Paul Hyland: The Enlightenment : A Sourcebook and Reader

Ontaining llustrations from the work of artists such as Hogarth and Gainsborough a chronology of the Enlightenment and a detailed bibliography The Enlightenment Zombacter is a rich source ofnformation and nspiration for all those studying this great period of chang.

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The Enlightenment brings together the work of major Enlightenment thinkers such as Hobbes Rousseau Diderot and Kant to llustrate the full Risking It All importance and achievements of this periodn history Extracts are gathered thematically nto sections on such aspects

F the Enlightenment aspolitical theory religion and belief art and natureAll essays are ntroduced and a final section on 'critical reflections' provides a selection of modern critical opinions on the period by writers ncluding Foucault Habermas and LyotardC.

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