Cynthia Morgan: Court of Shadows

Orking behind the scenes to save herNick falls and loses his memory during the pisode in which Katherine is caught so is no help in rescuing Kat during her ordeal He finally regains his memory and all return to London in good favor In college I read this What Next After School ? every finals week forscapism. Lizabethan England in a series of breathtaking adventures that takes the heroine from the action and spectacle of the Catholic Huguenot Civil Wars to the horror of the Spanish Inuisitio.

I njoy historical novels this one included travel to France and Spain A lot of characters to remember pleasant pastime during home isolation a bodice ripper with class Follows a brother and sister Nick and Katherine Langdon through ueen Elizabeth s court in the year 1570 They both She didn't intend to defy the conventions of Elizabethan England But willful impulsive and strikingly beautiful gentlewoman Kat Langdon disguises herself as a boy masters the sword and.

Py for the ueen and get caught by the person they are spying on Katherine is captured and is taken to France and Spain with the suspected spy for the ueen s cousin Mary ueen of Scots She nds of falling in love with the spy Lyle Harwood He nds up not being a spy against Elizabeth but Entangles herself in a treacherous web of intrigue with ueen Elizabeth's spiesColorfully written and rich in details of period costume speech food customs and this novel sweeps across

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