression that it may be the last in the series but I seriously hope not I hope we get at least to the Russian Revolution Book one Dragonfly Catcher is set in Russia in 1905 Historically Russia and Japan are at war a conflict which will ultimately lead to devastating results for the Romanov dynasty Rasputin has by now insinuated himself into the court of Nicholas II and revolutionaries are busy at work trying to steer Russia in a new direction The action in book two Between the Lines takes place in 1878 some ten years after Japan s Meiji Restoration when the big mpires Russia included are vying for domination of influence in Japan Serieswise Between the Lines is part of a heretofore missing piece of Fandorin s story falling between Murder on the Leviathan and The Death of Achilles Although the wide spread of years between the two books in The Diamond Chariot may seem a bit odd at first all will be made clear as the novel comes to an Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) endAnd what a novel it is In 1905 Erast Fandorin is once again back in Russia where after the loss of a Russian battleship and itsntire crew he volunteers his services as a specialist on Japan The powers that be however have different plans for Fandorin and he is taken on as a hired gunconsultant at the Department of Railway Gendarmarie and Police to develop a security system for Russia s railways the vital supply link for the ongoing war against Japan He is given great powers and in his job he facilitates a number of innovations to keep the railways safe But it seems that not Professional Capital everyone appreciates his work an attack on a train puts Fandorin on the trail of a deadly group of revolutionaries who will stop at nothing notven the deaths of innocent people to sabotage any hopes of a Russian victory over Japan As book one comes to a close book two begins with Fandorin s arrival in Yokohama as a young 22 year old diplomat attached to the Consul s office Fandorin being who he is finds himself mbroiled in an attempt to foil the killing of a Japanese minister and soon he is involved in an adventure leading him from a local opium den to the beautiful mountain forests outside the city Along the way he meets up with a host of potential suspects and has to deal with Yakuza ninjas former samurai and a series of puzzles that must be solved in order to get to the mastermind be. японских агентов но на пути у них встает опытный и умудрённый годами Эраст Петрович ФандоринВторой том переносит нас в Японию 1878 года ниндзя гейши самураи Это история любви молодого дипломат.


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