Scott D. Fulop: Archies Americana Vol 1

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Uite interesting to see the original Archie s comics Archie was depicted as a total country bumpkin ha ha It has a different humour from what you see later on in 90 s comics Interesting to see the origin and cultural references as well as how the look of the characters and roles have changed over the yea. In 1941 Pep Comics introduced Archie Andrews American's newest boyfriend Since then Archie and his teenage friends have entertained young and old

Rs Nice introduction by Stephen King I really liked it Love this book and the series and really appreciate the affordable way you get to read the older Archie comic booksThat said my main drawback is that all of this material will robably see rint in the Dark Horse Archie Archives I have the first 2 vo. Like with the hilarious misadventures Filled with outrageous tales of dating woes high school hijinx and slapstick mayhem it wasn't long before Arc.


Lumes of it and will continue acuiring the restBut this is a definite must read for comic fans and kids of all ages I ve always loved Archie comics and this did not disappoint either Even though it s set in the 1940s the themes addressed still resonates till today This is one book for the collector s tabl. Hie became known as the Mirth of the Nation Now IDW Publishing combines both Best of the Forties Americana series books into one must have collecti.